What fighting games do you own on Xbox One and Backward Compat?

Hi All,
The fun random character KI tournament that took place last weekend has me thinking about other opportunities for this community to participate in “just for fun” type tournaments. Because I’m sort of a fighting game collector, I’ve been cataloguing the fighting games available on Xbox One and thinking of ways we might organize a tournament around these games. One idea is to just have a tournament for another game (e.g. KI forums MKX tournament). Another idea is to just have a pool of games and then on the day of the tournament spin a wheel and that’s the game you play. Another idea is to set each round to be a specific fighter. So for example, in round one you play MKX. Round two you play Soul Calibur HD. Round 3 you play Garou: MOW. etc.

So, I just thought I would plop this idea down here and see what people thought. Also, just to collect information I wanted to see what fighting games people on the forums actually own. So here’s the ones I can think of that are available on X1 or 360 Backwards compatible:

  • Killer Instinct (should be 100%)
  • Killer Instinct Classic
  • Killer Instinct 2 Classic
  • Mortal Kombat X
  • Dead or Alive 5 Final Round
  • BlazBlue Chronophantasm Extend
  • Skullgirls
  • NeoGeo Battle Coliseum
  • Garou MOW
  • KOF98UM
  • Samurai Showdown II
  • Tekken Tag Tournamnet 2
  • Soul Calibur 2 HD
  • Soul Calibur

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I know there are a lot of PC players, but it makes the poll complicated, so forgive me. I’m not trying to leave you all out.

Where’s the Sonic the Fighters option?

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Is that Back compat? I will add it.

EDIT: I can’t modify the poll. So you can write it in.

I own more on that list than I don’t. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Not sure how Killer Instinct is at 50%. Especially since it’s impossible to own the classics without owning KI 2013. But I’ll just ignore that for now.

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I have KI off course, dead or alive 5 and skull girls.
Have tekken tag 2, KI 1 & 2 but currently not downloaded.

I would love to get blazblue some day, but its just way to expensive on the marketplace at 69,95 euro’s for a gameseries I have no experience in.

I had Mortal kombat X, but disc broke :unamused:

I remember having fond memories of samurai showdown 2 from way back, but is it still a solid game nowadays?

Never played a king of fighters game are they any good?

Going to google garou and battle colliseum, they dont ring a bell…(edit: oke, they are snk fighters, like kof) they look interesting, but I’ve never really been a snk game player back in the day, they kind of passed me by, liked the Fatal Fury games though (is it the same as Garou?), the controls just never seemed as tight as street fighter…

If I were to try an snk fighter (they are each only 9,95 afterall), wich would you guys recommend, Garou, KoF or Neogeo Battle colliseum?

Samurai Showdown II probably doesn’t hold up all that well. It’s weirdly slow and then some hits do a ton of damage. I never played it anything like competitively but it’s still kind of fun.

On an unrelated note, one thing that might be a challenge is the fact that most of these games don’t have any lobby mode. So streaming any events will be problematic. Not sure if anyone has any ideas about how we might address that if we were to hold a forum tournament. Of corse, nothing requires that it be streamed…

I don’t play BlazBlue to any competitive level either but it is a really fantastic and deep game. I understand that it’s a lot of money, though.

Garou was a big surprise for me. I’m not a big fan of SNK fighters but Garou Mark of Wolves(MOW) is sort of a redrawn well animated and smooth playing version. I have only messed around with it but I really like it.

Edit: Battle Colliseum is pretty meh, in my opinion. And KOF 98 is KOF. You either love it or you don’t.

I dont understand why they dont discount the game though…its been out for a while, the people that were waiting for the game alreadt bought it, now they should discount it some (deals with gold?)to get people like me who are on the fence, to get it.

Microsoft could use another fighter that more people play, and the people that make Blazblue could use extra people knowing about the game, in case they release a sequel…

It’s tough to say. It could be that no one is paying attention. It might also be that, because those Arc System Works games sell relatively few copies they keep the price relatively high. I couldn’t say.

KI, classic KI, classic KI2, Tekken Tag 2, MKX… Wow. That’s it. I used to own DOA5: Final Round, but the whole thing felt like such a money suck that I wound up selling it.

Honestly, most of my fighting games are on PSone, Saturn, Dreamcast and to a lesser extent, Genesis and PS2.

All the KI Games

MKX and Soul calibur.

I would get SCII HD if they would let us use our currency to buy the the game!!

I have Ki 1, ki 2, ki 2013, and tekken tag 2. Tekken is a recent pickup; I haven’t even played online yet, but I wouldn’t mind trying it out.

They are releasing a sequel in October called central fiction and it only on ps3/ps4.

So basically xbox is losing another fighting series…

I wish we would get guilty gear I always hear a lot of good things about it.

Yeah revelator is awesome. It should be on Xbox as i know there are those who would love to play it.

It’s tough to lobby too hard for the next BlazBlue game on Xbox One. According to VGChartz the game only sold 60,000 copies on Xbox One. That’s still more than PS3 and half of the games total sales of around 300,000 came on Ps4. Is it worth chasing down this title for MS? People just don’t buy it. Sad but true.

VGChartz numbers should be taken with a grain of salt but they’re the best I have.

Still…60.000 out of 300.000 is still a solid number and should be extra income since they would basically only have costs for porting the game…since it will be on ps3/4 anyways…

I can’t really speak for Ark’s business model. I just know it’s not a big enough game that Phil Spencer is looking at a memo on his desk from someone saying “OMG we have to get the next BlazBlue on Xbox!”

True, and I do have the idea Phill Spencer is really trying to push games to make up for that lousy start the xbox one had…really looking forward to some new xbox games like Sea of Thieves, recore and gow4. So its not that I need another fightgame to keep me busy…

By the by, anyone looking forward to the new Worms game coming out in a few weeks?

It has a rocket league car attack, Joanna Dark dark helicopter attack and a fullgore and Rash skin for the worms that I saw…looks really fun, still having a great with the armageddon edition I gor through GwG a while back, so I’m looking forward to an upgrade :grin: