Do you think there will be another KI April Fools joke this year?

March is coming to a close, and as April begins, we are anticipating a great historical event in first day of the month…wait, what did I just say!?

Kidding aside, let me first take a brief recap of previous April Fools jokes that has happened within the KI Community:

Long before the first Season 2 character (TJ Combo) was revealed, Mick Gordon jokingly posted this picture on Twitter, a picture of Bottles from Banjo-Kazooie in the S1 select screen.
And I quote, “OMG!!! First #KillerInstinct Season 2 character leaked!!!”

The joke itself is essentially a reference to one of Bottles’ lines in Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts.

In the Season 2 forums, a thread detailing on the upcoming patch notes was posted…and they were outright weird, strange, silly, crazy, or random! Some of the joke patch notes I remembered were:

  • Fulgore would cease to function if he activated a special move that had Eagle’s memories fully restored.
  • Orchid’s grenades were multi-colored and would explode into glittering particles.
  • Hisako was nowhere to be found in the game and is reportedly to be lurking within the XB1 and Xbox Live.

No April Fools joke happened, but something was fishy in the website…

According to @rukizzel in a Site and Forum Feedback thread:

So yeah. As the title of the topic says, do you think they should have another April Fools joke…or nah? If so, what do you think the joke will be?

Personally, I think it would be funny if they posted a glimpse of an upcoming Ultimate for any character who is part of Ultimate Pack 2 besides Fulgore. However, it turns out that the footage your are seeing is VERY early work-in-progress, the animations are so wonky. And probably they would state along the lines of: “We aren’t just fooling you, we are showing you some progress to keep on your toes.”


Can we just see the next character being a stick man…not a clone or guest :smiley:

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A stick man? That means we can have…

#Animation vs. Killer Instinct



Ahh stickmen animations. Those were the days in middle school when I used to watch those by the dozen. Ghost fight was godlike and terkoiz was a legend all in his own.

Needless to say it will never be real but you will never hear a word of complaint from me if they actually did something like that


I hope they don’t do anything I don’t want to get hyped about something and find out it’s not true. I.G really do troll to much.

i hope there is a joke, april fools is amazing hahaha

I think it’d be kinda funny if they revealed character 3 tomorrow and we were just left wondering if it was real or not. :slight_smile:

They already did one… just released a few months earlier.


An official announcement AND tease/reveal of Beavis and Butt-Head becoming guest characters in Killer Instinct :laughing: :joy:


Gave me a hearty chuckle.

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I hope there is an april fools joke this year.

So clever.
Much edge.
12/10 r8ing.
Godlike wit.


There will not be an official April Fool’s joke, FYI. Not this year, unfortunately.

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Nice April Fools joke you just posted there! You can’t fool me :smiley: