Weirdness - Win10 version crashing on Syncing to Ultratech, Steam version works fine

Hey all,

Have you tried resetting the App under Settings>Apps> Clicking on the game, and then scrolling down and hitting “Reset” (at least I think it’s called reset)?

Worst case, have you tried a clean install?

Hi everyone, just a quick note to let you all know I am passing this onto our tech group to see if we can find anything. I have personally seen and experienced getting stuck on the initial ‘syncing shadows/dlc’ screen on several of my family accounts. Usually this is resolved by ending the task and relaunching.

I have also seen the syncing screen take 10 mins on a few other peoples pc’s, again getting past with a end task/relaunch.

That said, I have seen where you cannot get past it. Note that I play & test on about 4 different PC including laptops, so they do not all get the updates at the same time- in this case I have found I cannot get past the syncing screen sometimes, but was resolved after the windows update finally installed.

I have not see the crash in person, still trying to find someone here (at MS) that can repro it which will help us. Anyone hitting this, please check the event viewer & send us the error code.
Thx @TechParadox for including yours: “It’s crashing with the Exception Code of 0xc0000005.”

Here is info that will help us find any common factors from those affected:

  • Confirm this is win 10 KI & what edition you own- especially if you bought the PC version & only play PC.
  • Confirm if you can play on both win10 & xbox if this only happens on win 10.
  • Confirm if you also have game pass & what version (Xbox, PC or Ultimate).
  • Please confirm if you have Shadow Fighters on this account, and if you do how extensive you have built them up. A general rule of thumb is minimal = you play shadows but do not really save your matches. Med = saved probably 10-20 matches. Heavy = you took time to build & save a bunch of matches (30-40+). Note - I already confirmed people with no shadows still hang on ‘synching shadows/dlc’, so I do not think this is related but the info should be considered when we debug it.
  • Please state if you are crashing (include error code) or if you are stuck on ‘syncing shadows/dlc’ screen.
  • Confirm you are signed into the MS Store with the same account you bought the game with & make sure you are launching via the Xbox Companion also signed into the same account.
  • If you have a 2nd account (that does not own KI or have game pass), or are willing to make a free one, try signing into the store & xbox companion with that and see if you get past the sync issue.
    *last try resetting the app and reinstalling as a last resort. If you have limited data please do this at your discretion timing wise for your plan.

Upfront, this might take awhile- but please know I am working on this. Nothing has changed on KI so I suspect configuration &/OR some service is not playing nice for some users, which makes it very tough to repro. I will try to update each Friday, this sort of thing is usually found via this forums members providing info as we work together to find & crush the bugs.



hello everyone regarding the comment james all my accounts both in xbox and windows I appear with the same user

  • uninstall and reinstall the KI
  • I’ve already left it for a long time even an hour and the game doesn’t start, it doesn’t pass the screen loading shadows
  • only played on pc
  • the package I purchased was the final edition
  • my problem persists since Oct 15
  • does not throw me any error code

Thanks for the info everyone.
No update yet, will follow up on Friday.

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Hello again
Last Friday, I opened the KI game and realized that it is already working, I could play it all weekend and it didn’t give me any problems, I hope it works for everyone too, thanks for everything :+1:

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How can I send you my error code? I redownloaded the windows 10 ver to do so. If it helps, I made a video demonstrating the error. found at this link:

Hello everyone. It has been a while. Good news, I finally got Killer Instinct for Win10 working on my PC. Thanks to my 5ghz Wi-Fi that helped the smooth download for Killer Instinct (Win10)