We are NOT getting KI4! And here's why

Honestly, I hope this isn’t the case either. I really really hope that between IG & MS they have a more far-sighted plan for this game than NRS typically does. They have a shot at truly revolutionizing the FG format (SG tried, not enough support, and now SF will surely take credit for jockeying the KI platform, but whatever) - what the scene really needs is games that last more than a few years, that can be consistently patched (for bugs/balance) & updated (for content to keep the lights on) without having to renew the base model (buy a new game/disc).

It’s a matter of whether or not IG can wrastle the garbage out of the engine DH left them. My understanding is that the Lab cannot be adequately updated because of this Hex Engine, and if that is true… then damn, I hope they make a new KI that is just this game copy/pasted with a better training mode.


I thought Scorpio launched?

You mean project scorpio? The new console in development that Microsoft don’t even have a name for yet.
No it has not been released to the public.
Sorry if it sounded like I ment something else.

Jago having 4 wins in the video was probably just a coincidence…just a random number of wins that probably had no thought put into it at all, as the focus of the video was the reveal of ultimates…why is everyone acting like season 4 is CONFIRMED because it says 4 wins lol it’s ridiculous


Oh, sorry, I don’t really follow consoles. I knew “Scorpio” was a codename, but I thought it was the XBone-S. My bad.

Like I said. In the reveal of Jago’s ultimate he had 4 wins in the corner. That’s teasing Season 4.


The ultimate was the tease. They were teasing plurality and inevitability.

I know right, if anything it is the odd beeps that play throughout the video that might mean something, though I can’t imagine what. Putting so much breadth into a single number is absurd. Look at the Diablo 4 at Blizcon disappointment because one piece of art had a die with a “D” and a “4” on it, (when D4 is a common term for dice)


Yeah man exaclty, and I thought maybe the bleeps were some sort of audio glitch or something lol. That could very well mean something though. But the 4 wins thing, in my opinion is a joke lol

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Can you.make a video of you eating a roadkill crow if you lose?

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Oh, by the way, have you analyzed all of the microphone errors for a secret message in Morse or binary? You might have to run them through a cipher of sorts, but it’s probably the full roster encoded. While we’re at it, we should count how many times each of them blinks, and translate that too. It’s probably code for the return of Retro Remix Eyedol’s oldschool moveset. Oh, and Roxy I’m pretty sure I caught confirmation of Roxy Rave in the wavelength of light reflecting off of Isaac’s head.


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But MK9 actually makes sense because at the start of the CANON story mode it starts at the end MKArmageddon so technically the “Reboot” is apart the main Universe still (Just in a different timeline)

Who knows? Maybe they’re working on MK vs KI as a launch title for project scorpio…

Sighs Jago has 4 wins in his ultimate reveal.

Honestly that would be a better financial move for MS if it was possible. Otherwise there just isn’t enough pull to move casual KI players toward a sequel since current KI is lacking in the story department.
Not sure how MS would rope WB into that agreement but I certainly wouldn’t mind it at all… unless the gameplay is bad.

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You have to admit it’s somewhat tangible. When making the Ultimate clip why did they have to win 4 different times? And the two guys doing the Kilgore walkthrough SAID “You guys are clever, You guys take these small details to find the big picture” and near the end of the stream they said “See if you can spot the details” You COULD say that they were talking about the Ultimate but I think it was the 4 wins they wanted us to see.

lol this forum is something else, you’re reaching and looking for clues that aren’t there. They already said no season 4 but you keep on fighting the good fight bro!

KI4 is happening probably late 2018, you’ll get over it.

In the twich chat yesterday I had a guy arguing with me that the Kilgore thing is “not a community fund” despite them calling it a community fund multiple times on the stream.

We weren’t talking about that tbh. But okay.

Yeah, but those are two different things. If people think we’re getting a brand new game, the easiest thing to call it is KI 4 because it’s the fourth KI game regardless of whether it’s a story reboot.

So it’s okay for you to assume that we’re getting season 4, but it’s not okay for anyone to assume that we’re getting a new, fourth KI game?

Okay. Seems odd to me. FWIW, I have no idea which one it could be. Hell, it could’ve been a complete coincidence that Jago had 4 wins for all we know. Let’s not say it’s automatically KI4 or “this mean’s we’re getting season 4.”

Pretty sure KI Gold was just the N64 version of KI2. It wasn’t KI3, relabled as KI Gold.

Who’s claiming this? Your friend? Why does that require you to go on here and talk about “people who claim to know everything” when you’re only talking about one guy? Or are there others you’re referring to? Where else are you getting this from, if you don’t mind my asking?

I’m still trying to figure out what they mean by this. Is it short term, long term? Are we filling in the time between seasons? We still have yet to get full, direct confirmation. All we have to go on are a few tweets.

Well, officially it was just called Mortal Kombat. :slight_smile:


Here’s the thing though. We don’t know that Ultimates were the “tiny tease.” It’s easy to assume. But some don’t make that assumption. We don’t know that for sure unless someone from MS / IG actually says “yeah, it was just a joke. The 4 was totally coincidental. We were ONLY teasing Ultimates.”

What makes you so certain? Also, @GalacticGeek, do you want to comment on whether this was a joke or not? Cuz in your own thread, you seemed to be pushing the idea pretty hard. If I misinterpreted though, then my bad. :slight_smile:

I’d still like to hear this in some form of site update. I know that Kraig’s obviously a big guy at IG so I wouldn’t discount what he said at all, but I feel like there could be some more context or a full story delivered directly to us, instead of simply an announcement on Twitter.

Actually, it wasn’t even an announcement. He just answered someone’s question.

And I love that awesome content, no doubt! But see, I read that as “we’re no longer limiting ourselves to seasonal release content anymore.” Implying that there will be both traditional seasons as well as purchasable content that comes outside of seasons (such as the items you mention above) that has nothing to do with any season.

Is that what you mean? Or are you basically soft deconfirming any future seasons? Obviously those are two very different things and for me, I think that’s where the confusion is coming in. :slight_smile:

So is it Option A: We’re still doing seasons, but we’re also doing stuff outside of seasons as well.

Or is it Option B: We’re no longer doing seasons at all. This is how we’re releasing content from now on.

Also, any chance you could debunk the “Jago having 4 wins wasn’t a coincidence, it means something” idea while you’re here? :slight_smile:

I know I would if I were them! :slight_smile:

See, cuz they changed the way they’re delivering characters. That’s why people are wondering what the future holds. I think that’s a valid concern for you as well given that you don’t want to pony up the extra five bones. :slight_smile:

Good god, that whole post… So riddled with emojis… The humanity… Sorry peeps! :slight_smile:


Because MK franchise are kinda saturated after the full reboot and MKX. Its very predictable that next MK game will have bosses like Blaze and Onaga. They should kill some time and a croosover could be a naughty move from Ed Boon, NRS and Microsoft. Lets hope its nothing like SF x Tekken :scream: