What are you the most excited about for season 3?

Despite season 3 being grossly overpriced for loyal customers, I am still hyped for it. What about season 3 has you the most excited?


Grossly overpriced? You can choose between three different payment options that are based on the same model as Season 2.

Anyway, I’m most excited that it feels like an entirely new game for me with gameplay changes, relighting and new character.

Can’t wait! :grin:


Tuesday is gonna be a good day, not just for KI either, for telltale games fans as well. Its gonna be great.

Yes, grossly overpriced when compared to the first 2 seasons.

I am excited for the arbiter, gonna be sweet.

I want my Low Inferno back.

Call me ignorant, but low inferno?

The cheapest is $19.99, same as the both previous seasons. The only difference with the $39.99 is that you don’t get the classic game, instead you get additional in-game content. Finally, $59.99 for everything.

Not sure where you get overpriced buddy.


Yes. As in Inferno hitting low. And really far too.

Season 3 ultra offers less then season 1 and the CHEAPER season 2 ultra.

Lets get back on topic though please.

What do you get for 59?

All 3 ultra seasons.

I’m starting to see your point now. As a person who pre-ordered I was looking at my copy (with the 18k gold) and seeing the good value in it because of the promise of the gold included having a future purpose. But since the launch version won’t have it I’m thinking that $40 isn’t that good. But still nobody is being forced to buy it so at the end of the day, if you don’t like the price, buy the $20 version along with any retro you like.


Season 3 doesn’t offer less . You have no idea what else is coming after launch ; it could be HUGE additions to the game … You shouldn’t speak on there being any less content until season 3 is done and over with and then Maybee you state your opinion on that matter . 8 characters. 3 stages that each of much higher quality than any season 1 or 2 stage, a completely re worked lighting engine , that makes it look like a whole new game, all the retro costumes , all the accessories , and that’s not including the stuff we don’t know , but I’m willing to bet that there will be some reallyyyyyy reallyyyyyy amazing stuff coming later on throughout season 3 . It’s been stated numerous times that there ARE new modes coming … People need to stop complaining for a second and let the season release into the wild a while before they start offering negative comments left and right.


New modes that everyone is going to get, not just ultra owners, so it doesn’t add any more value to the ultra price, THE POINT OF THIS TOPIC IS TO TALK ABOUT WHAT WE ARE EXCITED FOR, so please lets get back to that.

I would have got the 20 dollar versions if I could do that and get the retros cheaper, but I can’t, but the topiic is about what you are excited for, what are you looking forward to?

Fair enough , I forgot that the new modes were free to everyone.
I’m most excited to have 8 amazing new characters to this game that I’ve been playing religiously for over years now !!! Can’t believe it’s finally here too!!!
I’m also super excited about the new UI because to me frankly , it’s one of the best looking fighting game UIs ever made.

Yeah, they are, I am excited for the new characters as well, the support for this game has been something else, I really didn’t see it coming this far, and teh NEW CHARACTER SELECT IS perfect, I really hope it doesn’t change if there is a season 4.

Kim Wu
newly lit stages
level 4 Enders

Possibility of new costumes for S1 chars


New costumes for the old characters would be great honestly, really hope they do that, give a use to the ki gold.

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