What is Hisako saying?

Has anyone here figured out what she says during her taunt or any other actions? I’ve looked around online but can’t find any answers.

I just tried training mode with only voices enabled, music and everything else turned to zero.
During On Ryo Zan (her rekka/3 hit move), she says On for the light attack, Ryo for the medium one and Zan for the heavy.
During Air On Ryo Zan she screams “Ikari” which means “Bird” or “Wing” IIRC, but I don’t know Japanese.
During her taunt I think she says “Murata” or something similar, no idea what it means.
She also says something if you get a proper counter (with 3 punches/kicks), but I can’t even understand what it is.
The rest is just screams and grunts.

iirc her taunt she says devour or i will devour you


Well “Mura” means “Village”. That’s a start I guess.

According to a friend, who is more proficient in Japanese than I am, the “Morata!” from fighting games usually means something to the effect of “Got you!”

If it’s a taunt though she might be saying “Mudada” which also shows up a lot in fighting games as a taunt, but is closer to “useless” or similar expressions (such as hopeless, meaningless, et cetera).

I’ll give it a listen myself later.


The On Ryo Zan is probably a play on the fact that she’s an Onryō (a vengeful spirit) with Zan meaning Slash.


Very curious to see what you come up with! Thanks for the insight! :smiley:

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I asked this on reddit also and someone said that it sounds like “waru” which can mean a few things. Either to cut “I’ll cut you” or “bad person” I don’t get how it can mean such different things but searched the word in a translator and it says it can mean both, I think either makes sense for her. Would love someone who worked on the game or speaks good Japanese to give us confirmation though.

@SasquatchPotato would be the one that’d possibly be able to help ya!


Thanks @CStyles45!

Whaddaya say Mr. Bipedal Potato man? What are the secrets of Hisako’s taunt?

She says “moratta !” = “gotcha !”

I know it from Virtua Fighter cause Goh says it too.


もらった! http://virtuafighter.com/threads/full-script-gohs-quotes.17089/

I’ll be damned - thanks so much!

Once again… VF > all

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Yeah, I gave it a listen yesterday and Hisako definitely says Morata as in [I] got you!
Given that she’s an Onryō, who have frequently been presented as relentlessly stalking their prey, and is very deliberately pointing at the opponent as she says this, my theory is that she’s saying it the context of having them cornered and that there is no escaping now.

The Ikari that she uses likely means fury or anger, either on account of Hisako being a literal vengeful spirit or how the jumping On Ryo Zan is a sudden, dramatic change in momentum, accompanied by a furious slash.

I haven’t been able to make out any more words specifically. Since most of the characters don’t talk that much, if at all, it seems likely that Hisako doesn’t actually have that many lines.

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So it’s I’ve got you, nice to have an answer!


She says something during her instinct activation, but it’s extremely hard to make out because of the distortion in her voice. And what she says during a successful vengeance counter is still a question mark.

I will now respond to all Hisako generated Hatemail with “moratta!”

This is so cool - she’s my favorite FG character of all time and I’ve wondered what she’s been saying since release. The “On!” “RYO!” “ZAN!” stuff was pretty obvious but the rest of it was a mystery to me!


I looked into it and when she does her Vengeance counter, Hisako does indeed mutter variations of the word Osoi which in this context means too slow or too late.

When she does her instinct activation she actually says various things, but they seem to be various expressions involving the word Inasai, and the ones she uses, you could probably (roughly) translate to Here it comes! and Get over here! which goes nicely with what her instinct does.


Excellent! Thanks so much for this - really made my day! :smiley:

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Don’t mention it, I am just happy I could contribute to this discussion here in a meaningful way :3

Plus it gave me some new appreciation for the character too. I am actually surprised that there hasn’t been more characters based on the female vengeful spirit that is so prevalent in Japanese horror.

I mean sure, there’s S-Ko in Guilty Gear but she’s not really her own character. So it was a smart move on the Killer Instinct developers to snatch this one up.


Hisako is such a great character idea. Thanks for working our her phrases.

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