What are you playing?

I’ve been playing something rather interesting that I found online…it’s a Super Metroid/ Zelda:A Link to the Past randomizer that takes all the item locations across both games and just scrambles them. So for example, you’ll go around as Link and find random power ups for Samus and vice versa. It’s been kinda tricky, but I know both games like the back of my hand, so it’s been far from impossible.

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i think im starting to get that Total War itch, might fire up shogun 2. last time i played that one, i had a grueling war against the ikko-ikki clan. fanatics die really really hard. it took me somewhere around 2 maybe 3 days to get all their territory wiped out. i also found myself stamping out insurrections within my own turf as they began converting the populace to their brand of faith in the region. was very fun though! its also quite satisfying when you bring up your cavalries and smash into their flank or rear guard where their archers are at

played more astral chain last night, i had a great time with it doing investigations and “walking the beat”. the combat as one would expect with a platinum game to be very fun, with plenty to do during battle. anybody here gives it a shot, id recommend goin to the training room for sure, there is alot you can do and it may be confusing at first. things start really simple, but get really complex quick. currently playing on the hardest setting, and its been very good thus far. id say its one of the best switch games

has anyone given Control a try? i saw aris playing it on youtube

Bought Control yesterday, played fro an hour… it was terrible. Very slow, very confusing story wise… Im sure need t get further before making a decision but it doesnt grab you out the gate like I thought it would.

@BigBadAndy Yeah I heard of that “Souls like FPS” , Ive been seeing it on a lot of sites and videos…I need to check it out.

then that looks like im just gonna wait on that sucker to go down to 5 bucks on a steam sale one day lol. i fired up shogun 2, led an army in a castle siege and man i was rusty. i forgot that i could get my guys to climb the walls, accidentally put my katana samurai up against cavalry, but compensated with my naginatas comin in from their flank. great battle overall, totally ready for more after work today (and a bit of tekken 7 to stay sharp)

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Ever since I got my Xbox One set up with a LAN cable I’ve went back into Warframe, just got to Pluto and only now enemies are strong enough to cause repeated Mission Failures for me (and yet I still only have my starting Warframe). Also tried to get back into Path of Exile but for some reason I keep losing interest, I could easily blame Warframe for this but I feel the problem is bigger than that.

Also just a quick question: Is 45ms good connection quality for online play? I actually got the LAN cable just so I would never have to use Wi-Fi again, but when I tested it in MKX and KI I still got some badly lagged matches here and there. I know game matchmakers like to throw you against someone well out of your region sometimes, but I’m still worried my connection still isn’t good enough.

45ms latency is perfectly fine for online play. If you want to win the world championship it probably helps to have 30ms or less but for most of us to play games anything under 100 you shouldn’t notice too many issues.

The big issue with WiFi is interference. This adds to latency but also makes it unpredictable and therefore more disruptive. The wire is good even if it doesn’t effect your latency measurement.

Gears Of War 5… Having fun with it so far.

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I picked up Greed Fall last night… its looking great so far! Very As Creed/ Bloodborne like… very cool story and idea.


@FallofSeraphs76 Where do you find the time to play all of this?? :joy:

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Gears 5. Love the saga, but there are many things that make the game different regarding gameplay, and not in a good way. Current maps aren’t nice, but that can improve with better maps. Mechanics are harder to change since the core play will be pretty much the way it is (it’s not GoW 4, nor 3…it’s weird).
But the most problematic thing in the future will be the netcode, which is inferior to GoW 4. What a shame.

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Hi Maru!
Long time no see. How are you?

Sorry off topic :smile:

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As evidenced by my last few posts being in the Monster Hunter thread, I’ve been playing a bunch of Iceborne lately. I think I’ve made it a fair chunk of the way through the story. It’s rather fun so far, and there’s lots of new Monsters to hunt/new gear to make out of them. Highly recommend it.

I’ve also been playing some Minecraft with my wife and another friend of ours. It’s one of those games that will always have that bit of fun, relaxing appeal to me, especially when playing with friends.

I’ve tried out a few other things. Dying light was fun. Lots of running and smacking as expected.

Mothergunship has a pretty cool “craft your own gun” deal that results in some crazy stuff.

Crossout is a little craftable derby car of death game similar to World of Tanks. It can be hit or miss.

Beat Quake not long ago, running through Duke 3D in my spare time because classic shooters make me smile.

Hi Bojima!

I’m fine, just been busy. I’m going to my boyfriend’s place to celebrate my B-day next week. I might play some KI there as well, lol :smile: (just gotta love playing offline!).

Despite Gears 5 negative stuff I’m still hyped about the game. I enjoyed the campaign in the end and also the new soundtrack is kind of cool (main theme is quite nice).

Hope you are doing good as well :blush:

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3 hours a day after work and then satruday and sundays about 5-6 hours? I never finish any games thats how! lol

Blasphemous!!! Its absolutely amazing! For a Metroid-Vania game inspired by Bloodborne/Dark Souls and Italian Christian theology… its just beautiful!
You guys have to play this game if you like Bloodborne and Dark Souls… the lore and story cinematic, ideas, art…its just EPIC!

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I can see why you like it, given your interest in metal music etc. but I just can’t deal with the aesthetic of this game. So I’m going to skip it - although I’m sure the gameplay is great.

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I think at some point in time I saw gifs from early builds of this on Twitter - but I could be wrong, it might be a different game. It does look good though, and it’s one I’ll keep on my radar.

I’ll give it a look. I like the fact that the pixel art actually looks like art. It’s one of the big separating factors between a good pixel art aesthetic vs the 8 bit stuff.

Plus it looks dark and messy, which is usually a good sign.

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been playing blasphemous, great game so far. but jeez, its a ■■■■■■■ miserable, dark, grimy, and bloody game lol. i think they shouldve opened with “abandon all hope ye who enter here” before you get to the start up screen. the gameplay is solid, and is quite challenging if you arent careful.

you definitely cannot rush or just try to “go through the motions”, thus it can be punishing depending how far you get and then you die. you gotta be equally patient and methodical all over again, or its back to that save point and that guilt starts to stack up gettin pricey to cleanse.

overall its a great game, just depresses the ■■■■ outta me as i go along but i think that is what the devs aimed for on top of horrifying you with the death metal bosses and such lol. i mean cmon, even the beer man burned alive, and all he wanted to do was spread jovial festivities. nope, you are miserable too ■■■■■■, burn ■■■■■! lol

edit: and its to my understanding the “grievous miracle” is what caused the realm of custodia to be what it is. everyone suffering their own penance

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Yeah man they pulled no punches with this game! Its heavily inspired by Dark Souls turned up to 11.