We need this game to press on!

I’m sitting here playing the game and I just had a thought… we CANNOT let this start game winding down. I’m not saying it is. We don’t know what’s in store for the game. We do know we’re getting two more characters and then the Ultimates ; hell yes. But we cannot let this game come to a formal end. I don’t care if we don’t keep getting more characters or whatever for years because I don’t want a giant tekken tag franchise sized roster for a KI game, it wouldn’t feel right. I wouldn’t be mad at one last 8 or 9 character season type thing in addition to the Kilgore and two others. But damn man we gotta keep this game going and it’s gonna require money and we’re just gonna have to keep supporting it the best way(s) we can. I don’t want ultomayws and the two remaining characters to be it. There can always be more stages added more colors added , more access… you get the idea. I mean even then when the game for whatever reason absolutely must end. We need to be ready and willing to fight for our input being heard that we as consumers want and will purchase and new KI game… KI 2, KI 4… whatever… but we just can’t let this beautiful, ever evolving creation come to a close. lol


Giant rosters feel awesome to me. I don’t understand the fighting game moral issues of getting as much characters as possible. For a game as good as KI it must be 5 seasons and 50 characters and 50 stages. And there is no problem, i will learn them all.

Can I buy IG and fund the next 2 seasons? :joy: (joking, no money) …how much does it cost?


With this new content release model they’re working on, I don’t see the game starting to die anytime soon. They’ve axed the season model and plan to release a constant stream of content. As the Adam once said “We want to keep making Killer instinct as long as you want to play it”. Or something along those lines.

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I purchased this game at first for, 19 because they hid the price of the full version,
in doing so I bought a crippled version thinking it was the full edittion.
Then after forking over the rest of the bread, and getting double charged, t
here is a bonus, still cant get use kilgore.
Whatever he is not my style anyway.

This game has been out for what 3 years, and I still cant sync to the ultratech
servers 70 percent of the time, and thats not to mention the games itself
is completely unstable and crashes on the regular. (PC Version).

1-In response to what you said, look at it this way, The more fighters the better becouse
it will give you more replay value, having a larger cast is good.

2-As far as the game dying out I doubt it. The MS app store is cert small,
and KI is Microsoft’s Stake to the Fighter world.

The game is massively deep, and its great there adding new feature’s, but the truth
is that if your playing on PC, your left wondering why people are not entitled to
a refund after paying for something that, after years of development is almost

Need to press on is an under statement, it needs to be finished, first.

More fighters isn’t always good - it may scare away new players who don’t think they can learn how to effectively fight against such a large roster. Furthermore, redundancy may occur, such as with shoto characters for example. That said, I’m all for a larger cast provided every character remains truly unique (so far, so good).

The game will never be finished 1st, as it’s an ever-evolving title. Only the players themselves decide when it’s done, and we’re not there yet.

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Omen, Jago, Shadow jago, Tusk, shadow tusk… I can go on…[quote=“GalacticGeek, post:5, topic:18424”]

The game will never be finished 1st, as it’s an ever-evolving title.

Yeah thats the new cop out for, your really paying for never ending, unstable beta.

Do you admit KI for PC is broke?

Anyway, I online, if you want to go some rounds let me know, cant find anybody.

Geek doesn’t have a PC, but I do and KI runs fine on it for me. That’s PCgaming. You’re never going to find a game that runs smoothly on everyone’s hardware when there’s so many possible configurations out there.


False. I do have 1 (and Ki is on it) - I just never use it except for homework assignments nowadays.

I don’t plan on letting Ki slow down, I’ll keep playing until it can no longer be worked on! They may not have to do new characters though, they can do a few, but I can see other stuff happening down the line, like more skins, left over stages, etc.

eh? They didn’t hide anything. When KI was first released, each season was 20 dollars, BUT if you had actually gone to the store page on the game you could see the Ultra editions. So ig anything you should of asked somebody on here before purchasing and see what options they had.

It’s funny, the second I posted that I knew you were going to come say you had a computer. But you can’t comment on whether or not KI for PC is broken, right?

Anyway, I’m glad to know you have a computer to do your homework on. :computer:

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Well, I can’t play it very effectively on PC, despite my PC’s decent specs, so… Maybe?

Naw, it isn’t guys, if my 6 year old rig can run it almost perfectly 90% of the time (it struggles on occasion with Arbiter’s and Cinder’s stages and doesn’t like Eyedol’s excessive particles all that much) and run it as smooth as butter (the net code in this game is truely godlike!) online, then I’d say maybe this issue is with what you’re running it on. I can honestly count the amount of crashes I’ve had on my own fingers, but bear in mind that I exclusively play on PC, so I have no basis for comparison with the Xbone version, however!

I have experienced how SFV and MKX run (both online vs real players and single player modes) and have experienced many more inconsistencies than I have with KI, I find the net code for both to be pretty horrible (and pretty much to the point of unplayable with MKX) and have issues with single player, too, even after changing settings I get FPS drops and jankiness and I counted around at least 20 separate crashes going through SFV’s story mode alone. So take from that what you will.


@JouksNetlander see above. My experience on PC (using a two year old rig with a new graphics card) is the same as @NitricZenith.

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In fact I’d say the only think I’m disappointed about is not getting KI 1/2 with the Definitive Edition (that’s still the case, right?) which is one of the factors that is currently stopping me forking out for it. (That and I’m cheap and waiting for a sale, hint hint.)

Yeah, the emulations of KI 1 and KI 2 are only available on Xbox One, not on PC. This doesn’t seem like it would be that hard to fix, but it may have something to do with the licensing agreement with Nintendo or just the fact that MS doesn’t see it as worth the money.

If only MAME would run KI2 well enough for me. :confused:
I don’t really want to go the emulator route again though, I’d much rather play a legitimate, complete arcade version of the classic games and it would make me feel like I was getting a lot less bang for my buck without these arcade ports included.

I disagree, While programs crash Video games are known, or least used to be known for
there stability. Playing a video games pushs your video card, your sound, networking,
almost everything at 60 frames per second, without crashing. Its very rare for games
to crash.

Back in the day when you bought your game at the store, it came in a box
and simply worked on every ones pc.

Spread sheets where crashing slide shows blew up, not to mention BSOD’s…
Yet the games wich where much complex whizzed by at 30 FPS.

MS own’s this OS, and the game, and it still does not run, (Check the forums)
Im not the only one complaining by far…

I did A fresh install, of windows ,just windows, KI, and the drivers for my SSD’s.
While its running snappier, the game still fails to load, and networking connects
to nowhere…

Anyway, at least yours works.

Im not too upset about the money I paid, I really
dig it, and I see it as supporting a great game.