What do you love about Hisako?

I realize I may have an unpopular opinion here, but Hisako is one of my least favorite characters in KI. Her backstory is great but she feels so disconnected from the rest of the cast that she sticks out less as a star and more like a sore thumb to me. I’ve made this thread to see why the community loves her so much so that hopefully I can get a new perspective and get to like her more too :smile:

How could not love something as cute (or in this case kawaii) as this?

But in all seriousness, The reason I love her is because almost everything about her just clicks with me. Ever since her teaser at the end of Aganos’ trailer I was immediately hooked to this character just from the design alone. It’s so simple yet intimidating it screams KI.

Then when the gameplay was finally shown it was pretty much a deal breaker that I wanted to play her. Making people scared to press buttons with her counter all while having good damage and so many good reset options just to confuse my opponents even more. It’s so satisfying. That and she’s one of the more straightforward characters of season 2 (not really a big fan of characters that have tools up the wazoo).

Lastly is the backstory. I loved the way the writing was made in how it makes you feel immersed into her world and how you feel sorry for her. Plus you understand more about why she is so angry. And now of all things she becomes the freaking gatekeeper between the living and the dead! How awesome is that!? On a more personal note the way the novella sets up with her and Kim (who is another main of mine) having more interactions with each other is just the icing on the cake to me.

EDIT: It’s also interesting to know she has the most fanart of all the KI newcomers (even Sadira who’s been out far longer than her). Heck, she probably has the most out of everyone in the game which includes the original cast in their new costumes (their classic looks don’t count). I know it doesn’t mean a lot but does say something about her popularity.


I dunno ask a hisako lover. Though perhaps maybe because she’s japanese, she’s horror themed and she’s small maybe? Oh and she’s dead. Could be one of those, all those, or none of those reasons listed.

Her forward walk speed.

Her menacing.

Forward walk speed.


I always imagine her walking to the Jaws theme.

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Those teeth lend themselves well to that :laughing:


I’ve got a list. :stuck_out_tongue:

-She walks a fine line between adorable and terrifying (in the conventional sense of the word, anyway. I watched Ju-On with the girlfriend and we just though Kayako was adorable, trying to cuddle everyone and making crunchy Dorito noises everywhere she went).

-I’ve got a thing for characters that aren’t regular ol’ people. People are boring, I see them everyday. I’m playing a fighting game, so I want to see things that don’t make sense in the real world.

-She’s got great fashion sense. I need to find out who does her hair.

-She’s spoopy.

-The way she goes “FWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP” when she wins a game.

-Her back story is Killer.

-She’s flexible. Useful for a wide variety of situations for home and work.

-Her playstyle is Killer.

-Her theme is Killer.

-Her stage is probably one of the coolest, IMO.

-The Teeth

-Her eyes. They’re so intense, so focused, and the coloration goes well with her look.

-Spooky Waifu.

I know, the list kinda gets redundant, but we live in a very pro-Hisako household.


As huge horror fan I like the fact that she is (as far as I am aware) the first fighting game character to be heavily influenced by J-horror.

She’s just plain awesome. Love her style, and her backstory is amazing!

Her character design, appearance, and gameplay, her stage, as well as her sheer amount of charisma that demands respect - how do you beat something so horrifying?

Well, I imagine with a two-headed, jumping heavy punch. :sunglasses:

In all seriousness, I don’t play Hisako but she’s probably one of my favorite characters that I don’t play. A counter monster (both in the fact she has counters and command grabs to “counter” even the some of the slightest negative frames) is such an interesting creature because it plays to the player’s strength.

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Psh…we counter those :smirk:

Ain’t nobody worried about Eyedol…


I really like Hisako’s look and archetype…but…I cant stand how hard she is too break. I think if you can do big damage and crazy set ups you should be easier to break. She has the best of both worlds…hard to break, big damage and tons of set up options.

Really the only thing she has working against her is her walk speed. That’s a pretty damn good deal for a character IMO. I had a lot of fun while level ing her to 50… I wish I would have continued to use her but as new characters came out I just moved on to them.

Im really surprised there isnt more top players using her.

She’s strong, but super reliant on hard reads. A lot of top players don’t like having to know/guess what their opponent is going to do at any given moment - it’s stressful and when you’re wrong you get mauled for it.

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It was clearly sarcasm. Did you not see the sarcastic shades? :grin:

Yeah, Hisako counters it. Arbiter parries it. How can anyone think Eyedol is broke? :sunglasses:

If we talk about her overall design she’s is pretty good. I can also add that I love her theme, one of my favourites! (the part when the music goes calm when you don’t play is so nostalgic that almost make me cry XD). What I don’t like about Hisako is how ambiguos she is and the resets (so much 50-50!). That’s why I don’t like fighting her. I need some real counterpicks to make her life miserable, because she’s is making me miserable -____- I’ve studied that match up but it’s clear I need even more practice to beat her gimmicks and set ups.

Riptor, Aria, and if you can play her very high level, Sadira. :thumbsup:

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Thanks for that. BTW I would like you to see a fight against your main (from tonight in that matches we had with another country). If you can I would appreciate all the help I can get in that MU n.n

Sure. Just post in one of the applicable threads here in the sub-forum (pretty sure there’s a “how to beat/fight this character” thread somewhere here) and tag me in it. I’ll take a look and offer my thoughts, and some of the other Hisako mains here can probably do the same.

^^ this guy likes her because she brings home that sweet sweet KI Gold.