What are you playing?

Dead Cells
Dark Souls III DLC 2 : Ringed City
Hollow Knight
Nex Machina
Terraria (wrapping up the Calamity mod)
Dragon’s Dogma (again!)

Need to check out Furi as well. So many good games to play!

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Been going back and playing Shantae 1/2 Genie Hero.

…Capcom needs to let Wayforward make Mega Man games for them in that style.

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I have been playing a few games at the moment, gta5/gta online some days, AC Black flag, Killer Instinct, and (Forza Horizon 3 whenever wifey is not using her laptop)

That is pretty much it for now

Injustice 2, horizon on the ps4, disgaea 5 and dbz fusions and fire emblem dates on the 3ds

Chipping away at Horizon: Zero Dawn currently. It’s really good and makes me wish I played it earlier this year. Kind of feels like a mix between The Witcher and Far Cry in the ways it tackles the open-world genre, though it’s a TPS and one that plays very well.

I also want to vouch for Furi. Really cool game. (Play with the Japanese voices, though.)

Been playing through the OG Dark Souls Artorias of the Abyss DLC. Thinking I’m doing a decent job thus far. Close to beating Manus after my last time turned out surprisingly well. :slight_smile: Then I can go back to kill the black dragon boss and go finish the game.

Also my brother and I are gonna be grabbing a PS4 in July (as well as a replacement PC for myself) so I can finally play Bloodborne!

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I gave up on Black dragon and Manus. I just couldnt beat them. I came really close on Manus a few times but the frustration of loosing just got to me so I moved on.

I actually beat Manus last night. Gonna give Kalmeet a shot this weekend probably.
I actually still have to kill the bridge hellkite. Haven’t gotten around to it.

After I kill the dragons, THEN I’ll kill Lord Gwyn

You dont kill the bridge Hellkite? Thats Kallemeet

Gywnn is a chump…beat him 2nd try… Manus and Kalemeet are fuking ridiculous

No I mean the red dragon at the start of the game by the sunlight alter Never killed him. Though really all I need is arrows and patience :stuck_out_tongue:

OOOOHHHH! THe Dragon sword Dragon…lol

Thats a great weapon at the start of the game. NOw that you are way leveled up you should be able to knock him out in 20 arrows easily…right on his tail.

IDARB has KI 2 Classic Characters!!! They also have Masters of the Universe and Walking Dead!
You can also make your own pixel art character…Im going to make an OMen!

Understatement of the year. I killed him on my first try, even without summoning Solaire.
Kalameet and Manus were both much harder to beat (though not by too much. Kalameet took about 5 tries and Manus was still under 8 with the eventual help of Sif). And with Gough’s Greatbow the Hellkite took minutes to cheese

Had a bit of fun in NG+ after enjoying the wondrous ending credits music. Decided I’m gonna go through Dark Souls 3 to see if I can finally beat it.

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King of Fighters XIII (Steam)
Fallout New Vegas (Steam)
Danganronpa 2 Goodbye Despair (Steam)
Warframe (Steam)

Debating on going for either Detention, VA-11 HALL-A, or Turok 2.

Well damn. I finished 2 Souls games in one day. Consider Dark Souls 3 done. Finally took out Nameless King and Soul of Cinder, plus running around in the Demon Ruins/Smoldering Lake

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Don’t forget to Fashion Souls!

That’s how I’ve gone through most of these games. Based solely on how I look. :joy:
Hell, I have one of my favorite iterations of my DS2 character as my Xbox profile picture

I’m kinda playing Marvel Heroes: Omega.

Captain Marvel is the hero I’m using until I can get more!


@BblackorchidD, have you played this? I’d assume, since it has Psylocke lol

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Horizon Zero Dawn…phhphhhh…Im just blown away at how amazing this game is! I just beat my first Cauldron and it looked to be straight out of HR Geiger’s art from Aliens mixed with a dungeon from Zelda. Just blown away at how fun and stunning this game can be!
Ill be streaming it probably every night this week. Come by and catch a glimpse if you can.

@SadisticRage76 Thanks for stopping by bro!