We are NOT getting KI4! And here's why

Actually, they don’t mean S4, they mean the end of the seasonal model. From here in, it will be intermittent solo releases. They flat out said there are no more seasons. They said it on stream, and have reiterated it several times over on Twitter.

Where did you and all these other people get the idea that they meant precisely the opposite of what they said?

No dude…whomever is running around saying #KI4 confirmed…those people. they doesn’t mean IG or MS…they means the person the OP is bitching about.

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OH MAN, okay, I get it now. Lemme break it down, cuz I think what has happened is some folks aren’t bright enough to laugh at jokes, and instead take them as factual realities.

At the beginning of yesterdays stream, Keits and Isaac were joking about a “tiny tease” near the end of the stream. That “tiny tease” was not tiny, but the Ultimate reveal. Because they used the word “tiny”, some rather dense folks didn’t understand the Ultimate reveal was the “tiny tease” and started looking REALLY hard for something tiny that could be a tease for anything.

Later that afternoon, our very own village Geek posted a thread highlighting this “Jago, 4 victories” thing, and (presumably) facetiously made a big deal out of that being confirmation of S4. I am quite certain Geek meant it as a joke. Some folks may have misinterpreted that same item as confirmation of KI4, and done the same as Geek, perhaps more seriously. Either way, Jago’s 4 victories were meaningless, of this I am 99% certain.

In short, Jago’s 4 victories were a meaningless coincidence, and the “tiny tease” hinted at by Keits and Isaac was in fact the Ultimate reveal.

There is no season 4, nor is there any talk of a KI4. There are legions of not-very-bright individuals (such as our lovely OP), however, that aren’t great at deciphering sarcasm and humor, and so here we are.

Again, there is NO SEASON FOUR.


Does that clear up the confusion?
(no rudeness or irritation directed your way, Fall)

You will be disappointed. The 4 was the hint. The ultimate was not hidden,

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They literally said “KI has outgrown the seasonal model” - I really don’t think I’ll be disappointed, unless it’s disappointment in all these tinfoil hats. But, I’m already disappointed in those… shrug

The 4 was not a hint, I am certain or I’ll eat crow. Someone other than myself bookmark this post for told-ya-so’s in a few months.

The 4 was a coincidence, the tease was never going to be tiny. The Ultimate was teasing the existence of Ultimates, and they’ll likely arrive en masse in the 3.7 patch. They never said anything would be “hidden”, they said it would be “tiny”, while laughing. There is a world of difference.

Reasonable inference is really not as difficult as y’all make it out to be, I swear.


Honestly [quote=“MDMMORNING, post:26, topic:17464”]
KI has outgrown the seasonal model

It could also mean thier current seasonal model will be changed to fit the growth. The dude never said seasons are over,

Yes. Yes he did. Rewatch the stream, then read over Kraig’s twitter from the last 24 hours, and then explain your reasoning to believe that anything other than intermittent individual releases are in KI’s future.

Seasons are over. Full stop.

Unless a premature announcement of a mere 3 characters is somehow indicative to you of an expanded season, I don’t see the argument. Seasons are over, they’ve changed the model, and that model seems to be intermittent releases w/ no fixed schedule.

Right, yeah I knew what they meant by tiny tease as soon as i watched it this morning as I didnt get to watch yesterday live.
I also knew Geek was just being funny in a sarcastic way.

What you are explaining is exactly what happens on a daily basis on the facebook pages. Your head would explode there LOL…I had to leave the groups I couldnt take it anymore.

If I dont personally read it from Rukari, James, Adam/Adam,Craig or a known devs mouth…I dont believe it.
BTW what the hell happened to Cstyles? Is he even around anymore?

*** People really think they would purposely try and make it where Jago has 4 wins on a live stream and pull of the Ultimate? Phhphhh those guys can barley speak sentences correctly much less plan it to unfold perfectly (No offense Keits and Delraich) they always mess the tech up, combos, ultra unveils…no way they planned it to 4 wins on a live stream with a tiny hints at the beginning of the stream. OMG you guys are seriously grasping for some sort of validity here.

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I think they sacrificed him to the Bug Report Email Daemon.

They want us to support KI. But no Season 4? :confused:

What make you think why Seasons are over?

There can be content w/o calling it a Season or releasing it in the familiar bundled fashion. It looks like that is precisely what they’ll be doing.

