What a surprise (Combo Breaker)

I wasn’t able to see some matches I would have liked because I presume they weren’t streamed.
But what surprised me, in a way, were the Grand finals. I was kind of happy watching Wulf (which I think Dayton could have used differently, but he has his style and I respect that) and I couldn’t believe Cinder won at first. Well, not that really…Cinder has some potential no doubt but he can also struggle some match ups. I think this season worked out for him.
Of course it wasn’t Cinder alone! It’s the player too. , he made some very hard reads that were really cool.

Nicky playing Mira was very entertaining too!. He dropped Fulgore and took the vampire girl. The diversity in this tourney was refresfhing. I liked it.

So, an european took CB, and as far as I can remmeber KI was original a game developed by europeans. I find that kind of romantic if you ask me :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I kind of relate to the european players,in a way, because they seem to have a smaller community compared to the US . Playing as visitor (or whetever is called I can’t find the word) can be intimidating too.
You can like the player or not but the Cinder play was on point.
TBH I totally thought this tourney would be for Dayton (which I like as a player and even was a little biased towards him) but well, the result was different. Congrats to both players!


Yet you don’t criticize Dayton for running away with gargos and spamming portal punches and wings? If you’re gonna hate on one player for zoning you can’t just ignore when the other did it.


The word 'Deserve" isn’t applicable here, imo.

Nothing in a serious competition of any sort is deserving of any individual, any team, any brand, any anything. I could have thought SonicDolphin deserved to win based off of him bringing Kim Wu to light. I could have thought Amenty deserved to win for the passion he showed in trying to take a stacked tournament. I could have thought Nicky deserved to win to show his dominance as a player with Mira. So on and so forth.

So saying Valoraxe/Cinder didn’t deserve to win because he utilized Cinder’s ability to play good zoning and keep well away from Wheels’ Sabrewulf/Gargos’ very good up-close game doesn’t hold water to me. Pardon the pun.


JUST one and last word for me #BRINGBACKS2 then you will see how much great players would be back, not great players selecte by Patchnote nerfs since S3. good night friend am out

S2 has no yolo players or characters imo.

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He doesn’t deserve it because he was playing smart?


Shoutouts to @SonicDolphin117 for making it as far as he did with Kim Wu!


And this is why we can’t have nice things.


No yolo characters in S2? TJ Combo would like to have a word with you.

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meanwhile, no Canada representation. T~T

Tyzo is from canada and he played on stream

I meant for finals, there was no canadian representation. I saw in Injustice 2 pools all the canadians got beat at bottom 16. All the good players are in the U.S. :frowning:

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lol I don’t deserve ■■■■


tj never annoying me in s cause imo he deserved his damages and gameplay like every other characters in s2, i feel him more annoying in s3 than in s2, just my opinion.
just to let you know, in s2 i did not even care about kan ra because it was a challenge when you fights a good one, a,d i think it was so funny to win or lose in s2 cause peoples where reall smart with the characters , at any Mu even hisako vs kan ra been a must seen :grinning:

Well, some countries have bigger/better organised gaming scenes that others =S
don’t feel bad about it XD

At least Tyzo and Belo proved to be very good players from Canada indeed!

Don’t sell yourself short, we have videos for proof.


I haven’t finished watching Loser’s and Grand Finals yet but it was a helluva show up until that point.


It isn’t up to the player to use a character “fairly”. If Cinder can be played scrubby (and he can), it is up to the devs to “fix” it. It is never wrong to use a character’s advantages to win a match. CDjr certainly rolled eyes when he used Sadira’s unbreakables to win him a tourney.

Runaway zoning is probably, (in my opinion), least exciting to watch and or play (I’m looking at your Shadow Jago player that gets one hit and runs down the clock every match). However, if a skilled player can use that to their advantage, it is up to the other player to overcome that hurdle.

you mean zooning? lol

you right :zipper_mouth: