What are you playing?


The big thread about all things gamingrelated.
Which game are you currently playing? Working on an achievement? Just finished a fun game? Maybe just bought a game you so desperately want to go home and play?

As for me, i’ve been working on getting my ranger up to lvl 90 in Path of Exile, I finally hit that goal earlier this morning after having been up all night :checkered_flag:
It wasn’t easy, especially not since my internet has been causing a lot of problems and getting me killed with enormous XP losses as a result.

So I guess i’m onto a new game next. But which one… Hmm.

What other games are you currently playing?

Lots of State of Decay, I love me some Zombies.


Just trying out Dragon Mania Legends; it’s really fun, and already have powerful dragons in my arsenal


Oh man, my backlog is piling already but here’s what I got going on.

3DS - Xenoblade Chronicles / Fire Emblem Awakening
Wii U - Splatoon / Earthbound
Xbox One - Killer Instinct / Rare Replay
PS3 - Resident Evil Revelations 2 / Resident Evil Remake
PC - Guild Wars 2 / Mugen (I love to make portraits and rosters from time to time)

Gotta say, I’m definitely looking forward to the Resident Evil 2 remake!


I’m looking forward to the RE3 remake more.


currently into horror style games like RER2 Evil Within and some Five Nights at Freddy’s


I have Evil Within, but I haven’t even popped it in yet. I was playing Arkham knight. Last games I played were CvS2 and Beyond: Two Souls with my girlfriend. I miss playing Dying Light, I need to pop it back in.


Playing a ton of Battlefield at the minute. Looking forward to playing through the entire Gears saga in a few weeks! :smile:


Replaying Killer is Dead on PS3 since I already beat it on 360. I have big backlog on 360, PS3, and XB1.


I play only KI at the moment, actually. Dropped MKX definitely. Can hardly get into other games. I might try playing some old RPG’s that I never completed. I’m bored out of my ■■■ lately when it comes to gaming.


Killer Instinct, Witcher 3(first playthrough), Rare replay, occasional Fifa matches with friends


KI, Rising Thunder, and USF4. This is pretty much 95% of my gaming time.

Rising Thunder turns out to be a LOT of fun. I didn’t think I’d dig it because I’m not huge into robots, but dang that game is tons of fun.

KI is still my jam tho :heart_eyes:

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Got stuck in Diablo 3 again.
Looking for all the transmogs =D


This weekend I’ve been binge grinding KI (got all the colors finally unlocked for all characters).
After that, I’m probably going to pop in Fallout:New Vegas or the Brutal Doom mod in preparation for the upcoming sequels, and due to the power of friendship I’m partially obligated to mess around with Destiny:The Taken King

Also, recently picked up Whispering Willows on XBLA. Nice little Indy game in the same vein as Monkey Island but with a horror/spoopy twist. Not actually all that scary( only experienced mild panic once or twice), it’s pretty easy until the end, and short (finished it in an afternoon)…but the story, atmosphere, and visuals are really awesome. Besides, I kinda have a thing for ghost girls, and the protagonist is a rather adorable specimen. Worth picking up on a sale, for sure, if you can handle a bit (read, “a metric butt-ton”) of reading.


Well besides KI, I’m playing Phantom Pain at the moment. Nobody spoil anything for me. Please.


The Megaman Legacy Collection is kicking my backside right now.

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Been playing Gears of War and Trials Fusion. KI will likely be on the back burner until season 3.


List of games I’m playing As of right now:
Shovel knight (It’s really good)
Team fortress 2
Pokemon series
Final Fantasy 7
Gears of war 3 ( (on hold for right now though)
Killer instinct
Guilty gear xrd (Finally got a ps4 btw)
Ratchet and Clank up your arsenal (on hold for right now though)
Mortal kombat x

Soon I’m starting Jak II and xenoblade chronicles 3d but school is starting tomorrow


b-b-but your Aganos… iz so sexy

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Thanks for the compliment. I jumped on KI yesterday and did very poorly. I’m so rusty, it’s not even funny lol. I still plan to main Aganos but I’m very interested to see Tusk or other guest characters.

Trials Fusion took up a lot of my time because I made a couple of tracks recently. It takes a lot of time to make one good!

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