What happens when season 3 is over?

I’ve been wondering a lot lately, what will become of killer instinct 2013 after season 3 is over and done with. I have a feeling that season 3 is the final season, and it’s kind of scary to think what’s going to happen when it’s finished. I just really don’t want the franchise to fade into oblivion like it did last time. We could have community funds every 6 months or year or something for a while , but eventually the game will be completed for good, and I’m just wondering what’s going to happen to KI when that happens.


I highly doubt suggestion 1 from @M00nlightNinja’s reply will happen, considering how the community for the game is slowly growing with each subsequent release of content and update and sale.

That being said, the truth of the matter is that we don’t really know. After all, unless you’re a weatherman, who can really predict the future? You, just like the rest of us, will have to simply wait and see. :wink:


After season 3? Of course, Season 4!

Don’t forget KI is getting support for at least 2 years (whole 2016 and whole 2017, to be precise). Considering they’re doing the Season 3 until the end of 2016 (like SFV), this leads to another season, probably the last one in terms of characters, during 2017.

I won’t be surprised if they’re going to add 6 more characters in Season 4 with one being Gargos (unless releasing it now and creating something anew)

I think the problem, for season 4 would potentially be no returning characters. If Gargos and Eyedol all show up at one point in Season 3, will the fanbase still be hype for just new characters or guests in a season 4 and beyond?

I know everyone wants every character from the OGs to come back, but I think leaving just one original character from S3 could help build some hype for a S4 because you know what, most of the fanbase including me are expecting Gargos and they’ve been hinting that Eyedol may not return. Surprise guys, It’s actually Eyedol whose returning or another boss entirely for season 3! You must fight the gatekeepers in order to fight the final battle against Gargos which will be in Season 3 part 2. Movies have been squeezing a part 2 in the third part of trilogies, why not KI.

I think there’s enough room after S3 for around 6-8 more characters. If we get 8 in S3, we have 26 characters. I think low 30’s in terms of character count is pretty normal now in most fighting games. If season 3 is successful, why not continue for just one more Season 4?

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It’ll be just like when Season 1 AND 2 ended. We’ll be left with some vague hint on how the boss will be in the next season and take it from there. For Season 1, it was ARIA. For Season 2, there are multiple mentions of Gargos coming in through Kan-Ra’s portal. Imagine Season 3 ends and Eyedol comes next season. If there is a next season of course.

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I hope gargos comes at the end of season 3, I don’t want him to be like orchids win quote “one more step to flushing out ultratech” but there’s no end to those steps. it’s almost as if those steps to flushing out ultratech were on a stair master.

It was just my speculation. I think all signs are pointing to Gargos return, unless IG and MSFT gives us a headfake :imp:. I could see why they would leave out one though as it would help to set up at least one more season. If a season 4 doesn’t come to fruition, they could always release Gargos or Eyedol in a small DLC pack.

The backstories have set up potentially new characters such as the Babylonian King, Mira, Eagle, Master of the Redeyes, Disavowed, Shadow Lord etc. There’s still room from MSFT own IP’s for guests characters like Joanna Dark or a Spartan. Maybe we could finally see a crossover from another fighting game like a Mortal Kombat character (come on Boon and Lobb, aren’t you guys buddies). Of course there’s that obscure training master in KI2 since we need a sensei.

I agree. From the stories, there’s enough characters for the potential of 1 or 2 more seasons :smirk:. I only hope this season does enough financially that the promise of KI continuing throughout Xbox One lifecycle comes true.

There may be a reason that they are being hesitant to say that Eyedol or Gargos are guaranteed for this season because they may show up for a potential season 4. There’s a topic already dedicated to an Eyedol community fund because it seems everyone is speculating that S3 is it. But looking at the bright side if there is one more season, I bet Eyedol will be in it.

Yes, S4 can become a reality, but only on E3 (we will have to wait until there…)

And it depends on 2 points:
How the players community will expand when the PC port drops
And how many new players each of the guests will bring.

I dont think there will be a 4th season.

Season 1 was a GREAT reboot of the old KI franchise, and many people were surprised at how well the game turned out.

Season 2 was EVEN MORE of a “this will never work” situation. Because IG were challenged to ADD ON to the KI franchise. We should all know how hard that can be. Look at how many franchises are DYING today because people keep trying to “add on” to it.

