What are you playing?

Currently Killer Instinct and Mortal Kombat X for me here

This past week Gears Ultimate, Until Dawn and Devil’s Third.
KI and Forza Horizon 2 are the games I keep coming back to.

metal gear solid 5 and mad max. bout to boot up grandia II on my PC soon as well :smile:

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Been Playing some KI and some SMITE. Trying to be a B.A. Loki Jungler, Boss Carry Artemis, and Epic Support Chang’e. LETS GOOO! (lol smite hype)

Tried out the Forza Motorsport 6 demo yesterday. My first race in the rain I came in at a 23rd place -_-
To my defense I was playing on the second to hardest difficulty!

But, the rainsplashes when driving through the waterpuddles could have been made better. They feel more like an actual waterexplosion rather than a real life spray.

Also played a little bit of Mega Man legacy collection and I have to say that the museum is really nice!

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any FD RX-7s in there?

There was one RX7 in there. But I chose the VW.

awesome, good to know! no RX-7 in a game = me not buyin it

edit: RACING game for clarification (unless its F-Zero or some shit)

Currently: Smash Bros4 and Warframe.

I was jamming on some Skullgirls this weekend for the first time.

Damn, that game is a lot of fun.

lol, so we got a sega genesis. we played…GUNSTAR HEROES. omfg, that piece of ■■■■ game is hard on expert. i was in pain and it was beautiful! my 10 year old self would be lol’ing at me

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Guess what I play game right now? :wink:


Conker’s Bad Fur Day :smiley:


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Tomb Raider as it is free for Gold members.
Had finished the story months ago already and sold my copy.
Need 100% completion, so downloaded it again for free. Now I am at 74% trying to find all collectibles.

I’ve been meaning to play it…
But I’ve been distracted with Rare Replay and The Taken King

Started playing Animal Crossing New Leaf again. A great time killer.

Also have Project M and Smash Bros 3DS/Wii U going.

Further distracting myself with Brutal Doom v20. H.ell of a mod for a H.ell of a game

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Started Practicing MKX again with Johnny Cage…(I can’t stay away from fighting games XD)

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I am currently playing Forza Motorsport 6 & Super Mario Maker :smile:
Waiting for that Uncharted collection to drop. Never played any of those games… Kind of regret that I did youtube a playthrough of them however…