What could Orchid's Ultimate be

1.) Killer Instinct style: Kiss of death. Orchid channels her firecat energy and gives her opponent a kiss that ignites and shocks the opponent and explodes dropping something remaining that belongs to the opponent. she picks it up and held on to it. Ultimate


  1. Ultimate heart stroke. her old no mercy is now an ultimate, she opens up her upper armor, revealing her breastses (take out the es to see what I meant) that gives the males an instant heart attack causing their heart inside out to explode, and the females major envy forcing them to leave. she turns slightly toward the camera giving us a good view of her killer rack. Ultimate

The first one seems more like kitana’s kiss of death fatality.

The second one , however… I like it.


The First One Sounds Cool, But It Kind Of Makes Me Think Of Sonya Blade’s Fatality.

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There are some things better left in the past…


She uses her electric batons to shock her opponent to death.
Or her fire cat jumps her opponent dragging them off screen or exploding on impact revealing their skeleton


1st option: Sounds cool enough so yes
2nd option: No thanks, no thank you

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Neither to be honest, especially number 2. This game has very little fan service and I’d like it to stay that way.

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There are way too many cool opportunities for an orchid ultimate other than the breast issue.

I look to BlazBlue type or Persona 4 type final finish sequences. those are quite amazing

Ina simple fashion, one similar to SFV Charlie Nash’s v Trigger stealth move or an elaborate and elegant BB Lambda No. 11’s destruction distortion finish

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I would like to see something that shows off her mastery with her fire cat. I want 5 fire cat formed at once to jump the opponent with biting, scratching and throwing then the cats hold you down as orchids walks toward you transforming into an alpha fire cat( a fire cat as large as sabrewolf or Riptor) and then jump on you exploding and triggering all five normal fire cats to explode rocking the screen in the end all that’s left is orchid dusting off some remaining embers from her body.

All in all Ultimate should show case the absolute mastery of a charecters abilities. A trump card. Not just a simple attack but an aspect of their powers ramped up to eleven


Loves the second option! awesome! :smile:

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YES! THIS! :smiley: :sunglasses:

It be awesome if they brought back that special where she flashed opponents to death haha. Number 2 seems like that one.

If IG even did Ultimates at all it’d be great but I don’t think they will.

Here’s hoping they do just to pay tribute to the original game.

But now I can tell why everyone died as she flashed you, look at her ■■■■■ in this game, they are huge. I guess it’s the size that made everyone just die of heart attack.

The one thing I never understood is how riptor dies from it as I think the raptor is a female.

It’s not just that for me. It’s also having more fun and awesome match ending finishers to boot. I want another reason to look forward to the end of the match. Not just Ultras which are stale as old bread now.

I think in the past he was considered a dude, but then they changed it. I’m not going into details on that. LOL

Oh man You know what’s funny, we had a certain "unmentionable person who thought Orchid’s bust wasn’t big enough and acted like KI was gonna die on arrival. Nice to see someone who gets it.

I’d like a nod to her past as in she rushes down the loser with a flurry of tommy Lee drumstick style stick twirling and slashes in ichi ni San death mode then finally finishes off with a HUGE LASAKEN burst.

But it won’t happen

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I’d like it if her Ultimate would include some attack helicopter firing the opponent from the background. And, logic be damned, that chopper should show up in interior levels too, it’s just for the over-the-top aspect.

The mystery remains why everyone just gets a heart attack and dies from looking at Orchids bust. Are they sex or are the malformed? I will never find out lol But seeing from this game, they are huge.

No more boobflashing or the like, please.

No, if you read Orchid’s background story, you hear alot about how she is learning to control the fiery rage within her and how it manifests into the Fire Cat. So I would love to see her just giving in to that rage and release tons of fire cats on the opponent, or turning into one herself and just maul the opponent.

I actually liked her KI Gold Ultimate where she turns into the Fire Cat and leaps through the opponent who burns to ashes. Something like that, but modernized.

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