What happened to wallpapers of Retro Costumes?

Remember back in Season 1 they teased every character would get a classic inspired costume? Now though they kept true to their word, something I wondered is where are all the backgrounds for Season 2 and 3 retros? Every character has had their own distinct wallpaper, but Season 1 is the only group with retro costumes also getting said wallpapers.









What I wonder is why did they just suddenly stop after Season 1? Ever since Season 2 finished, I assumed they’d arrive after but no such luck. And since the S3 Definitive Edition is out, I am now lead to believe they’re dead in the water, which is a little disappointing since why cease a series of artwork that actually looks pretty cool? Maybe due to time constraints? Artists simply decline to work on them, or maybe even the budget not reaching requirements? Who can really say, but just thought this should be shared, specifically since nobody I know ever spotted this little oddity.

“Will these ever be brought back? Only Tim will tell…”


Oi @DesirousCat3658 , when you gonna tell us about the retro wallpapers?

In all seriousness though: It’d be super rad to see these come back, especially with some of the really cool Retros we’ve gotten the last 2 Seasons.


The unique backdrops behind each costume is what I usually like seeing, especially with the new characters. Since it pretty much gives us an idea of what their classic stages could’ve been like if they ever were in KI 1 or 2.

I honestly have no clue.

Oh, you meant TIME. Right, sorry.

Yeah, I think it’d be cool if they did more retro wallpapers. …er, actually they jave done some. There was one for retro Eyedol, kinda. It was more of an in-game image of him on Spinal’s stage.

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In all honesty, that wouldn’t be a bad placeholder.

Sadira’a retro…sigh…

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Something I found rather funny, her vampire set looks more like a direct alt to her default design, as opposed to her tiny ballerina skirt.

Eh, I don’t really like her retro. It’s just so…bleh. Default wins easily. Plus she’s showing off some major booty so that’s a bonus.

I don’t mind the vampire set but…it’s just not sadira. Looks more like a goth loli then. Which is ok. But…yeah not really feeling it overall.

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I really don’t mind it too much, however I will not lie, first time seeing it, I honestly thought it was a brand new character. Specifically since she looks drastically different than her default costume. Granted I get they wanted a “Here’s how she looked before she became an assassin” design, but her overall retro really caught me by surprise. Seemed a little less on the nose unlike Aganos’ or Kan-Ra’s.

Huh…for the most part I thought the retro designs were more meant to be a “here’s how we think these characters would have looked if they were made in the 90’s.”

…well, except for Aganos. Obviously his is just a not-worn-down version of himself.


I think of it both ways, depending on the character of course. My theories around said retros in this modern time however…

Sadira’s probably back when she had to do initiation before the original tournament.

Kan-Ra’s either being his corpse, a new body made as a servant or a back up body in case his gets destroyed.

Aganos being his original design before he wore down over the centuries.

Mira’s is probably when she first received the power of a vampire, which would explain why her hair is wild, since chaotic powers just consumed her. (Same for the blood red palms on her hands)

ARIA’s basically being her early prototype model.

Then Hisako’s, you got me there. Daughter of a samurai dies in a school uniform… guess that follows align with cheerleader Riptor.

I know had a twisted childhood (born in a refugee camp and violence was everywhere so there’s that.) Didn’t think a “twisted ballerina” outfit made sense. But then again we never got sadira’s full backstory till years later. I’m sure if IG started with Sadira her retro probably would have been different. But still…this

The retro ain’t replacing that ■■■.


Technically dat ■■■ is still there…

Just gotta wait for her ariel attacks to see it. lol

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That is true. But that takes effort. Then again…ARIA’s ■■■ takes ALOTof effort to see…so…fair point.

In general I’m not the biggest fan of the retro’s mainly because the defaults are just really good anyway.

I actually just thought of a good joke…

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I will agree, with 2 exceptions: Glacius and Eyedol.
Glacius’s modern is ok, but his retro IMO is Glacius.

Eyedol, the new one is a very interesting and creative take, but his retro…it’s done so right. The devs listened well when we elaborated on how important it was for Eyedol to look like his classic self.

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Glacius does look like spawn (least the face in his retro). He does look like a 20th century alien type ice being. Eyedol, well to be fair, his design is quite simple (like gargos’ and spinal’s.). I mean a club wielding, two headed 1 eye each, faun/orge thing. Not the most complex thing to happen.

Of course then there’s sabrewulf…


Eyedol, modern, Ogre, yeah it fits
The best description I’ve heard for classic Eyedol is 2-headed cycloptic satyr.

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Speaking of eyedol, I swear some of the sounds he makes, he sounds like he’s chewing on something. Just “munchmunchmunchmunch.”

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Sabrewulf has some getting used to. His eyes used to bug the heck out of me in Season 1, specifically because it always looked like Combo knocked him on the skull one too many times.

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I was going to say the same thing… Tims REPRESENT!!! we know all, except for this.