We need the HYPE again!

Over the seasons the game has evolucioned.
Some changes are good, other not good at all IMO.
At this point, today, I lost my entusiasm in the game.
Because the inconsistency problem carry from the lost of D.H
and the enter of IG with a big difference visions of the game and gameplay.
Three diferent and unconected story modes Fracture the characters consistency.
Two diferent soundwriters with different perspectives of what the game music need. (i miss alot MICK)
The poor and cheap stages ultras.
The negative of MS to incorporate humiliations move.
The lost of the classic stages and the new sound remix in game.
The inconsistences in the new announcer because MS lost MICK (we love you mick, new jago need your voice) with hotfixes and very horrendous voices like: Staaaaggeeee ultra (new voices).
and i can follow without much effort talking about inconsistences.
Much people here have support the KI team purchasing the 3 seasons.
And bringing suport to Shago see the light has become a sucess (20 uss).
And so
I dont say IG you are made a bad work.
In fact i BELIEVE IG come to rescue and help MS for the fault loosing the original developer
YOU MS must bring to IG new graphics tools and a from scratch game.
We love to see how IG can do with a new game.
But i feel the game suffer too much changes patch after patch and season after season. This game need to be finished please.
Much of us need to be heared.
We need feel like this again:

You posted for a 100 years. And uh, yeah. I.G needs to realize that the way they are steering this game into the direction they want is causing these type of reaction, as i mentioned to @TempusChaoti last time I responded to him in another topic.

And yes, it’s only a matter of time till more people starts to react this way towards the game.

@IronGalaxy. @BlitzedKraig. @Delriach. @TheKeits. We’re counting on you guys to make a change that it’s always constant for the better. You guys can make this happen.

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Personally, I love what they’ve done with this game. Is there room for improvement in certain areas? Sure. No game is perfect and we all have our issues, our nitpicks, our legit gripes, etc. But I don’t think the game has lost hype because of these issues.

First off, no game is going to have the hype that it generated when it shocked people by returning at E3 after a 20 year hiatus FOUR years after that. That’s just not a realistic expectation and I guarantee the hype level would be nowhere near that if they announced a full fledged sequel tomorrow.

But even if we’re being more realistic, the whole “KI’s lost it’s hype” thing is, to me, is kind of a misnomer. Yeah, KI has less hype now than it did four year ago, some diminished excitement. But I don’t think that means there’s something wrong with the game or even that it’s time to move on.

If anything, the fact that MS is putting the game in a Dell commercial, putting the game on Steam, making it in 4K for the One X etc plus their own numbers showing the game growing should tell us that this game is in a good place regardless of the relatively small issues and it still has the ability to expand further and do more.

In that vein, I’d love to see a mode that ties the whole story together, like a massive tournament mission structure within Shadow Lords that has a full tourney bracket, cut scenes, dossiers, etc that progress a cohesive narrative for the entire roster.

Maybe they can also add a ladder mode that people want. Maybe they could add humiliations. Maybe they could re-dub the voice work for “stage ultra” and work on issues that people have while bringing out new content that they can actually charge us for. Who knows.

But personally, I don’t want to lose this game yet in favor of who knows what. Maybe we get a sequel that has the full roster at launch and maybe I’m overwhelmed by it and I put it down after a month or two. Maybe they start over with 8 characters in a new game and I’m not overly excited about starting with such a small roster again. Maybe they put the game on the shelf for another 20 years.

Either way, if you want a new game, then that’s your opinion and you’re obviously entitled to it. I personally hope that they keep iterating on this game, because I love a lot of what they’ve done with it and I could see it getting even better down the road, even if every improvement or change that they make might not be to my liking. They can’t please everyone, after all. :slight_smile:


You do realize that MS is still in charge right? DH or IG, it doesnt matter. MS are still the ones with the final word. Maybe how they look might have been different, but I bet we would still be looking at the main cast from the orginal games.

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Honestly people need to take the DH was better nostalgia goggles off. Seriously people act like DH did nothing wrong, and in the same breath agree that the S1 retros are mostly bad (though I don’t understand the hate for Jago’s retro…it’s spot-on). Cut IG some slack.


I like where MS and IG have taken the game DH was great and all but MS is still at the helm. I just feel like they need to create more hype around things, the KI community is hungry for hype, we live for it, give us a tease and we’ll make a mountain out of a molehill. Eagle’s reveal and the period of time leading up to his tease weren’t very hyped at all, it pretty much just stayed dark until he launched.

To get the hype back we need some new content, something BIG, something cool, something we can talk about. Give us some crazy new monster character and tease the hell out of us until we can’t stand it. Add a new mode, do something, anything.

I feel like the reason KI’s hype deflated was once season 3 ended, nothing wild was left on the horizon to keep us on the hook. A remix character every 3 months, a few gold skin packs, a recolored guardian here and there. Tell me there’s a season 4 and tease that one of the first characters is a tentacle monster and BAM I’m back in it, hyped to infinity and beyond.

