What is your opinion of Season 3?

I agree about Mira, she was the low point of the season for me. Not because she is poorly designed or anything, I love her design and character, and her moveset makes sense for a vampire character, but having to manage my health while attacking is not something I enjoy doing.

I really enjoyed the guests. Rash adds a great bit of humor to the game, and while I’m not personally invested in the Battletoads series at all, I still found Rash to be a great fit.

Arbiter is without a doubt the best guest of the bunch. He was the number one guest on my list and they executed him perfectly.

While I expected a Gears guest to show up, I was surprised they went with RAAM. I would have figured they would have picked whoever is the new big bad in Gears 4. RAAM certainly has star power amongst the Gears community. He offers the grappler character that KI has been lacking, and I enjoy how they worked the Kryll mechanics into his attacks. I can certainly understand why you and many others find his inclusion to be lacking or boring, as he isn’t exactly well known outside of the gears community and being yet another of four large characters introduced in season 3.

All things considered, if there is a season 4, we have nowhere to go but up. IG always nails original characters which we will definitely see plenty of come next season :grinning:

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Oh please Magical Archer for Season 4!

I need this in my life… :sob:

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Elf archer?

I feel like raam is the least liked character in the community, is this correct?


Don’t know. I was thinking more technology based.

Maybe another one of ARIA’s DNA Altering Experiments?

How about an Archer that works on the field for Ultratech?
Syringes at the tips so DNA samples can be taken from unorthodox enemies to benefit future experiments?

Just a idea for the whole Archer deal that came to mind. Figured I’d share it since it seemed appropriate.

Oooooh. How about we make a thread for those Ideas? That sounds cool. So we aren’t derailing this thread.

Sorry Guys and Girls, back on track!

Unfortunately, that is probably correct.

RAAM is a character that appeals solely to the Gears community and no one else. RAAM hasn’t been on any box covers or much merchandise outside of his own action figures and statues(which ther aren’t many of), and he only shows up in the story of one game(he does get his own dlc story segment in a later title though) so even if you have played later Gears games, if you haven’t touched the first one, you will have no idea who he is.

As a KI fighter he has a great moveset and occupies an untouched niche, but his recognizability or lack-thereof, really hurts him as a mainstream character.

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There’s been things I really love about Season 3, and things I wish were rectified.
The Good
-Tusk, Kim Wu, Gargos, and Eyedol all return to complete the classic KI roster! That’s awesome! All of them have been modernized with unique gameplans, sweet new lore, and some of the better retros in the game.

-Mira! An awesome original character with a really fun moveset and absolutely nutty damage, with the added caveat that she has to watch that she doesn’t kill herself with the self harm the med/heavy versions of specials inflict. Plus, she’s wonderfully designed (one of the best default looks in the game, imo) with great accessories and colors. A wonderful addition!

-The music! I think I speak for a lot of us when I say that Atlus Plug and Celldweller were quite the pleasant surprise. The work they’ve done to follow in Mick Gordon’s footsteps has been awesome. From the blistering speed metal of Gargos to the Castlevania vibes Mora gives, from the streets of Chinatown to Covenant civil war, there’s an awesome collection of awesome tunes.

-Shadow Lords! What looks like an awesome addition to gameplay may be a long time coming, but it looks incredible. An awesome mix of Killer Instinct, X-Com, rogue-likes, and test your luck. The multiplayer component is a neat bonus

The Bad
-The lack of stages. I don’t think I’ll ever really get over this. There’s so much potential for awesome level design to back up the lore of these awesome characters. Mira’s was even teased at one point that it would’ve been like something right out of Dark Souls, with massive underground cathedrals and ancient stone architecture. That would’ve been the bee’s knees! Even Rash and General RAAM have potential for awesome battlegrounds. While I’m happy to see a boss stage with The Astral Plane, I still wish with all my heart that we could see more. I’d happily take an extended break from character releases to just focus on more stages. I’m kinda fickle like that, but I’ve seen plenty of posts with similar sentiments.

