What are some of your favorite gaming memories?

Just curious.

Feel free to skip over my memories if you’d like. I’m more curious to hear yours anyways. :slight_smile:

Here are a few of mine:

1-Finding Mortal Kombat II in an arcade when it was still in the testing phase. I hadn’t seen or heard anything about the game yet, so finding an actual arcade cabinet didn’t even feel real. I practically drooled over the attract mode, wondering who the guy in the hat could be, the guy with the crazy blades, etc. I couldn’t believe Reptile and Shang Tsung were on the select screen. I didn’t want to stop playing, I was so excited!

2-Killer Instinct’s reemergence at E3 2013. I mean, that type of stuff just doesn’t happen, right? A niche fighter in a now niche market? I’d hoped for years until I finally gave up hope, and then that logo appeared and the music hit. I still didn’t believe it until the announcer said Jago’s name and I saw him on the screen. I practically jumped out of my seat and cheered, and I wasn’t even AT E3 lol.

3-After an entire summer of saving every dollar, doing odd jobs around the neighborhood that including painting a chain link fence and pulling tile, I finally had enough money to buy my first video game system. Maybe the Sega Saturn wasn’t the best choice in retrospect, but I still loved it at the time, and as a fighting game fan, that console was a dream come true.

I still remember playing Virtua Fighter, the pack-in game, for the first time and feeling like I had an arcade in my house. Too many other good memories to name here, but suffice to say, even though PSone came out and crushed the system in short order, I still found tons of great games to play and enjoy.

4-Staying up all night with one of my college roommates and playing video games. Usually it was Tekken 3, where we’d play match after match. But we also played a ton of NFL 2K1, Ready 2 Rumble Boxing, and House of the Dead 2. I was a good deal better than him at the latter game, but I still remember getting to the final boss and dying, and he was the only one left alive. Somehow, several of our dorm mates had wandered in and by the time my buddy was the end, people were yelling and cheering him on. His eyes were wide as saucers, mashing buttons, trying to beat the boss. It was an absolute blast.

5-Playing Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver for the first time. I was absolutely enthralled by the intro, and apparently my next door neighbor in college was as well. He’d come over every day after class just to watch me play, help with puzzles, watch the story unfold. He was hooked. He wasn’t a big gamer, and every time I tried to hand over the controller so he could play, he’d decline. But there was something so cool about sharing a game like that, so rich in story, with someone that wasn’t much of a gamer at all, and seeing them absolutely love it.

6-9/9/99. For Sega fans, such as myself, that day held a ton of promise for the future of a somewhat beleaguered company. I actually started college that year, so my preorder wound up being two states away. Thankfully, one of my close friends was able to pick it up with the games I’d ordered and drive it up to me. That weekend, we played the crap out of Mortal Kombat Gold, Sonic Adventure, House of the Dead 2 and Soul Calibur, which made my jaw drop the first time I saw it.

But even more than that, it was all the hype and celebration surrounding the system. It was all over the MTV Music Awards that year. The games looked so amazing, everything about it, from the VMUs to the online potential… It just seemed like such an amazing experience in the making. I sold it a long time ago, but a few years back I got a used system and started collecting games again. For being out for such a short time, there are some really amazing games!

7-Hanging out in my buddy’s basement and playing Atari Jaguar. Ultra Vortex, Alien Vs Predator and Kasumi Ninja… No, it wasn’t a great system, but I loved playing those games at the time, and it also helped me get to know someone that grew to become one of my closest friends.

Sure, his tool of a dad would come down and yell at him for this or that, but it was still fun, after being the new kid in school, to be able to head over someone’s house and zone out while playing some games. The fact that he enjoyed fighting games was even better.

8-Embarassing myself at Tekken3. I can look back on this and laugh, but at the time, it was kind of my wakeup call to get my gaming rage under control. I’d been playing a buddy in our dorm room and I was using Heihachi, my main. He normally used Hwoarang, but decided to switch to Eddy. I was not good at defending against Eddy. As good as I was with Heihachi, he crushed me three matches in a row, openly mashing the kick buttons.

I picked up the PSone and threw it on the ground. The system was fine, but the game actually shot out of the system, hit the wall, and broke in to pieces. The same buddy that beat House of the Dead 2 had that same “holy ■■■■” look on his face, but for a completely different reason. Everyone laughed. I had to laugh at myself too. It was ridiculous. I bought another copy of Tekken 3, and that was the absolute last time I raged while playing a video game.

My favorite memory though: Playing Crash Bandicoot: Warped, back in high school, with the lady I’d been attracted to since the moment I first met her. She’d drive me home from school and we’d immediately start playing. We’d switch off on the controller, and every level seemed to bring a new adventure.

There’s something truly awesome about bonding with your future wife at such a young age over something so fun. We still game together, usually Ratchet & Clank, Dead or Alive, Soul Calibur, etc. But we were both psyched for N Sane Trilogy when it came out on PS4 and we played the crap out of it.

TL/DR: So yeah those are some of my favorite memories with the hobby most of us have thoroughly enjoyed for years. What are some of your memories?

  • My friend and I played through Tekken Tag Tournament an entire summer, with other friends joining in now and then. Because she didn’t really know about Tekken, as we played through each character, I told her about the lore of every single one of them, where they came from, what they can do, what their stories were about etc. Did the same with Mortal Kombat Armageddon with the same friend.

