Weirdness - Win10 version crashing on Syncing to Ultratech, Steam version works fine

I dropped a post about this over in the Bugs forum, but it looks like it’s pretty low-traffic over there and I was hoping to get some pointers on this sooner rather than later. Basic upshot is I previously purchased some expansion packs for the Win10 version of the game, played for a little, then didn’t touch it for a long time. I later purchased the Steam version to show support for the game, played a little there to make sure it worked, and set it down. When the Definitive Edition hit on sale I decided to pick it up to make sure I had everything. Here’s the issue: When I go to launch the Win10 app version of the game, it crashes at Syncing to Ultratech. Steam version still works fine. I can’t find any suggested troubleshooting for the crash that’s newer than 2016-ish, and none of the steps on those old posts have helped (I fully listed what I’ve tried over in the bugs thread). Is there anyone I can reach out to in order to have my account looked at to make sure it’s not something server-side?

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To confirm, by crashes, do you mean crash to desktop? Is there any error message at all?

If not, have you tried resetting the game via Apps Management in Windows 10 Settings?

Yes, it’s a crash-to-desktop, but no error message with the crash itself - it just straight-up closes the program. I had to dig into event viewer to find the exception code it was throwing. Here’s what I’ve tried so far, including resetting the app from the App Management screen:

  • Rebooted and tried it again. No luck.
  • Uninstalled the old version and reinstalled as the DE version (which took over-night, thanks to my junk DSL). No change, still crashes at Syncing.
  • Updated my video card drivers. No change.
  • Checked the Steam version, just to see if it happened there. This is where the weirdness came into play, because it loaded up with no problems.
  • Went back to the Win10 version, signed out of the XBox app, and let the game sign me back in. It took a couple more seconds on the Syncing screen that time, but it still crashed.
  • Checked Event Viewer to see what the crash code was, and searched for that. Got a bunch of results that were current - back in 2016. Most of the people having the problem reported it just magically went away after something changed server-side. Others reported that they couldn’t get it to work and had to go as far as reloading Windows before it would function.

I’ve tried fiddling with port forwarding on my router (which shouldn’t be necessary, considering Xbox Live is working fine from my 360 and it’s on the same wired network), confirming that Teredo is qualifying properly, the whole nine yards. About the only thing I haven’t tried is logging into the game on an XBox One, because I don’t have one or access to one. Nothing seems to change the point at which it crashes. It’s crashing with the Exception Code of 0xc0000005.

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You’ve certainly done your testing. I know the Steam version of the game features cross-play, but I’m not certain if it’s on the exact same servers as the Xbox One/Windows 10 version.

By chance, do you have an Xbox One console that you can test with?

If not, I’d recommend reaching out to Xbox Support at the moment, as again, your troubleshooting has been most thorough.

@KRAKENJIMMY Seems like the same issue @WaterKirby1964 was having as well. Might be something the team (or just you, I guess :sweat_smile:) wants to look at in case we’re seeing the beginnings of another widespread Win10 issue.

Well, considering it’s been radio silence over here for the last week or so, I decided to do one more test before just giving up on the Win10 version. I fired up the Win10 version again and was greeted with the expected crash, then I pulled my computer’s network cable from the router and tried again. It progressed through the expected splash screens, and then to the Syncing to Ultratech screen. I waited to see what would happen, and…

The game loaded into Offline mode flawlessly.

At this point, with no XBox One available for me to test with, I’m left with the conclusion that the WinApp version of the game is just straight-up busted on my machine thanks to not being able to get a proper response back from the servers when it tries to check in. As such, I’m just going to bite the bullet and play on the Steam side of things, and live with the fact that I just won’t be able to play with some people.

Well, you’ve narrowed it down to a network issue, so that’s something. Here’s a question for you, what’s your NAT?

Go to Start Menu>Settings>Gaming >Xbox Networking

What does it say under NAT Type?

If it says “Teredo does not qualify,” or “Strict,” this is likely your issue. Run the test twice, just in case it doesn’t properly detect things the first time.

The resolution, as I understand it, is that you’d need to assign a static IP to your computer and do port forwarding with your router.

Already jumped that hurdle, but I’m willing to give it another go tonight when I get home - cf. my post from last week:

Who knows, maybe if I sacrifice a chicken over my modem it’ll magically work. :smiley:

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Gah, the poor chickens! Though now I’m kind of craving Swiss Chalet.

One thing to note, I did have an issue with Network connectivity myself on my PC and did have to do port forwarding to resolve it. My Xbox 360 E was also connected to the same network, though via wireless, and had no issues, so the one working doesn’t seem to mean the other will.

When I switched internet packages recently, port forwarding seemed to no longer be needed, and both my Xbox 360 E, PC, and Xbox One X are all working just fine without it now.

Assuming you reconfirm that all’s well with your actual network, I would recommend giving Microsoft Support a ring. The best case, they help you resolve your issue. Worst case, you’re no worse off than you are now.

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Hello everyone
I have problems accessing the killer instinct servers, I regularly play it on windows 10, for 2 days that I no longer enter the game, just stay on the loading screen of ultratech servers, someone who can help me or confirm if there are problems with their servers, thanks to everyone!

I was able to get in just fine yesterday, though it’s always possible a server issue is going on.

Question, can you get into the game Offline?

I have 4 days without being able to play it, it remains in the load of ultratech, and I tried to play it without an internet connection and it does not work, it happens the same it remains loading

Cannot get past syncing with the server, it will instantly crash the game after loading my profile. How do I fix this? I am on Windows 10.

I would if I could, but his is not an issue of it not connecting to the server, rather one where when the initial connection attempt instantly crashes the game.

Merged a few new “Win10 crash to desktop” threads into this one.

@KRAKENJIMMY - have a few more users who have been having syncing, crash, and no-DLC issues with Win10 version of the game.

I have this exact same issue, I haven’t got the steam version to test it though; I bought Definitive edition on it’s sale as well but cannot access the actual game from this bug. Sucks too as part of the reason I built my gaming computer was to play KI again.

Hello again, I have tried to solve it with so many options as TechParadox says, and nothing works, I try to run on Windows 10, it does not work offline from the Internet, I realize that I am not the only one affected, in that case there are problems from servers ? Regards.

So I was experimenting some more with the bug, it is not an issue of spec confirmed; Rather some sort of server issue. I found that by disconnecting all contact to the internet before booting Killer instinct up, I could get in just fine, Unfortunately if I attempted to reconnect after that, within a second the game would instantly crash. I, for further experimentation found that DLC characters were sporadically present and gone despite owning everyone. All 3 seasons would have random characters missing with everyone else in the season being allowed to use.

Also, through fervent messaging of the devs; as well as contacting xbox support, nothing has been done, no statement made, and no sign of hope to be able to play this again. I find it detestable that they are still pushing this on windows 10 and putting it on sales despite the whole thing not working. As much as i’m sure we all love this game, this criticism must be made. I digress

Well then, where can I file my complaint so that they can follow up and solve the problem, because they are supposed to support us for the product we buy, right?
I thank you if you tell me where to send my complaint, regards.