What is your KI mod wishlist?

I hope Steam version will be flexible enough for mods. I would like to see:

-Music addition/replacement: I would add classic KI themes and some of my favourite songs

-Cosmetics addition/replacements: it would be cool if trash cosmetics could be replaced with something better looking. Different hairstyles would be awesome too.

-Fixed retros

-Visible stages in cinematic camera angles

-More complex Shadow Lords (relationships between teammates, more missions, etc.)


Well first thing’s first, berserker armor and dragon slayer sword for Tusk and a possible Nosferatu Zodd costume for Gargos.

Replace Gargos minions with these minions:


This is @WrathOfFulgore’s worst nightmare. Lol


Not exactly, I’m just getting sick of seeing minions on a near-daily basis in some form or another.


Skulls for all.

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I love this idea. Gargos can get mad at them because all they do is stand there and laugh.


@KevBones10 And the Rabbids for you, in turn, yes? :wink: :slight_smile: :laughing:


For me it would be

  • Give Tusk an Iron Greatsword from Skyrim
  • Make Cinders Pyrobombs cheeseballs
  • Replace Kan Ra’s Sand Spikes with cans of soup
  • Make Maya look even more like Beyoncé


New Stages

Black Metal, Scottish, Viking, and InuYasha based outfits for Tusk

KI2 Wulf arm accessories/Grey Wolf color

KI2 Music in Practice

Online Practice

Basically just any of the things I think are missing that would be neat to have :slight_smile:

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Tekken 7, also on Steam, can be unpacked and modded the same way SFV is (same tools and everything), so thinking KI has to be similar. :slight_smile:

Just to further iterate how much of a nuisance this is to me, my in-laws just came home from a trip to northern Missouri and brought my youngest son a minions shirt and hat. :unamused:
Naturally he loves them…because he’s 4 and doesn’t know any better.

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2017 caliber graphics

  • Free camera mod, so that we can see matches at different angles, just like in the trailers and cutscenes. Would be also handy to see how Ultimates look like without camera angles.

  • Speaking of Ultimates, there should be a mod where the black background is removed. Would be interesting to see if the characters “break” the stage boundaries.

  • Stage mods. In particular, I would like a green screen one as means for video editing and stuff.

  • A mod that changes the menu UI to Season 1 or Season 2 style.

  • Announcer mods.

  • Move swaps. Probably it will create a monstority like this image of a weird glitch/bug back in the Season 2 days…


I hope we get this! I wanna make Kilgore and Shinsako’s fanmade trailers. :slight_smile:


The sword of greyskull for tusk.
Orchids hair finally fixed.
Recoloured / remixed stages for characters left out.
New announcers
Lazer sword for Jago and recoloured fireballs

Camera mods, two mods:

  1. Model viewer. To see the cool characters and their accessories better.
  2. Match camera - Standard view (turn zoom- out off) or the ability to adjust the zoom-out when fighting big characters like Aganos, Gargos, etc. I really want that feeling to come back of characters almost jumping out of your TV because of how large they look.
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A big Booty sexy girls Mod.
camera zoom in out
aero glacius skin ( barely invisible)

And a Chester head accessory, for subtlety.