What is your KI favorite music theme?

I personally LOVE music in KI.

Here are some of my favorites:

Season 1

  • Spinal
  • Glacius
  • Saberwulf
  • Thunder

Season 2:

  • Maya
  • Kan Raa

Season 3 so far:

  • Arbiter
  • Tusk

But the one I really love over all is Fulgore theme.

By the way, you have probably noticed the similarity with THAT MORTAL KOMBAT SCENE.
The track is from the industrial Metal band Fear Factory. And Fulgore’s theme is for sure inspired from this band.

Have you found any other inspiration or reference in KI music? :slight_smile:

My favourite is honestly is Tusk’s theme! It makes me think of my Viking ancestors whenever I hear it!


Shadow Jago/Omen’s theme
Cinder’s theme
TJ Combo’s theme
Spinal’s theme
Fulgore’s theme
Thunder’s theme

Oh man the list goes on!!

Kim Wu
Tusk (feels like I’m in a cinematic theater in the 16 hit combo dynamic)
Kan Ra danger music and no ultra ending is f amazing

I like fulgore and Glacius as well.

Mick will always be my fave. I even love his Doom soundtrack reveals.

Can’t wait to hear Mira & Gargos themes- hope they are remarkably different from arbiter and tusk

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Spinals theme is always gonna be a favorite. Up there with Sabrewolf and Shagos theme. Even sadiras. Cinders theme, tusks is motherducking badbooty. I love it. Anything that has a heavy rock/metal tone is awesome.

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Well ill got by seasons and then the miscellaneous tracks.

Season 1
-Jago (the Tibetan Monk feel)
-Thunder (This beat makes me feel like im going into battle)
-Shadow Jago (The gargos influenced remix is GODLIKE OMFG YES)

Season 2
-TJ Combo (big Hip Hop fan, love the work these guys did, BTW there’s a podcast where the composers of this song did a track, the podcast is called The Counter Break, go search it in the forums search bar and listen to the composers interview, it’s VERY INTERESTING)
-Kan-ra (Mystic feel, i like culture in music and I can sense the eastern feel of it)
-Omen (see Shadow Jago)
_Aganos (See Kan Ra)

Season 3 (So Far)
-Kim Wu (the bango/guitar sound is awesome)
-Rash (im playing a freaking video game!)

-Character Select Theme (Gets me pumped for EVERY MATCH, WORKOUT MUSIC)

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By order of preference:

Orchid: “Touch me and i break your facceee” <3.
TJ Combo.
Kim Wu.
Full-Bore (KI1 fulgore stage at training)

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  • The Tiger Warrior (Theme of Jago)
  • Shatterhail (Theme of Glacius)
  • Touch me and I’ll break your face (Theme of Orchid)
  • Herald of Gargos (Theme of Omen and Shago)
  • I’m Back to Rise! (Theme of TJ Combo)
  • Temperance and Vengeance (Theme of Maya; OST version)
  • Polemos (Theme of Aganos)
  • Village of Whispers (Theme of Hisako)
  • Inferno (Theme of Cinder)
  • .execute (Theme of ARIA)
  • Party Crasher* (Theme of Rash)
  • Keeper of the Dragon Spirit* (Theme of KIm Wu)
  • Swords of Sanghelios* (Theme of Arbiter)
  • The Immortal Swordsman* (Theme of Tusk)

(* = denotes fan-made titles)

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Shadow Jago / Omen

Spinal is my favorite
kim wu i like also
rash is kinda funny
old time favorite the gargos theme :slight_smile:

Has always been, and will always be **Sabrewulf’**s theme from KI1.

It’s easier for me to say which ones i merely “LIKE” and which ones i “don’t like very much”:


  • Sadira
  • Rash

“Don’t like very much”:

  • Sabrewulf
  • Riptor
  • ARIA

Every other song I “ABSOLUTELY LOVE”.

In order :

  • Tusk : amazing soundtrack
  • Thunder : vocals are so good
  • Aganos : Feel like symphonic metal band, and love the Ultra Combo sound
  • Cinder : well… nothing to add :slight_smile:
  • Hisako : Creepy yet entertaining
  • Maya : some parts are simply beautiful
  • Shadow Jago / Omen : Brutal !
  • Kim Wu : a bit of nostalgia, but that remix is so good
  • TJ Combo : not much into hip hop, but… love that theme !
  • Orchid

1 per season:

1 - Fulgore
2 - Omen / Shadow Jago
3 - Arbiter

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S2-Aganos/TJ Combo/Kanra


-T.J. Combo

-Kim wu

My character theme tier list so far:

S - Tusk

A - Arbiter, Cinder, Jago

B - Maya, Aganos, Kan-Ra, Spinal, Sadira, Hisako, Kim Wu, Sabrewulf, Omen

C - TJ Combo, Orchid, Thunder, Riptor, Glacius, Rash

D - Fulgore, Aria

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Jago and Shago themes
Thunders theme
Arbiters theme

My favorites. :smile: