We have now seen All 3 Stages coming in Season 3

Now that we have now seen every new stage coming in Season 3. How do you feel? Are you disappointed that Rash or maybe Gargos wont be getting their own stage? Do you feel the 3 stages shown to us are good enough that you dont need/want the remaining 5-6?

I do want to see the whole cast and the other areas of the game for me to assess whether it was a good move or not, I will say that I’m at least glad Tusk and Kim Wu have one. But I liked Tusk’s stage allthough I don’t quite understand the story behind it but, we’ll probably get info on it pretty soon.

I dunno… To me Tusk’s stage looked very bland compared to Kim’s and Arby’s. Guess we’ll have to wait and see it in action in next week’s Tender Moments :wink:

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Arbiter’s stage seems good enough to make up for losing another stage, really high quality stuff with it. But Kim and Tusk’s not so much. Maybe Tusk’s will have more going on in the full reveal but for now they don’t seem like anything special.

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Not disappointed at all.
Rash is a guest character. I’m glad they didn’t waste the time and resources to build a stage for a character who has no roots or story in KI. Though this applies to Arbiter, I think he was more of a labor of love and possible bait to bring in Halo players. Whereas Battletoads doesn’t have a worldwide following.

We still have no confirmation that Gargos will appear in S3. The story might only lead up to fighting him. Or he simply won’t be playable. Or any number of other reasons why he doesn’t have a stage. I notice there are tons of people who just automatically assume that we’re getting Gargos but he won’t have a stage… Maybe Gargos will be the bonus character and thus his stage is the Shadow Tiger’s Lair like all the other Gargos related bonus characters. (I’d laugh my head off if this were the case.)

I will say, I did expect it to be more similar to his Stonehedge like in KI2 and I don’t think anyone would have guessed his stage to look like it does. Are they gonna have Tusk gameplay next week? I think it’s just Arbiter but both would be great.

There is nothing no one can say that will make me believe we won’t get Gargos, he has been hinted everywhere from Season 1 up until now. The story wouldn’t make sense if he didn’t appear in some way shape or for in Season 3. He may not have a stage though but they could reserve a “final one” for the boss and not count it for now.

I get that you’re positive we’ll see him. I think it’s likely.
But are you positive he’ll be playable? He was never playable in the past… His buildup, which has Kan Ra horrified, points to him being an enormous, godlike entity.

gasp Maybe we have to group up with friends and fight him as a team of up to 6 different characters!!! (8-o

I don’t know if he’ll be playable but I’d imagine so. You could play as him via a code on the N64 and arcade. I don’t think he’ll fill up the entire screen like Apocalypse did but, he’ll probably be a large character like Glacius but not Aganos.

Nah i think there will be alternate old stages for the new characters! Dusk Aganos stage or a Sunset version of Thunder stage will be great!


Those three stage are so amazing that it’s a pity we won’t get to see more. However, we won’t NEED more and since it’s not going to change anyway, we better get used to it. The new lighting will give a fresh feel to the old ones as well so I think we’re fine.

I’m feeling ok right now, because mostly of the characters we’ve seen to this moment are on their own (astonishing) stages (Tusk, I want to live in your stage), with exception of Rash, whom I don’t care much about, so I didn’t feel it too much. What I want to find out is how I’m going to feel when the next, awesome, unique KI character comes out homeless. Guess I’ll wait until there.

Confirmed: not happening.

Tusk’s stage looks pretty awesome, and I’m okay with the stages we’re getting considering there’re only going to be three.

I’m so glad that no apparent Stonehedge reference showed up in Tusk’s new stage. Enough damage has been done conflating the Celts and Vikings and whatnot with Stonehenge, we don’t need KI season 3 piling on.

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My only disappointment is that we won’t get a good Gargos stage, or his music redone.

Omen/Shagos music give us hints, but I want the full Gargos music remixed.

If gargos is a playable character his theme will be created in true KI fashion. It’s the same for any other stageless character

With his new stage with the ship is still similar to Celts and Viking as well as his aethethics like in KI2 if you ask me. Nothing different here except for the fact that they haven’t said whether he’s from modern times or a man thousands of years old yet.

This is one of those things that will never be dropped. A community topic for a lifetime.

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The funny part is based on my experience in ranked, the majority of people playing ranked don’t appear to care about stages as they just hit random the majority of the time.

I wonder if they can still use the left over stage from Mayas Night Guard dungeon where they kept the artifacts and Kan-ra?? Its a legit stage, they used it for trailers so it exists!

Its technically not a “new” stage so that could be Miras stage, if Mira is a real character.

I’m pretty sure he was playable. I’m thinking it was on KI gold for the NIN64. I remember playing as him