What are you playing?

Ok, so I was a bit wrong on this…there aren’t nearly as many 1-chance secrets as I was led to believe. But like most secrets in DOOM games, once you figure them out it’s not hard to figure out what triggers what. The Unmaker is super fun to use after you upgrade it a time or 2…so much so that I hardly used the BFG. The Unmaker can clear a room faster with less ammo, so why bother?
Anyway, I finished it, and now I’ve moved on to Brutal DOOM 64. :grin:

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tomorrow The Outer Worlds launches, if anybody gets the game id be interested in hearing any feedback about it. this game has caught my attention, but i am hesitant to pull the trigger atm

I have it on Game pass…havent tried it yet though.

Indeed, she’s beautiful @FallofSeraphs76 And her smile says a lot…“yeah, I think I can pull off bloodborne speedrun in under 5 hrs before my 1st birthday. Piece of :cake:
Definitely oozing confidence! :smile: congrats again!! Lots of sleepless nights I guess :sleeping:


I downloaded Outer Worlds on my PC. If you imagine a cross between borderlands, Mass Effect and Fallout you are in the right ballpark. By way of context, I have never enjoyed any of the Elder Scrolls or Fallout RPGs. I always felt the controls were floaty and weird and that I was disconnected from the game. I also never liked the series of never ending fetch quests.

But for some reason this has hooked me. The writing is a nice combination of serious/sad and ridiculous. And the voice acting is really top notch. Often I find scrolling through dialogue in a BioWare style text heavy RPG to be a tedious experience (yeah yeah give me my next fetch quest). In this game, the actors are delivering their lines in a much more natural way and it doesn’t have any of what I think of as JRPG syndrome where characters drone on endlessly about nonsense philosophies and abstractions that have nothing to do with the plot. Sorry for the rant, but you spend a lot of time staring at characters and listening to them talk so it’s something that is going to really matter for the game experience.

Unlike Fallout, the world is grim but colorful. Just looking at the sky is an impressive experience. The combat is really FPS combat that is highly impacted by stats. It feels “tighter” and more reliable than my memories of Fallout.

I’m still in the first area and I’m motivated to do all the side quests because you are presented with a moral choice between two factions and I am delaying my decision because I have sympathy for both sides and dint want to ■■■■■ either one. So that tells you something.

TL:DR It’s clear that the game has been lovingly produced with high production values and I really like it so far.


@R1stormrider I started it last night and it just not for me. If I didnt have 20 games to finish I might would give this more of a shot. BUt it does look really cool and should be a great game. Just not for me.

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I’m at the second planet in Outer Worlds and it’s pretty good so far. It clearly draws a lot from the developer’s experience with Fallout: New Vegas, though in comparison it’s considerably smaller in scale and the character/equipment systems are streamlined in various ways. On PC (Game Pass) it’s been running fine and I’ve encountered no notable bugs.

Playing Nioh 2 online beta.
Is this available for NA and Europe?

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Now popped in Sekiro. Been a while.

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thanks for the quick rundown man, i think maybe ill score this game for christmas and when weather is real bad outside i can sit down with it for long periods of time. i think im gonna do a psychopath run through and just kill NPCs that annoy me, id want to see how that plays out haha

currently i am playing disgaea 4 complete edition on switch. i love these games, but i never see them to the end. i like this one the most though, the main characters are hilarious. you got valvatorez, a vampire with a sense of justice and morality. then you got his steward/body guard, fenrich, a werewolf. hes conniving and manipulative in a comical way.

the games really fun too for a tactical turn based strategy game. im still building my 1st 10 man A-Team atm. i just started it so i dont have much in the way of classes and such unlocked yet.

im also still playing tekken 7, im currently breaking the wall down to the usurper rank. ive gotten alot better at the game, i just need to practice more

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As happens to me with a lot of single player, story focused games, I have not returned to The Outer Worlds since I finished all the missions associated with the first city/area you start in. I want to play it, but my gaming time is divided into playing with my son (Fortnight… we are actually consistently in the top 10 at Duos and frequently the top five. We even win a few now and then. Not my favorite game but I would play worse games with my son) or playing with my brother (Monster Hunter plus the occasional fighting game). So it’s tough to set aside an hour for a game to only play with myself.

once my brother gets that new fancy gaming laptop its gonna be the same for me. we’re going to be hitting up nothing but co-op games on PC and what not. he usually gets home late though, so ill still have some time to play fighting games. long as i can do that, im happy because it takes care of my need to compete against live opposition without the grinding for kit or getting ahead of the gear climb. so, the games we’ll be doing are mostly player vs environment stuff unless he installs something like quake champions and we go kill ppl there or eachother if its a death match

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Interestingly, it’s the opposite for me: It’s very hard for me and my friends to tag up for Multiplayer now. Either because schedules are too different, or people are just to burnt.

It’s given me a good bit of time to play The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition.



Just bought Smash, my first ever, and picked up Terry :laughing: Now I will have to enter Evo Japan for Smash and SamSho, I guess.

Showed my kid that I got a nice little present for the Switch. “Oh, SumaBura (SmashBros). I have been playing that with my friends at their house. It has “Hadouken, Hadouken!” in there too, dad”. So there went my little surprise :smile: Rascal has been playing Smash with her three friends…behind my back. Somehow I need her to teach me the mechanics of the game without giving up anything :wink:

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Glade your family is having fun. i know Jeff and i are with smash bros. and ever sense I got the switch lite i’ve been fighting it out with him and my friends online.

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I finally bought Iceborne the other week or so ago, it really did give me a legitimate reason to care about Monster Hunter World again. The new and returning monsters were a breath of fresh air, as were the changes to the weapons; most changes are kind of subtle, but being able to course correct the Greatsword with slinger bursts is just great. Also I will say this: I will be sad when they understandably nerf the Tigrex set.

Also the RE2 event was great, I just wish Leon and Claire had layered armors (though Geralt and Ciri got theirs months after the fact, so I guess we just have to wait).

I got a handful of games on Steam’s black friday sale, and so I’ve spent the past day or so playing through Bulletstorm. Never played it before. It’s pretty fun. I had trouble putting it down until I finished the campaign.

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I’m currently playing through Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove in preparation for the King of Cards expansion (King’s Knight’s campaign), mainly by replaying Spectre Knight’s story; I honestly regret not trying his crazier magic items the first time around, he’s way more fun with them.

Outside of that I’m also getting ready for the PS4’s Horizon: Zero Dawn content in MHW: Iceborne, the next part of which releases on the 13th. It’s still a pittance compared to what the Nintendo MH games get, but at least Sony is allowing Capcom to do more with it. Though if I were Sony I probably would have allowed God of War and Bloodborne content too, since they seriously did the bare minimum compared to Nintendo’s games (which had content from Zelda, Metroid, etc.).

currently waiting for mechwarrior 5, looking forward to blowing ■■■■ up and razing everything to the ground in urban settings

Have you played Mechwarrior Online much? I dabbled a bit bit never got good at it.