All of the evidence I have posted several times over in this thread. Most specifically, @BlitzedKraig saying that “KI has outgrown the seasonal model.” That seems pretty clear, but perhaps Kraig could provide a little clarity?

Why would they continue to operate under a model that their product has outgrown? I personally don’t understand how a game can grow out of a seasonal model, but that’s not the point. The point is that MS/IG (I forget who Kraig works for) said “outgrew seasons,” and we all know that you don’t keep wearing pants that you grow out of, so we can reasonably infer (whoa, there’s that concept again!)…

No biggy, Besides others have done worse :slight_smile:

@KevBones10 We’re still technically getting a Season 4, its just going t be adding stuff up rather than being a full season 4 ect. The game is still getting support.

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I guess a big part of the confusion is the application of various, personal definitions of “season” relative to the game.

There WILL be another competitive/tourney season.

There WILL be more content for the game.

There WILL NOT be a bundle of 8 new characters +stages etc. available for $40 and marketed as “Season 4.”

On the topic of characters, I sincerely doubt this game will ever get 8 more characters. It’s possible, but it ain’t happenin’ this year, count on that.

Just stahhhhp.

Even if the next game (next game, not season) is not called KI4, there is nothing wrong with it being called KI4 for discussion purposes because it is the 4th game in the series. Mortal Kombat (2011) is most commonly referred to as MK9, yet was a “reboot” too and it’s sequel, is clearly not called MK2 rather MKX aka MK 10.

This KI is a reboot, but it can still be called KI3 and make sense. It may be a fresh start and not a direct sequel but it is still the 3rd main Killer Instinct game. Just like how Ratchet and Clank Going Commando is still Ratchet And Clank 2, or how Crash Warped is still Crash 3 and so on.

Sure. What those tweets tried to communicate is that historically KI would only release content in ‘Season’ batches. So when I say we’ve outgrown the Season model, it’s because we’re not ‘going away’ now that S3 has concluded. Kilgore, Ultimates, Thunder Nez Perce costume, Fulgore exclusive color, Gold and Terror Skins… all substantial things that happened after the Season.


You’re cryptic even when you’re speaking clearly, the lot of you! XD

Aside from the part where you don’t say anything about future “seasons” one way or the other, that all makes good sense. But it’s really what you mean by “outgrown the Season model” that is at the core of the confusion - does that mean that the core game is substantial enough that it no longer requires the larger Seasonal content releases and can instead subsist on smaller updates on a less rigid schedule? Or does it mean that your success and thus development cycles have now outgrown a singular annual bundle release, and we should be looking forward to a larger “Season Four” announcement IN ADDITION to what we should expect based on the updated character select screen?

The former seems correct, but there is a lot of insistence on the latter floating about… or are you just playing the “all coverage is good coverage” angle? XD

Lol, oh my god I love this.

I don’t know if the devs sit around laughing their guts out at this, or if they are dying to reveal more than they are allowed or both, but it’s just getting out of hand.

Of the 6 million downloads 5.9 million won’t notice until the content pops up in the Home screen. The other 100,000 of us are losing our minds basically every month since the DH buyout was announced in Feb 2014 (Edit - sorry I put the wrong year here before).

I know it’s tough and surprise reveals are super hype. But I’m starting to feel like I’m waiting for someone to jump out from behind my couch and scare me with a KI announcement at any moment ALL THE TIME. It’s stressful. Couldn’t we maybe just get an announcement that looks beyond the next two weeks for a change?


Everyone here is terrified of change and I’m just here hoping we get a bundle that makes the new chars cheaper. I’m not paying $5 a pop for rehash characters, and adding the extra $5 for the community fund is far from an incentive.

Don’t get me wrong I like Kilgore, I’m glad they made him, but with only 1 accessory set and me having bought every character thus far via bundle, I just feel like $5 is a price hike. (again this is not including the additional $5 for the community fund).

There is no Season 4 and I’m glad, it’s the right move. Ive said it before, I’ll say it again…a forth season is just overkill at this point. Adding fan requested stuff like Ultimates and possibly Eagle is absolutely the right move, good on IG/MS for recognizing this.

An all new KI for new hardware is no doubt in the works as well.

Accept it and move on.

I doubt it considering how Microsoft is, they wont even give KI a budget for story cinamatics let alone a sequel after only 4 years. I’d give it another 1-3 years before development of a new KI STARTS. The only exception is if they want a KI sequel that is Scorpio exclusive at the Scorpio’s launch.