What it takes to make Ultimate Combo work on every stage?

Are season 1 and season 2 stages being rebuild from scratch? Because season 3 stages are kinda confirmed to allow ultimate combos. Its known that we’ll be able to do shago’s ultimate and mostly every ultimate should work there at shadow tiger lair. For while its all i know. So share your thoughts at the ultimate combo mechanics.

From my understanding the dynamic camera angles used on Shadow Jago’s stage for his ultimate are tied to the stage itself, not the ultimate combo. They need to rearrange where the data is stored and make the camera system work on all stages, it sounds like a lot of work but I’m sure this time they’ll get around to doing it.

I guess I missed the memo. When did they confirm ultimates for Season 3?

Yea I think this is about right from my understanding as well.

They’re not actually confirmed. Just that when Shago is released, he will be able to do his Ultimate albeit only in shadow tiger lair.

Now that I think about it, would Shago’s Ultimate really work on a character like Aganos? I feel like his size would make it look wonky.

If camera angles are an issue with S1 stages, then they should creatively blackout the background when Ultimates are performed.

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why dont they just change shagos ultimate so as not to launch the opponent in the air in the first place, than to have it not work on any other stages? If they are truly commited to ultimates redoing his shouldnt be that far of a stretch. To have it available on one stage is halfhearted and weak and as a result, we’ll all being playing on the shadow stage even when we grow tired of it. IG didnt even program the ultimate double helix did as a test. I say keep ultimates out all together untill all or at least a decent amount of characters have them.

The solution is rather simple: Time and money

So long as MS are willing to invest both there’ll be no problem.

I think you answered your own question. They aren’t truly committed to ultimates. That’s why they didn’t make it into the game in the first place.

I wouldn’t mind ultimates in the game, but if you want to choose between more characters and adding ultimates I will take the characters every time.

I think what should be an occurrence here: They should animate the finishers from the get go to work in all stages.

IG/MS should find a way to make Ultimates not only be a cosmetic finisher, but a gameplay mechanic that enhances the game.

I know some ppl here hate super moves, but it would be my first proposition. Make Ultimates be a big super attack that all characters have. And like Brutalities in MKX, a special “PG-13 finisher” reward happens when you finish an opponent with the super.

This is a lot like the Ultimates from KI2. Would you want these within combo or outside of the combo system?

I think they should be done both ways.

Outside a combo, it will do big damage. Players would rely on this if they need solid damage but don’t want to commit to a long combo. As long as MS/IG makes it easy for ppl to react to. You should only be able to land a bare Super if the opponent makes a big mistake that leaves them wide open (example: a whiffed Tiger Fury)

Inside a combo, the damage would scale down dramatically & would be more for style. In most cases, its a better option to do a regular damage ender or shadow ender. But if you’re in a clear life lead, have the resources to do a Ultimate finisher, & you’re bored of doing Ultras, then just do a Ultimate Finisher at the end of the combo instead for fun.

Why couldn’t the Ultra ender be created into an Ultimate? It wouldn’t have to be Cinematic…it could be the way it is camera wise, and like a Brutality from MKX?

Seems like time wise that could be done easier and faster than creating entire new stages that can handle a cinematic camera view, ect…

Honestly the Ultimates in KI 1 and 2 are horrible. Ive been plying both lately and have the old strategy guides to both games…Ive pulled them all off and the only ones worth a damn are Fulgores.

Currently, in my opinion…MKX Brutalities are the best and are the way to go.

From KI2 what were fulgores? I remember one transformed his head into a machine gun what was the other? was it rhe lazer? I dunno, but jago had the dragon fire ball the went full screen like fulgores dev beam. pretty sick IMO.

They only have 1 Ultimate per character in KI2… I was really speaking of both of his in 1&2 plus the No mercy’s. But yeah most are really bad…but crazy thing is I love pulling them off.

I take that back…Tusk’s Dinosaur bite is my favorite…since its easy to pull off. Fulgore’s is really hard to pull off in 1 & 2…no room for error on either of his motion commands. KI1 was he transformed into a big gun and KI@ was the same but better. His no mercy in 2 was the arm button command laser beam from the sky.

I honestly do not think we will ever get Ultimate’s… I think IG will stick with Stage Ultras…that was really there answer to not being able to re-do all S1 stages for Ultimate’s. Since Ultimate’s need to work on all stages for all characters and stage ultras work only on the stage they are created.

So maybe the answer is like I said… pulled off like a Ultra ender but looks like an MKX brutality??

SO most will complain…“I dont want to see someone double Ultra me and then Ultimate me!”

maybe the Ultimate must be perform in the first quick set of frames of the Ultra to be Pulled off as an Ultimate? Otherwise anytime after those first set of frames would be an Ultra ender?

anyone like this idea? lol

they could implement a timer after the opponents life bar depletes. like something reasonable like 15 seconds or close to it. would that help?

yeah something like that… probably the lenth of frames as a heavy auto double or linker? Be mroe like 2 seconds lol

Actually, his whole body kind of morphed in KI2. His arms were the guns instead of his head. For his O-Combo Ultimate, he hit a button on his forearm, and a laser shoots down from the sky liquefying his opponent.

straight to the point.