-The ultra music. While the music has been on point and a lot of the ultra combos look good and have decent rhythms, the actual notes don’t seem to be as powerful as they were with Mick. They don’t have as much depth or lasting impact sound wise by comparison. It just feels like it could use a boost.

-Ultimates. This has been requested by a lot of people for a long time. While it’s not the end of the world, it would garner a metric ton of good will if they made it in. This is another feature I’d be happy to take a break from new characters for. They don’t need to be gory or overlong, just fitting for the character and badass to watch once in a while: The way Shago’s works is perfect, an excellent reward for a Supreme victory.

-Still no KI2/GOLD music in Practice mode. This is more of a personal bugbear since I like a lot of the KI2 music better than their KI1 equivalents, particularly Glacius, Fulgore, and Jago. Plus, it would include the wicked tunes from Kim Wu, Tusk, and Gargos, which were stellar!

The Meh
-The Guests. I’ve been pleasantly surprised with the guests. They play well and have plenty of personality, and have a pretty good presentation. They’ve also got some of the coolest accessories in the game, and have certainly helped get the game more attention. It’s just… harder for me to care. There’s not a whole lot of story for me to want to unravel, and 2 of them don’t even have stages. Originally, I never wanted them at all. Now I’m alright with their inclusion, but I feel they’re a bit too plentiful. I think we should be limited to just one more guest in the future. Maybe Joanna Dark, since she’s got history with Rare, but honestly I’m still mostly lukewarm on the whole Guests thing. The ones we have have been really fun to play with and move really well, but something about them just doesn’t click with me the way Sabrewulf or Sadira do.
Honestly having guests kinda feels like fan fiction. I’d prefer to have an original creation that takes influence from other works than to just have the character from that world show up.
Not to disparage the team’s work, since they’ve done more with the guests than I thought possible. I’d just prefer that we limit our guest intake in the future.

-The gwaphics update. Initially impressive, sure. I love a lot of the new lighting. I just don’t notice it much anymore. Props for making the game look better though! I just prefer any new visuals come in the form of accessories, colors, and stages rather than polygons. You know, something that’s still tangible after a few years when the graphics lose their edge. :stuck_out_tongue:

While there’s been a couple of stumbling blocks this season that’ve put a damper on some of my expectations, I still think Season 3 has gone very well. With Shadow Lords in September and Eyedol incoming this Friday, I’m still fairly impressed. Is it perfect? No. This is the first season I think I’ve actually had major objections to what’s happened with the game. However, the good bits have been good enough that I haven’t paid them as much mind.

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How about we wait for season 3 to actually be done?

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They said over and over and over in S2 that they would never do Eyedol because he seemed lame, same with Gargos. Of curse they also said they would never make Shago his own character. This whole season seems lazy and hardly a season. I don’t mind guests characters but 3 is a bit much. for one season. It really feels like this is the last season and they are just waiting for something else… KI2 or something. I am concerned that Shadow mode was never really finished or implemented.

It’s embarrassing to not have stages for everyone, especially since so many stages are pretty weak. Waatching the MK stream on Evo (I hate MK, but it was on) and all I could think was how weak some of our stages are when both SF and MK seem to have more dynamic, bigger seeming stages with food animations… not MInecraft looking snakes like in Maya’s stage.

Once again there seems to be gameplay changes that were done just for the sake of changes. They don’t give things long enough to work out themselves. I like the season plan, but that is no excuse to never have a finished product. Modes like Story and Shadow have to be there on launch, not a year later.

If Shadow Lords and that new MP mode is that last that will come with this season then I would be disappointed.

I gave them the benefit of the doubt that they would be able to make up for less stages. So far they haven’t delivered on that.


Mira: Best looking character in the season imo. Cool personality and concept. Only thing I don’t like is her silver blood. They should have madr it look black like the symbiot.

Combo Breakers: The way combo breakers work now add more flow to the game.

Kim Wu Fighting Style: I hate Kim Wu’s looks but her play style is fun albeit completely different from the rest of the cast. Before Kim Wu I would have never relied on Footsies or normals. Kim Wu made me realize that’s important. Too bad her look make me not want to play her often.

