What happens when season 3 is over?

For a full qualityrelease, I don’t want them to drop it in two years.

My thoughts exactly. They need to keep Eyedol or/and Gargos until another season

I agree. Outside of balance changes and a bonus charecter maybe I think k.i S3 could and should be the last. The next k.I sequel ahould take 3-4 maybe even 5 years later 20 characters with a graphic overhaul made exclusively by IG maybe with the unreal engine or the top market engine. Full retail price, a brand new storyline(gargos and company storyline should be finished and done with by the end of S3) maybe more aliens and etc. a full game in its own right. The umvc3 when compared to mvc2

I agree completely.

Gargos is coming.

Season 4, Obviously!

Not obviously, that’s still up in the air.

What exactly do you mean by “over”?

There could DEF be a Season 4 (even if it was a smaller season)

-We have the Killer Instinct World Kup going through 2018! Would be a shame not to support the game through this.
-Look at how many times SF4 and especially BlazBlue (a less popular game than KI) has been updated.

Would be cool to see a KI2 looking better than MKX.

Hoping we see a smaller Season 4, and plans for KI2 for this console generation

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I mean once all the characters are out and all the tweaking and patches and stuff are out and there are no more plans pertaining to season 3. One time one of the developers said that they always saw KI as a 3 season game . I’m not saying a season 4 defintely won’t Happen, just saying that my gut feeling is that season 3 is it. I defintely don’t think the " franchise" itself will die. I’m just worried about how long it will be until we get another entry; as in the 17 or 18 year gap between KI 2 and KI 2013.

My guess:

Minimum updates and patches with focus on community building efforts. You will see it make its presence in all the major tournaments for years to come with focus on community and fan base building.

Occasionally, a KI reference or two (or more) will pop up in other MS related games. Eventually, with the coming of a new game system incarnation (online only console maybe?) , we might hear rumors of a sequel to Killer Instinct. By then, game makers will quitely be working on MK 11, and whatever Street Fighter V ends up becoming, and Microsoft will need to have a Killer Instinct sequel that can compete with them.

Let’s hope they learn from their mistake of making it a budget title with limited content and give it the proper time, content, and respect it deserves.

Yes I agree a complete overhaul for the new game system or maybe even a revamped arcade game.

I’m sure an xbox2 will be developed for 2018 or so and a new KI will need to be made

A new xbox 2 for 2018?
Doubt there will be one before 2020 if not later, last generation took 8 years or so for a sequel console

I will admit that I’m a bit jaded that KI isn’t included in Xbox Live’s “killer” lineup of exclusive games, along with Halo, Forza Motorsport, Gears of War, Fable, Minecraft, and Tomb Raider. I think it’s a bit of a stab in the back to fighting game fans and their genre of choice. Maybe we should start a protest or sign a petition asking Phil Spencer to add it to their famous lineup in order to get more attention (and sales for him). :wink:


I hope content continues to come. Even if there are no more season, individual fighters being released, etc, would be great.

That’s cause it’s a three year old non-AAA game. Can you imagine that crap MS would get, “you say your line up is amazing yet you had to include a three year old budget title to pad out your list?”

I don’t think there will be a fourth season. Three is a good number to end on.

The only way the game will “die” is if we all stop playing it. I’m sure there will be updates here and there for bug fixes and balance tweaks. This will be the biggest season yet with the release of the PC version and the game will have a ton of content by the end.

Look at SSBM. That game hasn’t had an update for at 14 years and plenty of people still play it. Just because we’re not going to receive new characters each year doesn’t mean no one is going to play it. It’s really up to community, us.


I know there was a lot of people who actually wanted Rash in the game, or just Battletoads in general. It was to the point where people were even making fake character select screenshots and shadows since Season 1. They’re harder to find now over the real stuff though. Nobody believed it was actually gonna happen but it happened.


Ugh, the idea of a PS5 or XB2 coming out in a year or 2 makes me kind of angry. Didn’t these just come out in 2013? They can’t really expect gamers to turn around and spend another 300+ dollars on a new console this soon can they?

Anyway, I have a strong feeling that there won’t be another 10+ year gap between this KI and the next. This KI game HAS to be doing pretty decent, the game would have never gotten to Season 3 if it wasn’t. As for Season 3 being the end of new content? I could live with that IF (and I know people are probably sick of hearing this) we are going to get Gargos and Eyedol in it. Not saying they need to be in S3, maybe they could release a “Warlord Pack” that comes with both after S3 or something, but once they are included in this game (as playable or unplayable bosses) it can be wrapped up.

Obviously I think it should still get balance updates and stuff, but once we get the two warlords I could deal with them wrapping the game up in terms of new characters.

Then I would like to see KI4 in a couple years but with a different model. I am thinking the typical disc/digital release that comes with like 16 characters on the disc etc. and some DLC packs released down the line. Oh and built on Unreal 4 :slight_smile:

You do realize you can buy the entire seasons without ever having to deal with the free 2 play stuff right? KI isn’t just Free 2 Play, it’s that or just buy the whole thing.

As for a brand new KI. Why? If they stopped making this KI they would scrap the entire progress they have made so far and come back two years later with the same amount of stuff at the end of Season 2. You would literally be getting the same game but with better graphics.

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