What is considered "good" Internet speed

Just as the title says. I get about 10 Mbps download 2 Mbps upload. I don’t play online much but when I do I notice sometimes I get a little lag here and there.

What about you guys.

I have amazing internet speed. 1.42 mbps download and 4.5 mbps upload.


Just check mine with my phone app 13 ping 70mbps download (seen it go up as high as 100mbps and 15mbps upload.

This was while streaming a movie in ultra hd, watching netflix on XB on another tv and on the phone so yeah.

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Depends on your area and country. Im in Northern Ireland and I get 95mbps upload and 7mbps download which is considered above average here

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Yikes I’m sorry. At one point I had. 0.30 Mbps download and 1.50 upload.

I get 125mbps down, and 25mbps up. But it usually floats at 105/17. I never experience lag with other good connections.

Here is some very useful information for you:

There are 2 types of “BAD” connections. You will either constantly have a bad connection, or you will have an “intermittent” connection.
If your internet is “intermittent”, then you can have the fastest connection in the world, but every few minutes, your connection will drop to “0” and you will be instantly kicked from some games. Talk to your service provider if this happens, because if this happens, it is usually not your fault.

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Hmm interesting points I’ve never been kicked from a game. I can stream HD, download, and surf with no issues.

I wish but I live in the sticks only provider for me is LTE or satellite.

A good download and upload is great. The biggest thing that’ll help your connection is your jitter. If you have a high jitter your connection could go from great to terrible in a second. You should have a jitter of < 5ms to your ISP. If it’s higher than that like 30ms that’s a 30ms jump from one packet of information to the next.

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That’s 2x better than mine, since I only get 5 and 1, respectively - but even with mine, it’s still enough to play games online. There may be some lag from time to time and you can’t stream at all and uploads take forever (but are still possible), but you can still play online, so at least there’s that. I wish I had higher speeds, but due to my unscrupulous ISP, which is the only 1 available in my area, I have no choice, unless I move - which isn’t a feasibly option for me, financially speaking… And that’s not even counting the new bandwidth limits they imposed about a year or 2 ago where I can’t go over 150GB each month without imposing an astronomical penalty fee. Just so you can get an idea of how limiting that is, a 1 hour long episode of a TV show in HD is 4GB with most games averaging anywhere between 10 and 60GB per download. I watch a LOT of TV and download a LOT of games. Because of these self-imposed limitations by my ISP, I can barely afford my own online entertainment. :cry:

Also: If you do not have an Ethernet cord plugged DIRECTLY from your modem or router into your Xbox, YOU NEED ONE. Even if you have to drill through a wall. It increases your speed by a decent amount, but most importantly, it FULLY stabilizes your connection.

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I’m pulling 45 Mbs down and pushing 6 mbs up. Ping is 12-25 depending on time of day.

no other services other than internet costs 90 a month: the but gape is real

Unless, of course, you have a bad cable or it gets unplugged. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Rip connection. That moment when your family thinks that an ethernet cabe is pointless and don’t see why you would need it when you have wireless. Plus you can’t even explain because they don’t listen.

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Took me YEARS to convince mine; I feel ya bro!

Latency and Packet Loss more relevant these days than bandwidth.

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Just buy one at walmart for less than 20$…run it across the floor when playing and then roll it up when you are not

I’d say 20+ is “good”

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From my Ipad

0.0 Waiting for the picture to uploading is taking forever.

Something like this is bretty good.

But like was already mentioned, when it comes to games, speed is almost irrelevant.