What do you make of Aria winning?

Do most of you guys consider her to be one of the best characters in the game? Did you expect these results? I did not expect Aria and Hisako to be there in the end myself. Who did you expect to win? I don’t follow the tournaments very closely I guess. I tune in here and there and it always seemed like Thompson or Nicky were winning. I was aware Sleep was playing Aria and I really like that dude because he played Arbiter back in the day, but I’m still shocked that this character won.

Well shes one of the contenders for best character in the game so it’s not too surprising. Especially since the Hisako match up favors Aria.

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Sleep could take a dirty sandal he found on the side of the road and win with it, I don’t think that necessarily means ARIA is a great character, he’s just an exceptional player.

The thing about KI is that nearly all of the characters are well balanced, so that means in the right hands ANY character could win a big tournament. Just as long as the player behind the controls knows what they’re doing. Characters don’t win games in KI, players do.


I think Aria is a strong character in her own right, but Sleep is a player who takes the nasty parts of that strong character and uses them to great effect. So in all honesty, its not just Aria who won the tournament, it was a combination of Sleep and Aria. They were better on that day, that does not make any other character less viable or any other player less likely to win.


Yeah, I understand that Sleep is a beast. But that was a whole jungle full of beasts at the last tournament. And did Sleep ever change characters?

How often does Sleep win? I know he won with Gargos/Arbiter at Evo. I root for him ever since because I love Halo. But how much does he win? I kind of sort of follow tournaments and I’m aware he is good but it seemed to me, as a casual observer, that Thompson was dominating. I felt like Nicky and his Fulgore were dominating too. And it seemed like people bring up Rico Suave as much as any other player. Is Sleep like a J.Wong/Sonic Fox of KI or something?

Yes. He used Kilgore to get into the Top 8. He didn’t pull out ARIA till his first fight with Storm.


omg, Killgore lmao.

I mean, Aria is a great character who hasn’t been nerfed as much as a majority of the cast due to her untapped potential. Similar to KAN-Ra, it took @F3Sleep to hone in on that potential and make her devastating.

Is she OP, the best in the world, broken? Nah, she certainly needs some adjustments like most characters throughout the season (RIP Jago). Though, that’s what Sleep does best, untap the potential many players of KI don’t know how to do as well as he can.

Nonetheless, Sleep was ready, focused and determined on winning from the start. So I would never say Aria won as much as Sleep won. He’s just a great player who knows how to get in people’s head, play it patient and take advantage of tools and situations.

I would go as far to say he’s simply the best in KI as of right now. Though, he is certainly rivaled by a few, including some fellow forums members.


Im not surprised at all. Keits has said several times that Aria is a beast and no noe has unlocked her full potential. Sleep is on that path now if not already unlocked her. When she gets nerfed you know he has taken her far.

Hisako doesnt surprise me wither…look at all the tools she has! basically free counter breakers, counter hit damage, overhead and reka guessing from over head to lows… teleport, long ranged normal’s.

But the common denomination in both character is whom is controlling them…both guys Sleep and Storm are super good no matter who they pick.

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I think she is a nightmare to deal with because of her assists. They allow her to be constantly covered and lead to deadly, lightning fast mix-ups and set-ups. It’s fairly old news that she is one of the best in the game, but If she does get nerfed I imagine it would be on the startup of drone assists. Using an assist takes very little time and is the scariest part of her gameplan. If anything changes, I would be it would be that.

im waiting for someone to take Mira to the distance, that character is so horrifying in the right hands. ive seen her at high level play, just waiting for somebody insane to come around and really use her. just watch, like aria, her potential will start getting unlocked by somebody. now as for aria herself, shes one of the best characters in the game that hasnt been used to her max potential yet. i was told this by a fulgore player during season 2, he said if she was unlocked, then everybody would be using her hands down in a tournaments

I think Sleep made Ann effort not to travel as much because he qualified for world cup early. Plus even if thompson or nicky were placing, sleep was ALWAYS one place below. Its NOT farfetched to think that he’d win AT ALL.

Good read…thank you


I really don’t think ARIA is unfair.i don’t even think she should be sufficiently held back. I think her weakness id’s enough to justify her strengths. I like the design subs the character.

Honestly… Guys I’ve been adapting and changing characters this whole entire season. I did not want to show my aria off because i was afraid of imcoming nerfs she would get like the unnecessary ones arbiter received in 3.5/3.6, forcing me too learn maya or fulgore characters i truly dislike. So i decided i would go back to bae “Aria” while also playing kilgore, not know at the time is was cheap doing 90% one chance combos which i did not exploit. I truly could have in top 3 but i choose aria to get a fair win so i could sleep well knowing i won fair and square.

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I see what you did there.


Im currently only going too play 3 characters in tournament for now on. Kilgore/Aria/Arbiter even tho arbiter to me is not that great imo.

No Gargos??

No, but it’s because everyone else is using him its kinda corny. I like too play characters that everyone else doesn’t or at least very few people use.


My dad says the same thing when he picks characters lol

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