What is your opinion of Season 3?

As somone who enjoys Halo I think The Arbiter is immaculate. I love the character. The carbine, the plasma nade, the shield, and the energy sword are all fantastic to see in a fighting game. I think General Raam is the scariest of all the roster too. He looks like evil incarnate and would be cool as a Shadow Lord i think. Tusk also really impressed me. I really like his design and ALL his accessories which is really rare for me, many of the accessories in this game make me facepalm. Like Mira’s for instance. Her Fable set is so sick, but the rest are goofy.

I wasn’t ever rooting for Eyedol, but he is pretty sick too. The split head is so ingenius. I’m surprised taht simple idea didn’t get tossed around more. I’ve certainly had more fun with the game than I’ve ever had and have no intention of putting it aside in any significant way. I want taht Halo Brute.

I’ll only agree to the Brute if its Tartarus.


And we’ve seen the periodic requests for a kind of Gorilla type character too. Teh reason it makes so much sense to is that Halo 6 is supposed to be very Brute-centric. New Brute vehicles, weapons, and backround info on them as a species. And it looks like Halo Wars has that Brute as the main villain. I think they might even add Marcus Phoenix or his son too.

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This is pretty much exactly how I feel about s3. Raam and arbiter are the low points.
KI characters should have their own stages not guests and even he got the only stage ultra this season.
Dunno why they keep putting ultimates on the survey when there is no intention of including them.
I’m looking forward to shadow lords but on the whole I haven’t played this season as much as the last 2. I’ve maxed out the ki cast but have no will to do the guests especially Raam.
Mira, tusk and Kim are absolute joysatisfaction to watch and play.
God I love mira.
If there is a s4 please no guests and just actual new KI lore characters and maybe a couple more actual shadow lords.

Edit: I feel that guests don’t have as many linkers or openers like the cast. Maybe I mean options. Just something doesn’t click for me.
They captured rashs personality to a tee and arbiter is very impressive but I still find the 3 of them lacking.

Magic Archer that is also an Ostrich ninja!

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  • The return of all remaining original characters
  • Tusk’s redesign and costumes
  • Rash’s costumes
  • KI’s very first and long-needed vampire character
  • Eyedol’s redesign and reimagined gameplay
  • Gargos’ redesign, costumes and reimagined gameplay
  • The new theme songs made by AP and CD
  • Revamped stages
  • Shadow Lords mode (seems promising)
  • New character select screen UI
  • Double XP Boosters forever (for Ultra Edition buyers)
  • KI Novella
  • Combo Assist (don’t remember if it was introduced in this Season or at the end of S2, so scratch it if it doesn’t apply)


  • No proper stage for the majority of the season’s cast
  • More guest characters than original (brand new) ones
  • Character select screen still shows “custom” version of the character first when selected, instead of " default costume" version - this confuses new players to the game, who think the character’s default design corresponds to whichever “custom” version immediately pops up in the screen when they select it (this has happened on local offline play occasions, when introducing the game to new people)
  • Still no improved Training Mode listing input commands on-screen (with option to toggle between them) instead of having to pause and go through the various menus to learn the next move, then rinse, repeat
  • Lighting bugs resulting (possibly) from the fact that while stages were polished, character models were not
  • Still no proper Arcade ladder mode
  • Still no Ultimates (maybe next Season?)

I agree.

I’m satisfied with this season. There are things which sounded like they were in the pipeline but didn’t pan out – things like integrating Shadows AI into the rest of the game, revamping the Dojo and Practice features, etc – but I’m surely picking up at least one new character once I’ve put the time in (I might already not entirely suck with Gargos, and I’ve been messing around with Mira and RAAM with thoughts of taking them seriously), and I’ve really, really enjoyed what the rebalance did for my S1/2 characters (Jago, Glacius, Fulgore, Riptor…maybe Maya soon?). That to me makes season 3 pretty great.

A few specifics I’d like to remark on:

  • RAAM seemed almost underdeveloped at first, but that was with very little understanding of what I was supposed to be doing with him, especially with RAAM landing almost immediately after the reveal, and the Tender Moments stream not coming until some time after. Right now I think he’s the best guest character, and I’d take him over, say, Kim Wu or Tusk. I think RAAM leaves a bad impression on casual players who just don’t have the knowledge to make him do terrifying things.
  • Based on what we’ve seen thus far, I like new Eyedol. I never explicitly wanted Eyedol to not make it in, but I found myself regularly pushing back against a lot of toxicity from people who insisted that original Eyedol was something unarguably great that the devs should “make work” regardless of what they thought of the character. It seems like they’ve really leaned into the grotesqueness of the concept, which almost makes new Eyedol a parody of the original – which is something I find really entertaining! Nevertheless, I’m glad that many Eyedol fans seem to like this new take on him. However…

…this is pretty much what I was expecting to hear from fans of the original.

I’m not a fan of the original.

Fair. I take it you like the original more than the new Eyedol, though?

That is correct, but I was never a fan of Eyedol to start with.

Everywhere I see people complaining about guest chars. Raam and Rash was what got my attention to KI. Why? Because I never really liked the original (ki 1, 2 cast and games) and when I saw that Raam was coming to KI and was free to play on the rotation I got the game without thinking twice, and it was an awesome (although painful) experience. Two weeks’ latter I was able to play Rash and went gold with it on ranked, I made my mind on how great the game is, decided to buy it, and I’m trying every single other fighter to learn more about their playstyle. So, just think about how many others me did the same? You may get upset because your “precious” Eyedol got delayed or was expecting more new “true KI fighters” , but guests are good to bring new players and keep the game going on. So, since i did not play the other two seasons and just came to KI because of the guest chars, i must say, S3 was great for me :slight_smile:


hmm…where to start…

All of the returning cast is awesome…there are a few nitpicky things I don’t care for …Retro Goblin…er…Gargos, Retro Tusk’s comically large Super Macho Man chin (complete with Super Macho Man accessories nonetheless), Eyedol no longer being a true 2-headed cyclops (cannon-wise…not referring to retro). Their move sets I have no issue with.

