What is really the best way to earn xp? Huge differences between characters

So, I’m grinding Sadira to 50 and it’s being a pleasant ride. I can grind CPU on easy for 2600-2800 xp per match.

Then I switch to Spinal and my average drops to 1600-1800 xp per match, 2000 if I use Ultras, counterbreakers, manuals…

It’s so hard compared to Sadira. And I’m not even trying with her. Is it the juggles, the air combos…?

I feel as of now, there has yet to be a tutorial on what each section of the fight statistics really means, which ones are really meaningful to get high xp. I remember posts in the old forums explaining a bit what each section meant, but I’d wish somebody could post a how to maximise xp per match.

Does anybody know the secret to as I’ve seen from some players, to achieve 3000-3500 xp per match? How do you do it on a regular basis?

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Anyone have an answer? I too remember the thread on the old forum.

One reason that I hardly play non mains is the disparity to gain xp.

Yeah, I’ve noticed that when playing as Aganos, I tend to earn XP MUCH slower than any other character in the game. The only time it was on-par with the others was with the brief promotional XP he had shortly after release (1.5x I think).

Same here. Some characters feel like they don’t require nearly as much effort as other characters. I feel ya on Spinal, OP.

I’d really like to see more double XP weekends.

I also described a mode I’d like to see that’s specifically geared toward people looking to earn XP in the mode thread in the general forum. I think something like that would be nice. Kinda like Killer Instinct’s answer to MK9’s tower, but with none of the silliness like fighting on the ceiling or random falling projectiles or whatever.

I don’t mean to advertise my post or whatever. That’s basically what it was. I’m just saying that it takes some characters a REALLY long time to build up XP, and it’d be nice to have more avenues with which to gain XP a bit more quickly than what we have now.

They changed how XP accumulated after a bit of back and forth with the fans last year and to be honest, I still think it takes too long.

What about doing something special in-game to unlock an XP booster? The booster menu could be used to just enable/spend them.

Something I thought might be neat to unlock boosters would be an all shadowed version of several of the characters that can be a hidden fight. For the levels, use the practice stage but throw their classic backgrounds/music over it (much like Combo did in Story Mode). Beat the shadow, get a booster. There is a heavy focus on shadows afterall.

How do you fight the shadows? Perhaps something like a random “loot drop” to prevent abuse of the system will give you a token to challenge them? That way it can be earned online or offline…

And yes, I’m just throwing out random ideas :smile:

This is pretty much what I thought boosters were gonna be, though that ended up not happening. It’s a bit overdo but I’d still like boosters to somehow make gaining xp easier to be a thing, Fighting shadows to unlock the boosters doesn’t sound like a bad idea either.

There is already an XP boost / challenges…but…it goes to player XP and not character XP.

They definitely need to ad some sort of challenge mode or tower. I like on MKX how you can change your fight card to boost certain XP/FXP or koins.

The best thing i know to do is a lot of counter breakers, shadow counters, ultras, combo breakers, pop instinct, and try not to whiff any attacks. Thats the best way to reach the highest XP

Fastest way to earn exp in my book is, play vs a Easy Cpu, and do all heavy combo’s trying to counter breaker as much as possible while getting perfect victories into an ultra. If you do easy light into special setups you should never get hit. End your combo’s into juggle enders and hit with a manual and counter break too for faster life bar melting. I’ve gotten upwards of 2800-3000 exp in matches lasting about 30 seconds. That is the fastest way, add in fight titles and you’ll get more but that starts to decay when you get to the higher ones.

Don’t get fancy on your combo’s this is purely for exp grinding. Open them up like a qualifier tier player who has never touched the game before. Walk up and punch them into a combo then counter break because they guess break everything.