Well, I finally did it! Did you?

So today, sometime around 2 p.m. eastern time, I did it. I finally did it!

…I beat Dojo Lesson 32.

After trying for months… Nay! Years! I finally accomplished what I thought was previously near impossible. I would try for hours on end only to give up out of shear frustration, telling myself that I would come back to it and try again later when I was more calm. However, when I did, the same thing would occur.

That all changed with CAM (combo-assist mode), however. With the release of CAM, I told myself that I’d give that a try and see if it would make things easier. The truth, for me at least, was, well, not really. It would mess me up various at parts of the combo, so after about 10 minutes, I turned it completely off.

I’m proud to say that after about an hour or so, I not only did it, but I did it WITHOUT having to rely on CAM.

Obviously, this is something I’m very proud of because, for me at least, it’s been a very long time coming. :slight_smile:

Now, since I have had this wonderful experience, I wanted to ask you guys quite simply whether you have been able to complete Dojo Lesson 32 yourself yet, or if you are still struggling with it, much like I was. To kind of get a bigger picture, I’d also like to know how long you’ve had KI, and by extension how long you’ve been trying to complete this particular lesson. If you’ve already completed the lesson, I’d like for you to explain how long it took you and to tell us about how long ago you completed it as well as how you felt when you did (and whether or not you used CAM to do it). If you’re not quite up to Dojo Lesson 32 yet, for whatever reason, I’d like to hear about whichever lesson you’re currently stuck on and why.

I did it. :blush:


Congrats! :smile: I know the sense of accomplishment from completing that lesson and I can imagine how good it feels.
I was doing it alongside Season 1’s story mode when I first got the game. This was the first game I really wanted to understand and play on a higher level so I felt I HAD to finish the Dojo to prove something. It took a couple of weeks that way, getting up and walking away from the game before I chucked the controller on the console several times. Finally sat down one day with the aim to complete it no matter what, tried to get the execution down for 2 steps at a time and then combining them all together properly in the required order. The feeling of achievement from completing that has yet to be matched in any other form of the game, though some wins in Ranked have come close.

Haha! I did this on Day3!

I’m not trying to brag, but if you read my topic about becoming a killer, i mention that i did it in three days, but that’s because i did NOTHING but the dojo for 3 days straight! I got stuck and had to try again later on Juggle combos (twice i believe), Manuals, and then Lesson 32. Which lesson 32 took me 2 sessions in one day, then another two the next.

If it took you this long, it may be because you are a button masher. (the good kind!)
Do you mash LK in close footsies? Do you input your next move multiple times during shadow animations or instinct cancels? Do you do ultra inputs multiple times to make sure it lands? If you answered yes at all, then you are a button masher. I AM TOO! i did the dojo to PREVENT those habits, but they came back anyway.

You can get very far in ranked doing this, but it would help a lot to drop those habits. I recommend doing the ENTIRE dojo multiple times. That’s what i did. I need to do it again. I button mash now only because i’m so used to my character that i know what i can get away with.

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Congrats man!

I definitely know the feeling of finally completing that trial. When I first got the game, last I breezed through all of the other trials EXCEPT for the last one. Granted I was still new to the game so I haven’t fully grasped the mechanics. It took me a hours of trying and I eventually gave up. Months passed and I gained more experience playing the game, so I decided to take another crack at it. And with (surprisingly) relative ease I finally did it. After my celebration, I facepalmed so hard because the combos were actually easy to do (Jago main here lol). However it was the strict timing on some of the tricky stuff that made it so hard.

I actually beat Dojo 30 and 32 just in time for Christmas. :blush: Same night I hit Gold. It’s great being able to finally have that achievement under our belts, eh?

Yeah, except it hasn’t popped for me yet… :’(

Probably bugged like mine. Run through the first few Dojo lessons again and it should fix it. Worked for me.

Congrats, I couldn’t beat Dojo Lesson 32 until I bought a fight stick - then oddly enough I got it on my third try. The latter Dojo Lessons aren’t very controller friendly at all!

Congrats! Its def hard! I couldn’t get the last combo after about 2 hours of trying. I finally gave up…my hand was hurting LOL!

Congratulations! I have no idea what lesson 32 is but im sure its ridiculous lol

Anyway I have had the game for about 7/8 days now. On my first day I managed to get to lesson 16, and that’s where I got stuck. I think I could do it now though. I might try later. Its the one where you have to do a combo, wall splat, shadow linker, heavy auto, then ender. I can get all the way to the last heavy auto but for some reason the other character spins out and drops to the ground like the combo maxed out before I can get the ender. Like I said though, I think I might be able to do it now that I have played more and probably have gotten a little better.


So I went back to knock out some more Dojo and beat 16, I ended up getting to like 27 or 28. I just know I only have like 4 or 5 more left. I looked at 32 just to see what it was and it looks insane lol

CAM makes it way easier.

That was an issue before for some people, if you do the first lesson/the first couple again it should pop, like Fwufikins said.

Not trying to brag or put anyone down, but…

You guys honestly had trouble doing Dojo 32? Now that I’ve played against some of you and seen how awesome you guys are at the game, I’m actually kinda shocked that this one troubled you guys so much. I did it back in season 1 after having the game for a few days. Kinda intimidated at first considering I never played the old KI games, but after I learned the mechanics, it actually was pretty easy.

