What If Killer Instinct Had An M Rating Would We Have No Mercies Or Is A Possible To Have Them With A T Rating ( Made the title more specific)

I thought about this since this game re released. I could understand why it’s not but imagine what if it was.
Would T.J. still have his gun, would Orchid have butt cleavage and be giving people heart attacks, would Fulgore still transform a tank, and on a side note why doesn’t anyone dance anymore (humilation O.G K.I). I loved the dark erie feeling of the original killer instinct. Feel free to share your thoughts

Um, how about no thanks? A lot of that was, IMO, stupid and nonsensical and certainly not worth the rating. Besides trying to picture some of that with the way the game as is now, to me, would just make it be “meh” at best and while it’s 1 thing for the game to make fun of or make light of other things, but I don’t want the game itself to be a joke.

Rare back then wasn’t held back by today’s sensitive world views which is why Conker exists. If you watch the recent rare replay Conker video it’s the devs stating they wouldn’t make a game like that today.

I feel as though many MS employees share that type of view and wouldn’t want do anything to come under media fire. Which is why we won’t see any thing racey like the original revealing costumes.

The rated R thing I think was confirmed due to wanting more people to get into the game. I don’t really see the logic to this personally seeing as how there are plenty of pictures of little kids at Halo or Gears events and those games are/were rated M. I don’t think making a mature game would alienate players and the Deadpool film pretty much proved that M rated content can be successful.

Even of it were a Mature title they wouldn’t need to go as extreme as Mortal Kombat goes. KI doesn’t need to show decapitations or broken limbs but that M rating would most likely make it easier to make Brutalities and Ultimates. They wouldn’t have to hold back as much and wouldn’t have to make them as tame. There is a thread somewhere on the suggestions showing off cool potential finishers that aren’t as violent as MK is and could be KI’s style.

Still, the main thing I think holding back these things is the budget. They just cant go back to add these things to each character or to fix classic costumes.

As for humiliations, I would have liked if each character got an individual dance like Rash set to the select button sense it’s not in use during online play. If someone won a match and then used the dance the Humilation announcement would play.

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I would enjoy if KI was more risky and taboo. MK can get away with it because the name is so well known. When you have a franchise like MK you can do a lot more in terms of adult material. KI needs to be cleaner because it is looking for good PR. At least that’s my assumption.

Gears of War is super gory though. So IDK what MS wants sometimes.

Would have been nice but oh well, we get what we get.

There have been LONG, LENGTHY, HEATED discussions about this before, and it usually ends with the thread being closed for a lot of trolling after the argument diminishes to a lot of argumentative comments and very salty insults.

If you use the search feature, you can probably find the threads where this has been discussed before, but they are pretty much all locked.

N,o the main reason the game will never hit an M rating is because KI has never fundamentally been that brutal a game to warrant such a rating, and the modern iteration, while an update to the classic, should hold to its classic style. There was never any M rated level of anything in the original game save for a single cutscene.

By elevating the rating to M, you basically cap your audience age level to a certain extent, the game can’t be sold to anyone under it. It basically limits your sale audience. I think it’s also to popular opinion that the past KIs never had to resort to that in their sale on the original Nintendo consoles, the game back then sold because of why it still sells today…solid gameplay.

On top of that, any attempt to inject that stuff in to a T rated game would probably get a bad reputation for trying to copy what is seemingly popular with Mortal Kombat or some other franchise. A lot of game franchises long ago, fighting genre and others, tried to adapt the more brutal M-rated approach because they though it would sell, and ultimately failed.

The intrinsic value of KI has always come from its unique gameplay of the combo system, combo breakers, and its more mental approach of risk/reward values. Each character had a unique look, and the game was essential this mish-mash of tropes from movies, television, and popular modern culture. It was never about the excessive violence MK is known for, and it would be a move in poor taste to change that.

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I always saw it as a rated T game, even back in the day when I would watch my older brother beat the story with his awesome Spinal. Compared to like Duke Nukem, Mortal Kombat and so on, KI didn’t really stand out as a crazily violent game. The game, more than anything was flashy as it is now.

I was talking about Ultimates and No Mercies at that point. Forgot Brutalities were called no Mercies. Anyways, I was saying those things won’t be added to the game because of the budget. IG is spending it towards the necessities not going back to each character and animating an Ultimate or a No Mercy for each one.

Also like I said in my comment, KI doesn’t have to be as brutal as MK. KI was a brutal game whether you choose to believe it or not. There are some no mercies were TJ would Shoot people with a gun, Jago would stab people with his laser Sword, Fullgore would turn into a machine gun and let loose. Like I said, KI can be brutal in that sense. It doesn’t have to be like MKX which has a fetish with Gore.

This was back when Halo was still rated M. Saying that it ostracizes an audience is pretty unbelievable at this day and age. Even then like I said, Deadpool was a success, MKX is a success, obviously there is an audience for rated M games and movies. It didn’t stop them from becoming a success. Just because am saying KI can be Rated M doesn’t mean it will become MKX and show gore, this is something a lot of people don’t understand.

I know this has been discussed before as nice as it would be If KI was M rated.

Not really, because when they go to Walmart and the cashier checks to see if they are 17, and that’s a no, then yeah, you’ve limited your audience. It’s not that you couldn’t sell it to a younger audience, it’s that M rated games BY LAW can not be sold to them, they need a parent or guardian of age to buy them. So the moment you slap that M rating on there, yeah, you can’t sell it to kids, or display it at a public venue for demo or use, at least not without restrictions. This is also enforced on child accounts on Xbox Live.

Also, Halo 5 holds a T rating now that the flood aren’t shown in any form or involved in the plot in any way. But I’m not making the judgment call or the standard, so don’t shoot the messenger.

And much of what you said can probably be accompanied within the T rating anyway, so there’s still no reason to bump up to M.

Yet kids like the ones above bought Halo 4. Not to mention that KI doesn’t even have a physical release besides season 1. Heck you would think it would be a huge issue for a game literally called “Grand Theft Auto” but show me a 10 year old who hasn’t played the game. You’re reasoning would be correct if that picture didn’t exist and every 10 year old didn’t know what a Fatality was.

Are you saying all kids of any age should be able to buy any game?[quote=“CRIS178, post:11, topic:9132”]
Yet kids like the ones above bought Halo 4.

Probably with parental permission, like the law says it should. Again, I don’t make the law or the standard, I’m just the messenger.

No. Am saying that thinking a rating of M would stop kids from playing those games is wrong. There is clear evidence with that picture in mind that it hardly affects franchises and some of the most selling games on the planet are the ones that are rated M.

You’re completely missing the point.

There are more reasons to keeping KI a T rated game than just the commercial sale restriction, such as much of the artistic expression needed to interpret the majority of the vision of the game and holding to the source material could be easily accommodated within the T rating.

I’m also not here to hold an ethics discussion of the sale of M rated games to whatever audience. I am saying that while the M rating may not prevent kids from playing the game, it would put down an unnecessary sales restriction in that regard. So why narrow your audience in that way? Again, that’s one reason in a pile of them, and not even the biggest one at that.

The M rating reaches to an unneeded level of complication not warranted by the current creative direction, so why even bother is a better question to ponder.

But it’s the T rating that added the level of complication. Recall that Hisako’s command throw complication had to be changed because the Naginata originally impaled the opponent and the blade showed on the other side. They had to later remove that blade from showing on the other side. This was noticeable to me because I think I saw the blade show on the other side when playing against her the other day. Not sure how they went around it but am guessing it also has to do with the Arbiter impaling his opponents as well. In this sense it could be said that they are limited in their creative freedom and need to cater to the limits of a T rating while a R rating would let them do as they please.

Artistic expression would be hindered with a T rating while an R rating would let them use every tool in their tool box and either go full extreme Rated M like Gears or MKX or if they choose go lower and be a rated M game like Halo that doesn’t show gore or anything like that and be able to pull of No Mercies like the ones proposed on here.

These are more on the level of the Rated M KI I would like to see. It doesn’t focus on gore at all but it is clearly a No Mercy like the ones in the original game.

It should be M rated. Since this is a f2p game you won’t stop kids from playing it regardless. All the current rating does is limit what you can do graphically to the game, it’s pointless.

it would be much easier to reach the AAA certificate. High budget from its publisher would be required. Big roster at game’s launch and not this thing of seasons… And simple features like finishing moves, tag team modes all of it for raising a complete game since its inception.

Patches would work just for fixing bugs and add content and not for introducing new characters. But still im glad KI has returned at some way.

I am SO GLAD you mentioned this . I remember reading that snipet about Hisako.

Another member on these forums has used that argument before, with those same words, use the search bar and see for yourself. The developers even talked to him about the issue. The instance with the Naginata is the only recorded instance they’ve had to change anything at all from their original vision. It wasn’t even that big a deal to anyone on the development staff, as far as Adam Isgreen told us last time the discussion came up. Also, the thought of gibbing and stuff just doesn’t sound like KI to me. I can see it in Gears and MK because they were built around it, but tacking it on to KI even though it’s never been a franchise centered around it, it’s like you’re turning KI into something it’s not.

On that note, if that’s so important, then maybe you should examine what happens when the Arbiter uses his command throw? Because the Naginata argument holds even less water when you pay attention to that one.

Usually help offered when not needed is no hope at all. You can do a lot more with the M rating, but if you don’t need it to fit the vision, then you only are accepting the drawbacks of a higher rating without any of the benefits, and saying KI M rated just to be M rated doesn’t sound like fantastic logic to me.

I’d seriously recommend using the search feature and going through those discussions. This is like the 5th or 6th time since the Double Helix forums this discussion is opened up. You’ve literally argued an already defeated point by others far more eloquent in their words.

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KI Gold, you know the big one that helped it garner world wide attention and praise had a ton of bloody no mercy moves. And, they were a blast to use. This game, it’s just Ultras which get boring quickly with no alternative finishers. I wish people would stop making excuses for IG for being lazy and leaving major features out of this game in it’s 3rd year after release.

The first one had them too.