What does your opponent do to frustrate you?

Starting this so we can better ourselves. I am a Glacius main. Just post what’s frustrating to you and how you counter it. Here are the things that frustrate me:

Sadira’s double jump cross ups. When I’m trapped in the corner and she’s doing this over and over, I sometimes have no idea what to do. So since Sadira users jump a lot, I will jump kick a lot before I get trapped. Some of them never learn to stop jumping.

Kan-ra’s sand traps. I’ve encountered players who jump a lot with him also. I’ll jump kick a lot too before he can even put the trap out.

Unpredictable jumps, I call them trick jumps. The jump that someone does right next to an opponent to bait them into grabbing, causing them to be open . I rarely see this nowadays but it’s frustrating as hell when good players do it. I usually jump when I notice my opponent does this a lot, but there’s always that chance I’ll get hit. Especially when trapped in the corner.

People not finishing the combo but ending it with a grab or throw. I am guilty of this. I’m watching for auto doubles but then it ends with a grab or throw. Common sense thing to do is just anticipate the grab or throw.

I am annoyed of Glacius players who are always jump kicking. I’m gonna jump kick back. I’ll usually resort to a lot of hail and shatter and anticipate the jump kick. When you play so much you can guess what move someone is gonna do, like jump after a knockdown. I’ve hit so many people with jump kicks because they would rather jump than dash. Or if get a blocked ice Lance, the opponent will usually jump to avoid shatter. So I jump kick.

I am also guilty of frustrating my opponents. I like to trap my opponents in the corner with a lot of light jab over and over then add a throw causing them to be open then light jab over and over and over then randomly jump because I’ll know they’ll try to grab me. Then continue with he light jabs and throws. I don’t get how some players don’t block these poking attacks. I do a ridiculous amount of poking. Using Glacius.

Jumping Jagos. Jumping + HP Eyedols, choosing Sadira at all, teleport spamming Fulgores…Those are my pet peeves at the moment.

Edit: I would also have to had the jiump back kicking Glacius players…So annoying. I can normally get in on them and force them to use other tactics, but some guys have this down to a science and it’s frustrating.

As a Gargos player, the corner is a very bad place to be. It’s very frustrating to play full rushdown characters like Saberwulf or Rash that can just keep you there because he has no reasonable options to get out.

I dunno…I pressure the sh*t outta Gargos and he escapes, somehow. Either with that wakeup shadow move screen stomp or his minions poke me and I drop my assault.

Only one thing is frustating me:

I don’t feel irritated by Sadira/Cinder’ Jump spam.
Hey, they’re playing as intended :slight_smile: (I mostly lose vs those guys, except if they’re noobs).
Just need to find a good way to beat this meta.

Same for Glacius. I have a friend who’s playing like this, and it doesn’t irritate me.
He’s using Glacius CC to stay away from me lol.
==>Playing his character as intended.

Same for any Cross-up character like Shago/Fulgore/Spinal.
Just motivated for finding a effective way to beat it.

Poking attacks won’t work? I usually poke my way out and combo if I’m using Gargos.

Keep jumping backwards like a scary rabbit.

Well, that 1’s easy - they block. Defensive players are the players I find the hardest to beat, naturally, because they’re so hard to open up with my Aganos.

You see, and I’ve mentioned this numerous times before, Aganos only has 2 lows and 2 overheads (outside of his jumping attacks). EVERYTHING ELSE he does gets blocked with a high or a low block. I’m not advocating for more lows or overheads mind you (I admittedly did try though by talking to Keits in person at CEO - he immediately shot me down). I just hate that I have to get in close and risk getting thrown or opened up to hit a crouch-blocking opponent. Alternatively, I could use the peacemaker, but it takes precious seconds to put up a wall and grab it, which my opponent can easily take advantage of. Furthermore, I could try to open you up with an overhead-hitting natural disaster jump, but that’s the riskiest option of all. If they block high, the c.HK stomp is easily telegraphed and readable while the c.HP with the peacemaker suffers for the same reason already mentioned for the overhead above.

So, if you want to frustrate the heck out of me, all you gotta do is block. In the meantime, I’ll try to open you up, or even better, wait for you to go on the offense - so I can punish you for it.

Body me. :laughing:

It just depends on how good your opponent is, and how well they know Gargos’s weaknesses. I usually have this problem from top-tier Killer players. They know what limited options Gargos has in the corner & how to keep him there.

Crouchblock from fullscreen.


Eyedol spammers of the ground lightning attack

players exiting exhibition just because I won the match

lower level players exiting from a multiplayer before a match starts just because they see I’m a level 50 anything

Players that try to start talking trash on the losing round

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That technique where they jump in with a kick then jump straight up, then jump again or throw. That constant JAGO jumping tech when you are blocking and have to guess whats coming.


Rash does this too.

*** Oh and people that taunt constantly and think “its the greatest button in the game”… but taunt while loosing and basically say I give up because you are better than me so Im going to make a mockery of the game by taunting and TBagging until Im dead.

I like to taunt too…but only when I win a close match or round and its basically like saying " Hell yeah! Lets go!"

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Double neutral jumps…who on Earth plays double neutral jumps on KI!!!
That’s because I didn’t like jumping in the original KI, so I’m not used to ppl jumping too much. It’s not hard to punish when you have the read though.

Damn near every Decent Jago and Rash do this. Depends on who you use to say its easy to punish. And its not necessarily a double neutral jump. Could be 1 jump and then a throw or 1 jump and then a cross up jump. Could be and empty jump and then a jump kick… it can be anything they want it to be if you block that 1st jump in.

I know they neutral jump, but when they double neutral jump I feel insulted

why do you feel insulted? I cant stand it either…but it works. Especially against me as Omen becasue I cant do that with a float y jump, so Im not very familiar with the technique and I usually fall victim to the guessing game that follows.

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Teleport spam Fulgore and some kind of vortex-style TJ Combo.

Fulgore: I know that cancelling teleport into a move costs meter (which he always has). But he can teleport in rapid-fire succession to the extent that he’s almost invisible. When the screen zooms out, he’s probably teleporting backward. But when it zooms in, to which side is he travelling? All I can think of to thwart this is playing hyper aggro with a rushdown character or hyper-defensive with a grappler or zoner.

Vortex Combo: His combos are insanely hard to break, which is I guess his strength as a character. Once he gets going, there are times when he gets me into the corner and I feel like I’m never allowed to do anything. I know hardly anything about TJ Wombo, so I don’t know what to do against that.

Actually, TJ’s combos are kind of easy to break. Just watch for the Tremor. It’s easy to tell which strength the tremor is. I get broken all the time because once I add the Tremor people just wait for it. I have to counter break. His auto barage is also pretty easy to break.

Hisakos hit stun especially in instinct, it feels like you’re standing there doing nothing for ten seconds after one of those hits.