What is the WORST Matchup in the game?

In @SoSRaGnArOk( Sadira versus Gargos ) post about the Sadira<Gargos MU being pretty hard for Sadira, it had me thinking of other bad or “broken” MU’s in the game.
Exactly which Matchup is the worst in the game?
Can the community nail which MU is the worst? can we get a list of the top 10? I personally think the Glacius>Raam MU is pretty difficult; in terms of high level play Raam just can’t beat Glacius.

Anyways, hope this sparks some discussion. I’d like to see what I should be avoiding as well lol.

I’m free to some Raam when using Glacius…I honestly don’t know the match up well. Taking that into consideration, I can’t talk about other characters. I can say that Wulf really has bad time with any character that can zone him out. A good Gargos with minions out is pretty bad for Wulf.
Also think that Fulgore- Raam must be bad. I don’t know Fulgore-Kan Ra but it seems pretty tough for the last one since Fulgore has a lot of tools to escape his traps. Maybe is netween those two.

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the hardest match up most likely include Raam in it, and I did experience a pretty horrible one: Raam mage eyedol MU. In this MU your objective as a Raam is to continuously walk foward until you push the eyedol to the corner… unless you get hit by a back teleport wich reset the whole situation.
So perhaps not THE worst but a pretty frustrating one, as long as the eyedol stays in mage that is.

Kim Wu v Aganos gets my vote. This is the match where it feels like she’s playing footsies and he’s playing whack-a-dragon.

However, i will say that a chunkless Aganos is much more manageable.

I remember Sabrewulf versus Kan Ra (in S2) was an uphill battle. Sand and fur don’t mix.

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I’m gonna vote for the RAAM vs Gargos matchup. RAAM already has a hard time getting through the portal punches, but once those minions are out, it feels like ■■■■. I love practicing the matchup, but the struggle really makes RAAM feel hopeless against a good/smart Gargos.


cinder vs raam. Pyro bombs more or less shut down raam, and cinder’s extreme aerial mobility makes it very difficult for raam to touch cinder let alone start his setup shenanigans with a grab or something. and even if he does get started many of his setups are a lot worse since theyre easilyncaught by auto correct dp, as well as getting away very easily. Last problem that really screws raam is a large majority of his game play revolves around punch buttons in his grab, s hp, and stabs. The one saving grace is you can punish down trailblazer explosion with shadow command grab.


Raam vs gargos isnt too bad, as if you can get in you run over gargos due to his poor defense.

I’ve actually heard that raam has an easier time than others against mage due to bear grab

Yeah but I have less problems against Kan-Ra than Gargos.
Gargos is rediculous against Sabrewulf with those annoying minions.

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In my experience, it’s always like this. The majority of the match is spent getting in, but once RAAM gets him, it’s over. I haven’t played much ranked in a while due to classes, so a lot of what I’m saying relates to Gargos pre-nerf when his jump jump jump jump was way more annoying.

Thats uusually how it goes, but some characters definitely have easier times dealing with raams setups like fulgore or cinder with meterless dps, or keeping him out while also doing a lot of damage, something gargos is sorely missing post portal punch damage nerf

RAAM vs. (pick one) Cinder, Glacius or Fulgore. Eyedol is only manageable thanks to the switch increase and nerfs.


I haven’t actually played against Fulgore as RAAM, but on paper that seems like it would take the cake, easy. What can RAAM even do in that case?

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Hisako vs Riptor.

Once riptor knocks you down, you are riptors B**ch. No real wake up options especially with flame carpet put on you, it’s a living nightmare.

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Eyedol mirror matches


Any of you ever played Kan-Ra V. RAAM? So many keepaway options… Slowdown for an already slow character… long rang grabs…

it’s hell my dudes

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hope fulgores messes up during the fireball game or is late to an anti air. Tho very early its probably a lot easier as his meter gain is lowest then and he wont get much from fireballs and lasers

Yeah but if he pops Instinct (Which is essentially inevitable) RAAM’s pretty much screwed.

kanra suffers from the same thing gargos does, no good reversal. Now if bear grabbing kan ra during cloud would actually dissapate the cloud instead of making you get hit/block itd be really easy. Obviously if kanra gets setup its hell but still doable, unlike the simplicity of just fireball pip cancel dp