  • I watched a friend play through Final Fantasy 7. I did not have a PS1 back then, but he did and got the game, so we spent so many hours just playing through the game.

  • I introduced Super Street Fighter 4 to a new friend who liked fighting games, but were never all that invested in them until we played SSF4 together and he completely fell in love with it. He mained Dan and became really good with him too.

  • My sister and I have played through several series of games together, such as the Jak and Daxter series, Devil May Cry, Assassin’s Creed and Kingdom Hearts. I have just recently bought the HD remake of the KH games and we have just played through KH1 and are about to take on KH2, having seen the cutscenes of the games in between (we did not care for the card-based gameplay in Chains of Memories, so just found the cutscenes on youtube).

  • A lot of my good gaming memories is of me watching other people play through a game and us talking about it, the lore, the gameplay, the characters etc. It’s so relaxing to me to see other people play through a single-player game with a good story. That, or playing some kind of fighting game with them and just having fun. ^^


I find that to be the case too. Whether it’s switching off with the controller or just watching someone else play a good single player game, it’s really quite enjoyable.

A friend and I traded the controller off when I stayed with him for a month over the summer after my senior year and beat the first Silent Hill that way. It was a really cool way to experience the game, as you’d basically have to switch off between the panic of knowing something’s coming and having to fight it and knowing something’s coming and knowing you can’t do anything about it.

My lady watched me play through the second most recent Tomb Raider and a few of the Uncharted games as well. She doesn’t like how hectic they are, with the sudden button presses during cutscenes, but she loves watching for the story.

Thanks for sharing some memories, man! Much appreciated.

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Dropping Masters of the Universe ACID and playing MK2 and MK3 on SNES while listening to Slayer Reign in Blood all night. That night was such a "trip! lol

Playing 007 and NWO vs WCW at my uncles house on the weekends with all my friends. We would smoke away and just play both those games against one another till 3-4am.

Playing KI classic in the arcade back in 94… That is my fondest memory of gaming with out a doubt!

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Are you talking about WCW vs NWO Revenge on N64? If so, then holy crap! That game was freaking awesome. I was in college during the Monday Night Wars, so practically every room had either Raw or Nitro on, and then a bunch of us would crowd in to someone’s room and play World Tour, Revenge, WrestleMania 2000 or No Mercy. Those game were GREAT!!

Revenge was probably my favorite. I’d always use Scott Hall. Nothing better than catching someone’s punch and putting them in the fall away slam lol.

  • Playing Captain America and the Avengers on NES

  • Playing Conflict: Desert Storm. It was first game I got from outside means (schoolmate) when I was 7 years old.

  • Watching slow-mo replays in Worms 2 (this version’s slow-mo also low pitched the worms’ voices and I was dying from laughter hearing them talk and scream in that fashion)

  • Playing Goal Goal Goal! soccer game on emulator, don’t know why but this game also gave me a lot of laughter, it was clunky in funny way. I loved assaulting the goalkeeper, you could just bully him with fully-powered goal kick attempts over adn over xD

  • Playing Splinter Cell Chaos Theory spies vs mercs mode online. The tension, the asymetrical teams, the salt :smiley:

  • Playing Mortal Kombat Trilogy when my brother finally managed to get a pirated copy from his schoolmate. It was burned on mini CD for some reason. We were struggling so hard to acquire this game somehow.

  • Playing Team Fortress back in 2009. It was a weird case. I had very garbage computer back then and TF2 barely ran. By that time, a graphic upgrade patch was released (at least i think that was the case) and I was doomed. I was able to play TF2 again much later when I bought a decent PC. Too bad this game turned into hat clusterfuck.

  • Playing GTA Vice City. I was so amazed by the atmosphere of this game’s setting.

  • Being introduced to Diablo series. Diablo 1 was the only game in my life that I was genuinely scared of. The gritty, brutal atmosphere, eerie music, burning crosses, mutilated bodies, fkin children on sacrifical altars, this game had balls of steel.

And when you got killed, you dropped all your gear on floor and had to get there naked or you were screwed, this stuff was giving survival horrors a run for their money.

There was also a yellow monster that took away your health points PERMANENTLY when he hit you. Your high lvl character could be left a dozen of maximum HP points if you weren’t careful.

LOL yes! 1st it was the VS then it was Revenge. here was 2 of them…I think revenge was the best. But I used to use HUlk Hogan NWO version. And the Ninja.

Yeah man we would be smashing them left and right triggers to break out of a hold LOl!!!

Playing Clash of Ninja Revolution 2/3 with my friends everyday afterschool on the Wii. Co-op endurance runs to survive as lomg as possible.

Playing Mario Kart Wii against each other on the Wii.

Wii Sports (Resort) was always a blast with friends on the Wii.

The Wii was a good console.

The N64 was such a great social console, my best memories are still from that time having a console with 4 controllers and having a bunch of mates over every weekend till late at night. Playing 007, Perfect Dark, Smash 64, Mario Kart 64, NWO vs WCW (todays wrestling games are simply not as much fun), international Superstar Soccer 64, etc…

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There are a lot of games that could be considered memories of mine, too many to count. But one of the best ones was playing the Exodus mission from Halo Reach with my son who was like 7 at the time, Legendary, all skulls on. It took us 8 hours, but we did it.