Website Update 3/28

You may have noticed that we made some changes to We need YOUR help in getting everything tuned to perfection.

Use this thread to let me know of any issues you may run in to. Try to be as descriptive as possible, and if you can, provide pics, browser info, etc.


So far from what I can see on an iPhone 6s+ looks amazing! The character pages are, in the words of TSWAGG: Dank!

However, as of right now when I go to the character page, for some reason it has first few characters jumbled on top of each other and then starts with rash and only shows a few characters

Is shadow Jago Page only supposed to say “you made this possible”


Seems the store header is broken. Other than that looks great.

Ah the store is a separate site. They didn’t have our final design.

text description window is super small

For now resize your window then maximize again. Will fix.

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The News boxes to the right of the main page are hard to read. they don’t “pop” also the patch notes are very hard to read as well. Looks like everything is in BOLD with small font.

There are some posts that dont load correctly,

here is an example, the post content body is not 100% in height so I cant read the patch notes, the inline frame for the content is small. i suggest to set the frame height to at least 600px instead of 100%

this only happens in chrome browser.

  1. My layout looks like this (bellow) witch is a mess. The green and pink fine boarders make everything look like its being selected imo. Its more HYPE 80s than mythical age of Gargos (does everything even need its own box?. in its current state nothing is clickable either on my chrome browsers, click, click, click and nothing.

the twitter side seems to be empty too…

its a billion times better as a mobile site however and looks fresh and clean and things seems to work fine.

  1. The number on polls are limited to UNDER 20 places! this is hugely frustrating @rukizzel and means we cant POLL our mains because finally KI has a decent roster.

i have PM you @TempusChaoti @GoogleMyName and @CStyles45 but no one has come back on the point to say either: YES we can add more or NO sorry its the way the site works. :sob:

My feedback would be that the mobile site has jumped light years ahead, while the website is acting slightly odd.

To tune the site to its ULTIMATE state id also allow more Poll placements for full roster voting.

PLEASE! :yum:



Fun fact - the web team did that as a temp troll and forgot to turn it off… I was not mad at seeing myself so many times.


Does that mean this was KI’s April Fools Joke for 2016?

I actually prefer the older design more. it was more optimized for mobile view. This version of the site however is not so much. menu and header look so small on mobile
perhaps try using this framework instead.

I feel like the big Header (that doesnt go away when you scroll) takes up way too much screen space. And it has no purpose.

It seems like it was designed to keep the buttons in the header accessible at all times, but here’s the thing:
When you read a news post, the text is already IN its own scroll-able text box. So the top of the screen is never actually far away. You can just move your mouse to the side, and get to the top in a few scrolls.

I have yet to find a page in which a permanently attached header is useful. If it is going to stay there forever, no matter what page we are on, it should at least be smaller. Maybe remove the top part that only has the 2 buttons “log in” and “search”, and put them in with the other buttons. (because that space is about 40% of the size, with the least amount of content.)

Rukii check ur in box :blush:

I can’t click on any of the news posts on the main page to read them. Using NVDA, Firefox (latest version) under windows 10. The old site worked fine with this.