What do we stand to lose if we port KI to Nintendo switch and PS4?

Its the Nigerian KI War General up in here
First of yall, shout out to all of ya keeping it live in here. You guys are truly relentless,
with regards to the #PlayKI trend i been seeing errywhere , I would like to drop my opinion on it here .

First of all KI is not dying. so yall should stop this #PlayKi it makes us look like people aint playing KI. but they are.

I feel totally lost regarding how certain business decisions are taken. I get the point that Microsoft needs an IP , Yes we want a console seller, but ask yourself, has KI actually been the console seller?. when games like gears of war are clearly responsible for most console sales? if that was true, at least 30million people would have bought xbox one by now. Then some of us said bringing KI to PC would change things. ask urself has it really changed anything,??

To be honest with yall, we have absolutely nothing to lose if we port our KI to Nintendo switch and PS4 and make it available on all gaming platforms known to man. Why restrict our chance to blow up and beat global competition? why restrict our sales to the american and a few european / african demographic? How about we start thinking of using KI to conquer the entire world. If KI was on all gaming platform, nintendo , sony. PC, xbox etc do u really think the competition stands any chance against KI?? I will be more direct. DO U really think if KI was on the same platform as MKx and SF5, do u really think both games combined or any other fighter for that matter stand any chance against KI. ?

Am from a remote part of the world ( Nigeria, Africa) where every of my hardcore fighting game community tell me the same damn thing that makes me sick . ''if this game was on ps4 i will buy it without thinking twice. They all think KI looks and plays so good, But if a game plays so good, why wont they shelf extra cash for another console other that which they own? But they are not as rich as me to afford 2 consoles. neither are they as ''KI hardcore its KI or nothing type of guy that i am . My point is

If you want something done , do it yourself! If you want KI to succeed globally, lets take it to all gaming platforms. !

We recognise that we have been away for 20years from the rare/ nintendo days and our major competition have all gained serious devoted fans over the years , But should we sit and watch em take over when we can actually do sumtin positive bout it? ? Mkx is on xbox and sony. Did mkx as a game lose out in sales or prominence?

Sometimes i think we need to hear the bitter truth and take swift corrective actions no matter how absurd it sounds to our ears.

sometimes a little calculated executive business decision can change your global fortune and success story.

Let me ask you all, if Microsoft decides to take KI to Sony and Nintendo platform, will sony and nintendo say no you cant be on our platform??

I personally feel that KI is restricted to a few people, my stand is ‘‘we’’ should deliberately take steps to change that and encourage inclusivity instead of separation and console exclusivity. Console exclusivity makes me very sick

Do you guys think my opinion on this makes any sense at all? if yes lets discuss! if No, discuss!

Long Live KI. Lets hear your opinion !

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As much as I would love to see KI in the hands of more players, porting the game over to other platforms is a much more difficult and expensive process than one might initially think. You have to start asking questions about time, programming, and of course, money. How long would it take to properly adapt the games code to run optimally on 1 or 2 new platforms? What would the deal(s) for licensing with other companies cost, and would they even want this game on their system? Complex stuff, when you get down to the real nuts and bolts of how it would come to fruition.

And now, for your reading enjoyment, a few links:

A guy (Altavious) claims to be a video game developer, discusses what’s involved with porting a game from one platform to another:

And here’s the Wikipedia article for software porting:

Good reads. Enjoy & Long Live Killer Instinct!

The problem with your suggestion (and something I think you’re overlooking) is that games like Street Fighter and MKX are owned by third party developers, and are thus free to market themselves to however many platforms as they want to. In SFV’s case, Sony funded some of the game’s development in return for exclusivity in the console market.

Series like KI, Mario, Halo, and Uncharted are owned and produced by the console companies directly. One reason these titles are kept exclusive to their company’s console is for marketing and sale rights. You want to play the new Zelda game? You’ll have to buy their system, and then you may be tempted into spending more money on other Nintendo products for the system.

Would there be an increase in the number of KI sales/players by porting to other systems? Potentially. But KI’s marketing value would decrease as a result. If we get a sequel to this KI, I wouldn’t be surprised to see it used to help launch the next Xbox console.

At least KI is also playable on PC (which I think most gamers have at this point), and doesn’t require a bleeding-edge build to play it.


Well since ki is a rare ip and Microsoft owns rare it’s like asking for them to port halo to the ps4, sure they could do that but why should they that would be hurting their company. I get what your sayin ki is not a system seller but it’s a game Microsoft can say can only be played on their platforms. They paid a lot of money for rare to be owned by them


Are you from Nigeria? I’m curious about gaming over there. How is it? As far as I know (if you want to play Gears) MS has no server in Africa, so I guess most players will have to connect to UE server.
I’ve never met any player outside America or Europe (by America I mean the whole continent, not the States). I know they play in Asia, and had the chance to play with an australian too. But never ever from Africa, so mind my curiosity XP

Look, most of the players here prefer Sony. It’s quite popular. Sega was popular before and now the PS is the one that took it’s place. Most players from X1 are concentrated in communities. It wasn’t easy to get games, because they aren’t that popular and that makes getting Xbox products harder. There are a lot of used PS games, but not as much X1 games =(

My nephews bough a 360 just because they tried it in my house. If not they would have got a PS same as my other nephews.

If we talk about games quality, I think PS has amazing campaigns (Uncharted 4 just…impressed me so much!) X1 is ok, but you can’t go aganist exclusivity. I rather a multiconsole all my life, but it doens’t exist. I would’ve loved to play Marios and Donkey Kongs on the X1, but that’s not how console gaming works usually.

KI became more popular in my country when it was launched in pc, because most fighting gamers bought a PS but then reconsidered a good pc for KI, no way they were going to buy an X1 for one game (as I did) when the Xbox price is triple the original one in the US.

While I see the upside of having more players, why would MS want to take any reasons, regardless of how small they might seem, away from buying an Xbox One as opposed to PS4?

The only thing that really separates competing companies with similar tech is the exclusive titles coming out on their tech.