Eyedol: Could have looked terriblw but thanks to his colorful palette and unique head design they won me over.

Three Stages: Nuff said

Lighting: Lighting is still mediocre in fact Maya’s stage makes everyone look like they have a layer of gel on their face. You can tell the lighting is bad by looking at Kim Wus face. In her concept art she is white. In game she is brown. In certain stages she is white and so is her face pic on the health bar in certain stages.

Kim Wu: To this day even announcers make fun of her face. This is Netherrealm level bad. Shame, her playstyle is kind of fun. Looks like she belongs in KOF.

Tusk: Same problem with Kim. Very bland and generic. Both these characters make the “Generic Fighter” statements people make un debatable.

Gargos: Unlike Eyedol Gargos also has no cohesion with the rest of thr cast along with Kim and Tusk. They all look like they belong in KoF. Gargos belongs in a dumpster because he is Garbos.

Guest Characters: Rash gets my seal of approval. The rest are like if MS said “Lets look at our most famous IPs and get C class characters” No one ever said they wanted to play Halo just to play as the Arbiter. Ramm… no just no. They could have easily picked more appealing characters like Jack of Blades, a Brute, or even Skurge but instead they picked the least visually stimulating characters of all time. I roll my eyes everytime I see those characters.

Flip Outs: Feels like am playing MK with 50/50s when a high level player uses them.

Overall there just wasn’t content this season that kept me coming back unlike that last one. Love me some KI forever but I just don’t feel the urge to play it as much as once did.

Why feel frustration of flip outs, characters I don’t like to even see, matchups that get insane, enders that look bootleg, and more when I can feel satisfaction in Overwatch without havibg to put in the effort I do with KI.

I think comparisons between seasons are really difficult because the past seasons content remains part of the current seasons game. And I just hate the idea of trying to make some sort of contest between the game and itself.

Overall I think Season 3 has been really great - which will probably surprise no one. I’m extremely happy with Tusk and I will say that he is the first character that has really pulled me away from my Season 1 main, Glacius. I basically mained Glacius from Day 1 and although I tested out some characters like Cinder and Riptor and managed to grind them to level 50, I never seriously considered using them. But I used Tusk to get to Killer after the Rank reset and I would probably consider myself better prepared with him than with Glacius. Sadly, my play time has been low compared to the past, but I’ve also really enjoyed playing and learning Kim Wu. She is a bit of a struggle character, no doubt, but I think she is actually challenging to use in a fun way. When I go into ranked these days I basically flip around between Tusk, Glacius and Kim Wu.

So, looking at the design choices and the direction of S3 I’m really happy with it. They have done some things that don’t interest me very much (The three guest characters, Shadow Lords) but that doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate the quality of the work they have put into them and the cool ideas and execution. There are a lot of rough edges to the game still, so I probably would realistically give the game an 8 or an 8.5. The fan boy in me says 9.

I feel like we are to the point now with Eyedol, and Gargos and Tusk and RAAM where the game really is a crazy and over the top in the sort of spectacular way that the original was. But now that spectacle is driven by cool gameplay concepts and visual effects rather than just graphics.


If anyone is interested I made a topic in the feedback forum with all of my thoughts on season 3, it was a huge wall of text so I wanted to spare this thread from having to scroll past it. If you want to check it out, here’s my opinion.

I like everything.

No, I’m serious, there hasn’t been a single disappointment this season for me.

I even like Kim Wu’s face. Bite me.

*bites you*

Parry into instinct cancel >>>>>>>>>>>65%.


That’s my opinion.
season 1 - was encouraging, in spite of everything, the word was hope.
Season 2 - was a joy with excellent original characters.
Season 3 - was extremely disappointing … many guests, too few stages, evil characters made like Tusk, the face of Kim Wu and Gargos … this then! seems a generic demon with a game of Playstation 2 or the classic version was saved … just horrible, oddly enough, watching the trailer Eyedol, I wish it was the beginning of the season, the first character i realy liked.


Don’t be a nerd. XD

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