Then again, I love those kind of challenge modes. I did 100% on SF4’s and MvC3’s. I felt like Dojo 32 was actually easy compared to some of the stuff they ask you to do in those games. I even did the Evo event challenge on the SF3 Online Edition port for Xbox Live Arcade, (thank you IG for the excellent port btw!).

Good job on getting it just the same. I hope IG can come up with some creative challenges like those for every character at some point.


its the timing, and how strict an can be, that lat dp doesnt reg half the time, even though you land it

Yeah, I can see where you’re coming from. But, and I can’t speak for everyone, I had no idea how to play FGs properly until USF4. I knew the inputs and I knew basic spacing just from seeing the moves but I never ever went into the footsies battle and more often than not I would beat people by just inputting/spamming specials throughout the match. While that made inputs easy for me, timing and general neutral gameplay suffered, so those years of not having experience showed when I actually tried to do the more advanced lessons in KI, it took some time but I got used to the timings and its only now that I’m getting more into FGs as a whole with its intricacies. I guess in the end its just a difference in how much time we all spent on FGs up until now.


@KillerSwift7 is right. It’s not that I couldn’t understand it - I knew exactly how to do it. It was all about the timing and having the moves come out properly. I would often mess up because I couldn’t get the DP to come out properly (it would do an endokuken instead) or because I couldn’t pull off a shadow a certain move fast enough off of a juggle. For example, some of those combos require you to rotate the joystick in 1 direction like 2 or 3x in a row, and then suddenly asks you to do a move right after a juggle that rotates the joystick in the other direction while your opponent is falling to the ground very quickly. If you did it too late, you’d whiff. If you did it too early, you’d hit and then whiff half-way through the move.

Like some have said, I had to split it into smaller parts, practice sections of it, and then piece it all together. All I could think while reading these super-long combos was: “people actually try and pull off combos this complicated? Why!?” …and then the very next combo would show me how to have Jago use 3 shadow moves in a combo while only having 2 stocks of shadow meter (because you had to use the 1st 2 mid-combo and then build the 3rd and use it before you finished it - crazy, I tell you!). That’s the kind of tech that I’m not prone to figuring out.

Me? I just like to perform simple combos that follow the default combo string mixed in with a few suprises (such as a linker followed by a linker or a manual or 2) to lock out my opponents and punish them. When I do combos, I don’t even really think about what I’m doing unless I need something, like damage or shadow meter. Othewise, I’m generally trying to legitimately do things randomly in the moment so my opponents can never quite figure me out.

As far as I can tell, it’s obviously working, because I came ever so-close to beating @CStyles45 yesterday (I had him in the danger-zone - you can see the clip of the entire fight under my profile) where I made quite a few mistakes, but I didn’t think I could pull that off. To make myself feel even better, even though I couldn’t beat him, I beat a top-32 player twice and a Sadira player that he couldn’t with his own Aganos in the same lobby while he was watching. I look forward to fighting and learning from him again - his defense is rock-solid. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

That’s 1 of the reasons I like this game though; because of its constant 2-way interaction and combo-breaking and lockout system, it allows for me to try different patterns or just go completely ham to confuse and obliterate my opponent. While you can do that in other fighting games, it’s not as apparent or as easy, and if you get punished, there’s often little to no chance to counter it (and sometimes it will even require resources). After seeing and playing KI for so long, I now find other fighting games that do that as, well to be rather blunt, absolutely stupid.

Even better than that, KI is consistently getting better at teaching new people how to play the game and (by extension) other fighting games, as well as experience just how great the fighting game community and genre can really be as a whole (CAM notwithstanding) and I appreciate that. DH and IG have done everyone a favor even if not everyone realizes it just yet (but they will, you just wait until S3 blows everyone’s expectations out of the water).


Thanks for the advice, I’ll give that a try - it shouldn’t take me long either, since I breezed through the 1st 31 Dojo Lessons just fine. :wink:


Congrats :smile:

I beat it back in S1. Think I saw it and went “nope, those combos are needlessly complicated and a bad use of resources” and just kept on playing the normal modes for months. But one day I just randomly wanted to get the dojo button and achievement, so sat down and knocked out the last two lessons. Think it took me about half an hour or so - honestly don’t remember though.

Ironically, I’d probably find it a mite tougher now than then. Was still playing on pad back then, so I was quite a bit more precise with my directional inputs. Did wind up having to change the buttons around for one or two of the challenges though.

Well, I’m used to doing the complicated combos and trials from other similar games, so I guess technically my mind is a little bit more tuned to pulling off the complicated combos. Honestly, these aren’t too awful bad, especially if you compare them to El Fuerte’s heavy cancel loop or Magneto’s flight cancel loops, those drove me to insanity nearly.

But I do want to say, I’m not trying to belittle what is a substantial achievement. I just know from experience that you’re a very good player, and I was just a little confused. I will admit though, most of those combos in Dojo are impractical, not for any execution reasons, but that they leave you at little advantage or do too little for the resources they consume. Also, one of the combos that calls for a meter ender juggle and uses 3 stocks I don’t think is technically possible anymore, as IG did nerf meter gain at the beginning of season 2, and I don’t think you get that much meter back to do a 3 stock combo anymore.

I apologize though if I sounded condescending at any point though. Not intended, especially when I know you are way better at the actual fight than me, something I need to get better at.

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The 1st lesson is best! Press Forward to make your character forward…so degrading.

Finally got around to doing it and yep, sure enough, the achievement popped! Thanks! :slight_smile:

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