What is DP?

I know it sounds like a stupid question, but either alot of people are misusing the word, or I don’t get what it truly means.

I always thought it meant the button imput for dragon punch F/D/DF. Now I am starting to wonder because I keep hearing it used for characters that don’t have that type of move or button imput. for example I have heard someone say “he used Cinder’s DP”, and he doesn’t have that imput for a move.

So what is DP? And why I am at it, what is a “option select” move?

I am not a noob, I just want to make sure I use the phrase correctly.

DP stands for Dragon Punch.
If you talk about the DP motion than yes it is f,d,df.
If you talk about a DP like move, than it is a reversal with invincible frames. Like Cinders DP.


I’m relatively new to the FGC, but I believe it’s based on Ryu’s “Dragon Punch” uppercut from SF2. I’m sure there’s more detail to it, but my general understanding is that DP refers to a rising uppercut-like move which has a small amount of startup frames and is typically good for antiairing someone. “DP motion” is typically in regards to the combination of :arrow_right::arrow_down::arrow_lower_right: and the button input,

Cue the entrance of our more experienced members to give you the full detail of frames, the physics of the input with regards to wear on the joystick and the human wrist, the first time in documented history that someone used the term, etc!

DP can be used interchangeably to mean both the input and the move itself. Of course, only shotos of the SF series have a move called “Dragon Punch” so usually DP is used to describe a similar move that cover the same area, usually has invincibility frames at startup and is used with the same purpose.

So “Cinder’s DP” is the Cinder move that cover the area above and slightly in front of his head and thus is usually used as an antiair.

It’s not even required that the move perfectly mimic a SF dragon punch. Sabrewulf for example never leaves the ground on his “DP”. It actually is more similar to Guile’s flash kick than a DP because it covers the area behind him too (something DPs usually don’t do).

But the term was coined to simplify things, not complicate, so categorizing DPs and giving them different names isn’t really worth the trouble, so as a simple rule of thumb a “DP” is a move that mimic a dragon punch to some extent while a “DP input” or “DP motion” is the typical controller input used to execute the DP.

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I get it now. It is any move that has invincible start up and covers the area up and in front of you.

Sense most of them are not DP, wouldn’t it be better to call them “ISM” Invincible Startup Move?

Option select is when you input a command and it can possibly have 2 different out comes depending on what your opponent does.

So TJ had one where you could press down up LP/LK at the same time and if they jumped you would get a Light tremor to recapture them in the air…if they didnt jump you would get a throw.

Something along those lines. I know there is a popular one with RYU that gives you either a DP or a Round house kick. You can search Daigo SF option select and may get a better answer.

They probably just mean any anti-air special that does damage. Cinder has that little back flip kick thing, Maya has the upward Spiral kick move. People probably refer to those as DPs.

One of the easiest OS to understand is when you buffer in a special after a normal move (Ryu’s c.mk > fireball).

On hit/block, you get the fireball… but on whiff, you get nothing.

When most people talk objectionably about OS, it is the idea that you let the game do the work for you like FallofSeraphs76’s example. There are some pretty strong opinions about the scope OSs should have with the trend being toward “as few OS as possible”, but others really view them (wrongly) as an interesting part of the game. I think UltraDavid is a big fan of OSs for example?

Dynamic Programming (DP) is an algorithm design technique involving building up solutions to instances of a problem from solutions to smaller instances of the same problem, typically caching solutions once found to exploit interrelatedness between instances and achieve a substantial speedup as solutions are reused. The name “Dynamic Programming” was coined by Richard Bellman in the 1950s while he conducted research on the technique at the RAND Corporation, as an impressive-sounding moniker to throw an at-the-time highly research-averse Secretary of Defense off the scent of the fact that what Bellman was conducting was indeed mathematical research.

The term comes up in fighting games to describe the process of backsolving an extended-form game that arises during pressure situations, where the aggressor makes a series of decisions between continuing a string of frame traps, going for a throw, blocking to bait a dragon punch, etc; and the defender attempts to make decisions which counter the aggressor’s decisions. The network of decision points forms a directed acyclic graph which can be solved with a DP, which is how most pro players address pressure situations.

You forgot the invincibility frames on startup.

I was close, at least!

A DP doesn’t have to be invincible on start up. Thunders DP only gained invincibility in S3 but that didn’t stop “deepee, deepee, deepee!” from being shouted every time a Thunder did it in S2.

That was one he’ll of an answer!

Most accurately SMTCAAYH: “Special Move That Covers Area Above Your Head”.

DP is shorter and is well known in the FGC*. If anyone happens to not know the acronym just explain to them once, problem solved.

*FGC: Fighting Game Community.

But seriously, if you take anything away from this (well, learning dynamic programming is probably far more useful as a life skill than learning a fighting game technique :stuck_out_tongue: ), know that a DP is a special move with invincible startup and a ton of recovery.

It’s the big risk: you’re waking up from knockdown, or negative after performing or blocking a move, and nothing else you do will beat your opponent just pressing a button, but you want them to get off right now, so you mash in the Z motion and a punch (or kick, or maybe it’s a quarter-circle or something, who cares) and go all in. If they’ve pressed something, you’re fast and invincible and they’ll get rekt; if, however, they sussed you out and decided to just sit and block, then you’re eating the hardest punish they can possibly muster. Think heavy button xx shadow opener for guaranteed 20%.

Yeah, DPs are also usually useful for anti-airs, too. But that’s not their main purpose.

Yeah thatst it… and I believe the RYU Daigo one is he jumps in with a roundhouse and buffers the DP. If the round house is blocked the DP doesn’t come out and if it connects the DP happens…is that right?

And there was one with TJ during the beginning of Combo assist and they took it out of the game. Its would do light tremor if opponent jumped and spin fist if the stayed grounded.

Dragon punch in japanese means Shor-yuken. Don’t quote me lol

I don’t know about Daigo’s. Momochi had one that would basically throw out a DP when it would hit, but it wouldn’t when it would get blocked. The man looked like a mind reader just throwing out pointblank DPs that would always land. He did a long video on the OS though.

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But then you’d get them confused with Street Fighter Alpha ISMs.

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I had assumed it stood for Dragon Punch.