I am happy that they at least showed Eagle on the Friday Xbox thing. I thought they would just blow it off.

Man, this is not fair. DH cant finish the game and almost have no time to work in it.
But DH have the balls to make the reboot and the balls to support all the hate about the reboot when others developers (included ig) dont have idea how to do with the game back in 2013 time.
yes, DH don’t make a perfect game in 2013

DH write and polish in record time the exen engine!
DH have the best announcer ever (mike)
DH create and implementate the best of shadows / lights / particles in all of the fighting games
DH bring to us an idea how the “ultimates” work in the new game.
DH create the best netcode in the world of FG
DH create the new mechanics in the game.
DH have a mick gordon.
And much more…
in gears of war is “people can fly” developer the same of " epic games" ?

in other word, DH make the game from scratch.
And in them create the game in month not years

I need to repeat:
I dont have nothing against IG.
But you have to learn one thing:
Create something is the hard thing.
Add litle things to the creations is the easy thing.
And for me, this game is a DH babe.
And DH deceased too soon to make this game the game that must be.
Believe en me.

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Maybe appreciate what we have, instead of sighing over something that we can’t possibly imagine.


Yeah, It’s not like Microsoft Studios is going to kick Iron Galaxy off of Killer Instinct development, pull Double Helix away from Amazon, and get them to scrap the past 2 seasons of KI to do things their way.

Mick was independently contracted and continued to work on KI up through season 2, even after Iron Galaxy had taken over development, He didn’t leave because of DH, he left to do the soundtrack of a little known game called DOOM. As much as many of us loved Mick’s work, he had to be replaced. And I’ll admit, Atlas Plug & Celldweller’s tracks aren’t quite as…um…how to put it…they’re a 95/100 where Mick’s was 100/100… but their tracks aren’t awful. They mostly fit right in with Mick’s tracks.

Of course this is all subjective.

But how can there be hype when there’s nothing to be hyped for?


In season 1 we also had a ton of desynchs in online matches. A problem that no longer exists since IG took over. DH also gave us some of the worst retros (Along with some of the best tbh). I also believe it was DH who introduced the prison penalty for online that was completely broken at launch. It unfairly put players in to it.

When Spinal launched there was a glitch where if he teleported on a certain area of the screen the game would crash. The list goes on. I love DH for what they did but people need to realise they weren’t perfect either like a lot look back on them as.

I dont imagine nothing brother!
Sorry if i sound strong.
KI is a DH babe.
And i can tell you, with absolute security:
if the creators of the engine/animations/particles and shadows/netcode/gameplay systems/ still develop the actual game, the stiff animations of tj, maya and others, the inconsistent and unconected story mode, the black screen ultimates and much more dont be in actual game.
Sorry, but i must say: IG i support you “its all i can do” work, but its 100% MS fault the inconsistences of the game.
DH never have to be purchased by amazon.
Its all i can say.

In the same way that you love DH, a lot of people have come to love IG. Can you tell me with absolute certainty that we would have got Aria, Kan Ra, Aganos, Hisako, Kilgore, Shinsako and Eagle if DH were around? Its not easy to please everyone, so be happy with the parts you like and request changes in things you don’t. But to outright say that the game isn’t where it should be because the developer changed is just wrong.


Man, rose tinted glasses must be on sale this week.

As far as the topic, I’ve already expressed my concern/disappointment over how new content has recently been advertised. Unless the devs surprise me, I get the feeling this current iteration of the franchise will be cutting support by the end of the year. So I’m not surprised that things have been getting…watered down a bit lately. We’re probably not going to get anything huge in the future.

Of course a sequel to the game would be great, and considering this games’ success it’ll probably happen. But we don’t know how long until we get another iteration. People are assuming that we’ll get a sequel announced at the end of the year and it’ll release by 2019…I’m sorry but that sounds extremely unlikely to me. I expect 5 years minimum.

People are also WAY too optimistic on a sequel. Who says that the next game won’t have a lot of this game’s problems on top of more? What if the gameplay simply doesn’t please you?

If people just appreciated the effort that was put into this game for us as well as be more vocal about why they are passionate about the game, we’d be a lot better off.


I got you point , my respect !
I feel a bit limited to talk with you because i speak spanish.
In simple words,
I think the work of iron galaxy in ki is more than good.
But the problem i have is in the visions of gameplay.
I love the TWO visions, but its a shame the lost of the original vision of the game patch after patch.
Maybe is a little hard come to IG forums saying "i love the dh vision"
But yes , if IG dont work in the season 2 and 3, we dont have kanra, aganos , myra, omen etc… its true.
But if DH dont work in the game, we dont have a game!
I remember you that IG say : We dont know how to make a reboot and then come DH with a game.
Now we have a keith vision of the gameplay, but keith vision (i like it a lot) is too far away from the original DH vision.

Is only that.
IG must need a chance to work in a new game from scratch.
Not patch after patch turn one game into another totally diferent.
sorry about my bad english.
KI3 please.
No more seasons.
And polish the actual game.