What about a stylish gunslinger?

I think a badass gunslinger like Dante would be awesome in the ki roster!

What u guys think about a gunslinger char?

Honestly that would be awesome, i love dante! If KI put some work into it they could utilize his abilities and weapons and make him a kick ■■■ character.

So long as their ammo is limited like the arbiter’s so they can’t spam it like Dante and Stryker I’m ok with it. Make em’ use the ammo or loose it forever.

If it were Joanna

Don’t think it wil happen for Dante as he is a Capcom character and already in MvsC3.
But a Dante like character would totally fit the KI Gameplay!

No, special moves with guns.
Limited ammo for a gunslinger char doesnt make sense…

I say hell no with Dante. I have bad memories from characters like that in MVC3.

For balancing purposes it makes perfect since.

If they don’t make you think about using your resources then all gunslinger characters do is sit there and spam bullets all day. Unlike zoning characters like Glacius, Fulgore and Kan-Ra the projectiles are easy to see and avoid. Gunslingers typically shoot neigh invisble projectiles and unless you got characters with shadow-moves to shoot through projectiles this becomes a serious problem.

So far Arby is the only gun using character from my experienced that is actually balanced. Because unlike a bunch of other gunslingers in games like Stryker, Erron Black, and Dante. His ammo is limited and it means you have to think about how you use your guns instead of just sitting all the way in the back doing nothing but spamming bullets.

As you can probably guess I have some serious issues with guns slingers in fighting games. and unless a character like that can be better balanced. I don’t think it’s a good idea. That being said the ammo doesn’t get waisted if you were to use the weapons in mid-combo so it’d be good for that. The ammo should be used mostly for juggles or some set-ups something beyond just spammy sit all the way and do nothing but that.

Now if you think they should have unlimited ammo. I think a good middle ground is you can reload once you run out of a clip but you get a long reload time. So it’s a good way to punish players who just want to sit back and spam hard to avoid fast projectiles the whole match.

If you did stuff like that with Arbiter in KI you’d be out of bullets before the match is over and then you have to start doing other stuff. And most players who may rely only on gun spam are not usually practiced well with the character’s close combat abilities so they get bodied. This has always been my experience with gun-slinger character players.

People spam projectiles also…
Think about deadpool gun special moves on mvc3. Its perfect!

I think Dante would blend in the KI universe perfectly tbh

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A gunslinger having 12 shots would make sense. Two six-shooters.

Space Cowboy Rabbit :rabbit:


(Whisper) rabbit thread…

No its not a joke it a legitimate suggestion.

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I think an “unlimited ammo” type gunslinger could work, but the character would have to be styled around “gun-kata” type gameplay. Little to no projectile moves with the guns, but the guns are used for regular punches. Punch specials and normals could have longer ranges due to the fact that they’re using guns; imagine an ender where the gunslinger flip-kicks the opponent into the air and fires a barrage of rounds into them before they hit the ground.

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I like the idea of barriers that reflects bullets while enhancing the damage with each reflection. A sadistic game of lead pong.

I also want the barriers to push a dashing/running opponent back with force.

Foot stalls, wall jumps, ceiling runs, and speed. 4x Barriers (2vert, 2horizontal)

If it were a gunslinger I’d prefer something more like Revolver Ocelot than Dante. Bank shots off the edges of the screen for sick juggles would be… sick.

Concerning the bullet spam, I think it could work fine if said character had 6 shots (or 12 if he’s gotta have two guns, but fired simultaneously) and a lengthy reload animation. This way he would have to still be mindful of how that ammo is used lest he leaves himself vulnerable to counter attack while reloading.

I would also imagine such a character would be able to gain some ammo back via specific combo ender, but not enough to fill the entire cylinder.

Yes, but if you had read more to what I had stated: most of the projectiles being spammed can be dodged. You can SEE them. Can you see stryker’s bullets? can you see Erran Blacks? and most of them don’t zip acros the screen in less than a second. You can avoid the projectiles easily.

Bullet based projectiles are typically fast and are usually not as easy to avoid. Again if all the character is gonna do and sit and spam across the screen it’s not going to be good because they can just zone with one move the whole game.

Giving you ammo before you have a long reload time makes you think before you just mindlessly shoot bullets at the opponent. Think base body Aria but with more angles to shoot from and the projectiles are not as big but look like thin lines zipping across the screen (if you can see them in the game at all)

I think there should be a limit or they will be able to easily shut down everyone with ONE move.

Plus the limited ammo means the character gets to have access to some decent close quarter combat moves as well incase you have no ammo and no room to reload.

Otherwise the character should be horribly weak at close melee combat if all they get to do is shoot hard to avoid projectile spam.

In most games gun-users got away with this stuff easily with no balance on them. EXCEPT Arbiter in KI. Who’s the most balanced gun user in any game,.


Well then, we can have it function this way.

The gun slinger’s heavy punch/kicks can have the bullets be unlimited BUT!!! the Projectile moves will run out to discourage spamming.

Remember we have to also consider balance.

I’ll explain what I mean later once I’m at work.

You have personal issues with that man…
I still think a gunslinger char can be perfectly fine with unlimited ammo, just give him “gun-fu” combos with stylish moves, slow but good guns special moves and thats it!