Season 3 seems like it will end the franchise, and here is why:
Season 3 “cleans and wraps up” the franchise by adding in game modes that should have been in a long time ago, fixing visuals, and bringing every old character back. These are all good points.

Now the bad:
Guest characters.
Who asked for them? KI never needed guest characters. Every dying franchise has that “single moment” where you can pinpoint exactly where things went bad, and i think this is it. Instead of getting brand new KI themed content, we get Microsoft branded Guests that do nothing but bring in $$$$ before the franchise dies. Season 3 does NOT feel like KI. It feels like Ideas are running out, and KI is just getting one last coat of polish before it is abandoned. We will get new game modes to keep us interested for a few months, and then it will be over.

Season 4 would be MORE of a lame cash grab, where things get ridiculous just to keep attention to the game, or it will be a new developer coming in who will bring the game back to The original KI roots by making new content that is directly based off of the old games. The latter seems like a FAR reach.

As KI will be a Windows 10 only I don’t think the userbase will grow that much from the PC-port. Most PC gamers are satisfied with Windows 7 & Steam.

I’d say a sequel in the future!

I would say that a season 4 may happen…maybe not. After all, for PC players everything up to season 3 will all be new, & if there’s no S4 then it’ll possibly seem awkward to them to not have any additional content down the line. But aside from that, as much as I hope this isn’t the case I could see them pulling a ‘wait & see’ with Eyedol…maybe have it where he’s a character that was gunning for Gargos’ spot & with him taken out Eyedol decides to step up. But aside from those 2 they’ve pretty much ran out of classic characters to get everyone hyped about that…maybe they can dig back into KI’s prototype stages & make new characters, like for example they could use Orchid’s prototype “Roxy Rave/Wanda”

I’m somewhat thinking the big issue with a season 4 would be that they have apparently stopped the new stage per character trend, & if they don’t fix that between now & season 4 I feel like that will be an issue that will carry over, & even if they pick the trend back up, it’s likely they won’t go back & correct past mistakes, similarly to how they’ve refused to go back & fix issues with the season 1 retro outfits…which means 5 characters out of what will be 36 at that point will stay homeless.

Ok I greatly disagree with this. Like wait what? Why would you see this happening?

No one ever asks for guest charecters at first because those characters are not for people who already have the game but for new people just getting the game(HINT HINT PC VERSION) Microsoft would never waste money Creating a pc version of a game like killer instinct with cross play, similar netcode and all the bells and whistles and simple let it die like that.

guest charecters are an investment into a games future in an attempt to get people’s attention at a game. Why would you ever kill a game after going through the effort to put in your flagship ip into a game and get it on people’s radar just to kill it. More people will be angry than if you just let it die quietly. Look at netherrealm and their dead Mkx pc game. Except x10 because the consol would also die as well.

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Finally SOMEONE who gets it haha

For me, with season 1 and 2 the game dont need a season 3.
I think the game is well balanced and very rich in characters variety.
But i dont say "stop making KI"
i say, please, make a killer instinct 2, from scratch.
With a better graphic engine, and put in the market the seasson 1 and 2 retail disk to preserve the perfect work the game has today.
I still have the season 1 disk, and its a treasure disc, almost another game.
Why is the reason to make a poor season 3 with lack of stages and guest character against a brand new killer instinct 2?
I dont know.

Despite the community growing it wont be enough to get a solid sequel TBH (here is the reality of the situation)

Street fighter 5 for example, was never going to be made. But since Sony put a lot of money into it, it became a reality. Street fighter has a much larger fan-base than KI does and Sony funded the game well enough for it to get recognition and be up in the PS4 line up with Uncharted, LOU and Black ops (early DLC)…With KI if MS dont want more seasons they wont have more seasons…MS barely funded the game and its not up on the Xbox line up like Halo and Gears of war and the Street fighter fan base is much larger than KI.

So a growing community wont exactly prolong its life if Street fighter (having a larger one) only got SF5 thanks to sony…meaning Capcom never planned it themselves…

More seasons could be good but then it could get to the extent of getting out of hand for consumers…meaning they don’t have enough to buy more seasons and for the classic fans they wouldn’t be as bothered as all the old characters are back and came to play them

Honestly I would not pay for season 4 if Eyedol and Ultimate combos were then…simply because they should have been there from the start

i hope that this is the last season of the current Ki. I hope MS work on a brand new KI and bring it out in 2 years time. I say put an end to this free to play stuff.