Mira…sigh…her design IMHO is meh and her mechanics are hard to use effectively without her killing herself.

Guests…have no problem with…great additions and they all bring something to the table. Glad to have them…can’t wait to see more (I vote Buck from Halo…'cause Spartans, ODST, & Nathan Filion).

Stages…I understand why there’s only 3(4)…but it makes the homeless characters really feel lacking in the personality department…perhaps adding to why I don’t care much for Mira. IMHO they shouldn’t have looked at the number of stages in reference to what other fighting games do with stages and instead did what would make KI stand out from the rest.

Mechanics…like most of the changes…Glacius’s instinct puddle punch, THANK YOU!!!..but IMO flip-out would be better served filling the trash can they put bad ideas into.

Music: Eh, hit & miss. I’ve used this analogy other places, but to me it seems like if you saw AtPlug/Dweller like chefs, their specialty (synth/rock) would be like salsa…it’s ok in some dishes…tacos, enchiladas, etc…but they put it on everything…Spaghetti, fried chicken, chocolate cake…and sometimes it fits, sometimes it doesn’t. Example: Mira’s music is great, close to on par with Saberwulf…but then they had to add an electric horsefly buzzing around the orchestra.

I know Season 3’s not over, and I have no clue how Shadow Lords is going to play out (though to be honest, the multiplayer sounds like it’s going to be at least in part a pay-to-win mode)…but we’ll see.

If we were getting a Brute, odds are it would be Atriox to help promote Halo Wars 2.

I would be okay with him, he looks pretty sweet. Being a commander of an army would certainly give him more moveset potential than Tartarus could have.

I like Tartarus, but much like RAAM, he falls short in recognizability. Only people who have played Halo 2 would know who he is, because he is never brought up again after that appearance in the Halo series.

lack of stages, especially for Mira and Eyedol, is something ill never get over in S3, that was one of my absolute favorite things about S1 and S2, I was just as hyped to see the new stage for the character as I was to see the character, and it fleshed out the character and gave them more background, made them feel more complete

new music, I much prefer the season 1 and 2 music, S3 music is OK but not nearly as good unfortunately

guest characters, would of rather seen more original KI characters, but I will admit I freakin love Rash and wouldnt trade him for any character, but I could do without raam and arbiter, especially sucks that arbiter got a stage and Mira didnt

was really hoping to see a simple arcade mode with bosses at the end, and/or tag team mode, and/or team battle mode

still no ultimates for everyone

Regarding the ultimates that some of you have brought up: I think it would be cool if these, if and when released, would be unlockable, like at the new highest character level, if raised yet again (say, something like 75 perhaps?). That way, you would get that “ultimate” feeling for earning it. Shago, since he already has 1, will still remain available of course, since he himself has to be bought separately altogether anyways.

S3 ,IMO, was good, but not great - lack of stages, character release hype (particularly due to those spoilers), and delayed updates (as with Shadow Lords mode, which we should’ve been playing already, I think) all seem to add up to the worst season yet, even if that isn’t really even the case.

I’d say:

My favorite parts:

-Kim Wu’s Stage
-Arbiter’s Stage
-Rash gameplay
-Shadow Lords looks amazing
-Level 4 Ender
-Stage Relighting looks fantastic
-Retros look better than ever this season
-Season 3 music
-New gameplay mechanics
-KI Novella was an awesome way to flesh out the story
-Double XP for ultra owners

My least favorite parts:
-Still not loving the purple shadow color
-Still kinda wish Mira and Eyedol got their own stages. I get that it’s a trade-off, so hopefully in the future?
-Maybe one too many guests for this season
-No 9th character? Doesn’t seem as though we’re getting one, but who knows.
-Green and purple season colors
-Same fonts still not matching up well presentation-wise

If Shadow Lords isn’t that good: 8.1 out of 10
If Shadow Lords is good or great: 9.4 out of 10

I feel like this is a season where the stuff I disliked, I was mostly indifferent to, while the stuff that I liked, I absolutely loved. Mira, Gargos, the way Eyedol and Shadow Lords look, Arbiter’s arena, the stage relighting… There were a lot of things that really clicked with me.

Meanwhile, the stuff that didn’t click with me as much, like the lack of stages, Raam (who I admittedly need to get to know a bit more), etc don’t really bother me that much. Some love Raam, so good for them. I don’t need to love every character.

I think the only things I really want to see pushed on from this point on is maybe a DLC stage pack prior to season 4, and then a lot more original canon character designs for season 4 plus changing the colors of the UI from green and purple to something a bit more “KI” (sorry to be so vague), and then streamlining the fonts so they all look better.

But yeah, I think season 3’s still good, with the potential to be great if Shadow Lords pans out. If it’s as good as I’m hoping it’ll be, that alone might make this the best season yet (for me).

The least enjoyable seasons of the 3 with the least amount of interesting content (Missing stages is a big disappointment), least varied themes and the gameplay changes have over bloated the game and it’s turning into a bit of a mess ala Guilty Gear. Still a very good game I enjoy playing a lot, and the PC release has been pretty good. Also nice that we finally have all classic KI characters. Also with all the changes they made over the years I can’t believe they still haven’t fixed the stuff people complained about on day 1 like retro costumes looking so off.

Why should there be a bonus character this season???

With Eyedol being technically 2 characters in 1, wouldn’t that kinda make him 8 & 9?