Welcome to your brand-new Killer Instinct Forums

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What a long week it has been without the forums, right?!

We cannot even begin to express just how thrilled we are to bring you this new forum experience, and we hope that you grow to love it just as much as we do. This is our new home, so let’s make it as awesome as possible.

If you caught my brief note about the forums yesterday, you’ll recall that we got this iteration of the forums out to you as fast as we could, but moving so quickly will more than likely cause a few quirks. This is where we need your help.

If there are features you feel are missing, or if you notice a bug in the software, please let us know in the Forum Feedback section. It will be absolutely critical to aid us in making this place the best home it can be for everyone.

Alright, I’ve rambled on long enough. Get to posting like you always have, and enjoy the new forums.


I think the topics need a bit of separation. Make the topics bold or something… is it just me?


No, not just you. Same here.

I have trouble making a distinction between posts and topics…lol.
maybe I need to change my settings or customize something?

Could you go in to a little more detail for me when you say posts and topics?

So, this very snazzy and everything, but… there’s so much black… it’s like random lines and words floating around in a sea of black… any way to change the background colors of other people’s posts? The temporary highlight feature is… temporary, I’d like to use something more permanent. Didn’t see anything like that in the profile options

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I like the new look of the forums. I also like how the new Preview Sidebar shows what you’re typing so you can instantly see what it looks like, instead of having to constantly click a Preview button. Keep it up! Very nicely done! :smile:

Maybe I need to get used to it like all of us.

At the moment, when I click on a section (for example off-topic) I think it is a bit difficult to see what I am actually looking at: a bunch of topics or a bunch of posts within a certain topic. Pages overall look very similar to me.

Some posts have a color and that really helps me make the distinction what I am actually looking at (posts within a thread or a list of threads).

No big deal but maybe I have to adjust some settings to make some visual improvements to the layout.

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Loving these new forums! So slick! Is there a specific requirement to post pictures? Says I can’t because i’m new. Just curious :smiley:

Maybe try commenting a bit more and/or doing some profile edits. I was able to post a pic in a thread after 30 min, but I spent that 30 min posting and profile editing

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You have to hit level 1, I believe. Should actually happen after half an hour of regular browsing in the forums!

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'Sup everyone, it’s good to be back in forum action. :grinning:

Really happy to have the forums back! They look really cool so far, and I’m looking forward to my usual obsessive amount of browsing and posting.

Good to be back! Fwuf has returned and is ready for more KI!

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That was the longest week ever…

I agree,its really a fresh look,but everything seems the same dark theme,and everything is a little hard to find quick.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand we’re back! :smiley:

You don’t know the half of it. Well, you do, but a different half.

We’re still updating things, but polish when it came to styling took a bit of a back seat to having you all jump in and start conversing again.

it would be nice to have some sort of easier way to quote someone, and to differentiate the posts like the old way where the top posts that remained at the top of the list highlighted since they were important or started from you guys at IG / MS. I like this new forum but some tweaks and visual cues are required for ease of use and less confusion. Thanks

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Quick note on quoting - it’s actually easier to quote someone on these forums than any other forum solution I have seen!

Simply highlight a piece of the post you want to quote and once you do you’ll be shown a quote button. DONE!

yes, I am getting the hang of it. Really useful functionalities are available to us.

Nice job.