What does the future hold for KI after S3

Anyone got any predictions as to what will be up next or things that you would want next?

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I would like seasons until the next gen machine. And even then, i think the present graphics are really great and i don’t know how a possible upgrate cound be beneficial (still to see though). The game is recently upgrated, it is out for PC… and everything seems like it is doing well, so i think and i hope that it won’t stand for only 2 more months.

the problem is with continuously releasing seasons some people won’t be happy with spending that much money on one game. I will but I know the more casual players will not

I think just go with dlc/accessories/stages/occasional new character

40 € for 8 characters is great, they do great job. Cool designs, moveset, stages. The only thing they should do is to continue.

Don’t get me wrong I agree but not all players will, the majority of people on this forum probably would also agree with you, I’m just saying I can’t imagine all players will continue to purchase content for that long

I think if they did a season 4 it would be a perfect time to try some of the community’s character concepts, I’ve seen some pretty cool ones.

Nothing wrong, i just think the game is great, by far the best fighting game out there (especially its gameplay). Plus i don’t think the people who have bought 3 seasons won’t buy a 4th or a 5th. And the game is growing, there are more players to come. Plus the devs are alive (i mean they are here), streams are so fun and the community is great. Why should it stop. Plus new things have started like novela and the figurines. How are these thing going to roll without a season. Plus we are waiting for Shadow Lords.

It’s by far my favourite fighting game aswell, but thats aside from the point. What I’m trying to say is yes. I’ll buy any content they bring out so will most of us, but this new found player base thats a bit more casual may not, think of how much value worth of content there is, it’s starting to get high

It is 60€ for the whole game. I think the price is normal. And i believe more than half of the new players will like it. Think that many people liked the game but couldn’t reach it because it was only for xbox

They should just wait 2-3 years and start over with ki 2


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Hopefully a Season 4, with Ultimates and maybe some stages for some of the characters and Eyedol if he doesn’t make it in this Season.


Yeah I reckon season 4, but they’d need to add something to the game that makes it more sustainable aswell

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Well ad ultimates and some new stages. Or heck throw in retro stages.

There wont e a Season 4… there would be too many characters. The game is fine with this lineup of 26 characters…that is a lot to balance.

The next step would be KI2 with a new start with a different engine…like Unreal engine or something like that. Could you imagine KI looking like MKX with Unreal engine?

Eyedol for KI2!

Always hate changes to Killer Instinct until playing it, then see why the changes were made and end up wrong and loving it.

That said, think there are enough characters for Killer Instinct now (aside from Eyedol) … and yes, buying 4 or more character packs is a bit much.

Maybe just more accessories, or fleshed out single player cutscenes? Who knows.

Why Season 4 of course =)

I hope KI will be alive for one more season at least. I enjoy this game, and my potato just passes the benchmark so sequel would leave me in dust ;____;

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Can we just play the game after Season 3? I dont wanna learn a new game every time a new Season releases and we have enough characters in my opinion.

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