What is a car you like/want to own AND drive?

As for me the very car that I want VERY MUCH to own AND drive someday is the one and only Smart Car primarily because I really admired the convertible’s diminutive size as well as its rather neat design :grin: :smile:


Audi R8

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I’m already driving my dream car. Just another few years to get her paid off. Then it will be entirely mine, all mine.

Nissan 370z:

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i have my dream car, which is my 93 mazda RX-7. i have no pics, but if you go to my profile page you will see one there of what it looks like. its currently dormant since i am v8 swapping it. i feel down in the dumps not having it, but i have stayed out of trouble with the law so there is some silver lining

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Glad you like those cars, bro. I just have to say they’re not really my style. Gimmie something rear wheel drive, with enough power to ‘chirp’ the tires. I have to admit, when I see one of these things on the road, I always jokingly refer to them as ‘clown cars.’



some a$shole modded a smart car to haul fuckingg as$, if its not a death trap now it sure as hell was after lmao

Lamborghini Coutach- the cool late 80s style but with a modern interior

I need to get myself a nice pickup truck. Nice and high off the road, plenty of room to haul stuff (good for hunting, moving, band equipment, etc), something I know I don’t have to worry about it getting dinged up.
That and a custom Volkswagen Bus. That’d be freakin rad.

1976 Leyland Mini 1000

That smart car looks really fun too! They have a rent-a-car near my campus where I can pick up a smart car for a reasonable price. Should I feel the need to explore downtown more I’m totally doing it.

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Y’all that I was joking!


The two I probably want to own the most right now, from a practical standpoint are:

The 2017 Dodge Charger.

I love that these have the power of a decent sports car, but the practicality of car you can drive all year round. Four door, all wheel drive, decent gas mileage and safety numbers are all good on it.

The 2017 Honda Civic Type R

Coming to America for the first time in 2017. It’s well built, solid stats all around, and very stylish.

Sure, if I could have any car, I’d probably pick something like a Porsche Boxster or something along those lines, but I try to keep my dream car list a bit more on the practical side. :slight_smile:

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if i didnt have my car, id get one of these bad boys. ■■■■■■■■■■■■■ Godzilla, a nissan skyline GTR 34. unfortunately, i do not have anywhere close to the dollars needed to LEGALLY import it.

video of it in action, fast forward to 1:05


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My dream car? A Jurassic Park Jeep.


This is my baby

I apologise for my phone’s ■■■■ quality.

Koenigsegg Agera R


this little beauty, the lotus elise weighs under 2,000lbs, has a 4 cyl supercharged 1.8L motor and a 6 speed trans. its HP/Torque is 243hp/184ft lbs of torque at the crank. manual transmission loses you about 15% so for HP at the wheels you’ve got 206.5/156.4 when its moving. not too shabby considering the weight to power ratio is definitely in favor of power. if was rich, id buy this car as well as the R34.

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I own a 2k13 Red Hyundai Elantra, dream car is a Porsche 911.