What is considered "good" Internet speed

and here i was thinking my 150 was good.

I’m sad :frowning:

How am I doing guys?

Very sad. I wish my internet was a 10th as good as yours.

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that’s almost 500x my speed. I’m gonna step out of this thread to avoid more sadness.

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The joys of slow (relatively of course) testing servers is very few will be accurate in Los Angeles. Saturation tests show that the connection is 1500Mb/s by 1500Mb/s. I really need to update to something better than a 1gig ethernet card on this rig. :o

Wow these speeds are crazy. So when it comes to patching and KI updates it’s nothing. Must be nice. I have to let mine run all night long or longer depending on the size.


Honestly anything around 100Mb/s down and 10-15Mb/s up is all a gamer currently truly needs (obviously a low latency below 30 would be ideal but meh). For full game downloads off steam, they tend to cap out well below, so I doubt I ever truly utilize even 100Mb/s.

The only time it really shines is when we’re streaming 1080p to a few tablets, downloading a game, and maybe watching or streaming our own gameplay streams.

On my connection, which was stated above earlier, i know that it takes me ~10 minutes just to upload an average 30 second clip to Xbox Live and OneDrive.

Help. I have a horrible speed. .03 download and .03 upload.

Let’s just say I love fiberoptic cables.
Pay for a 60/60 connection and usually have 69/69 in actual speed… NEVER below 66/65.
Could have a 1Gbit up and down, but that connection is like 200$ a month, so I’ll survive… and honestly I have no use for those speeds…

But actually what is most important for gaming is your latency/pingtime… I usually hit 0ms, but have seen up as high as 5ms


Is that yours?

I need to call your ISP ASAP.

I wish I could get faster internet like that. Business/Company Internet?

Mine, but I’m afraid I live a few thousand miles away from the US, so I doubt I can be helpful.

Out of the US huh?

Damn. Sometimes America’s internet sucks…

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So true. Damn greedy corporations.

Glad I can enjoy most aspects of the game without internet.

Mine is nothing compared to any of these, but I really don’t experience too much problems playing online must of the time. Sometimes my connection seems to fluctuate (Like it feels smooth, then gets funky all of a sudden, and be fine a minute later) idk why that happens though. I am wired from my router to my consoles when I play…but I am using an ISP provided router so maybe its just a garbage router or something lol

How did you get this? Is this a troll? I thought Google Fiber Was the only company that gave gigabit internet commercially, and i thought you could only get 1 gigabit EXACTLY.

Is this a screenshot of a computer from inside Microsoft studios, or what?

I have 10 mbps down and 1 mbps up with ~ 80-97 % latency

I think what counts more for gaming online is the down rate.

I used to have between 5-6 down a long while ago (my old internet provider was screwing me - long story) and switched to this so I have no more lagging or booting from matches

My latency varies. On my PC, it usually reads ~60-80ms, but on XB1, it always seems to jump to about ~100ms.