Was I the only one not feeling most of the new KI character choices in the poll?

I love Killer Instinct, but the potential character ideas for a new Killer Instinct installment really were killing my enthusiasm for the future of the series. The only one that stood out to me was the Sharkman which I would love. I was expecting something like a killer white ape that plays similar to Blanka as a choice for a new beast fighter, or a sexy fairy for a new female fighter. With all the classic monsters and such I’m also surprised how the series doesn’t have a Monster/Demon slayer inspired by Van Helsing. A Frankenstein-like fighter would also be cool since we already have a werewolf, vampire, and a “not a mummy” mummy lol.

Dude, to be kinda honest, no you weren’t. I’ve not said anything about it yet, but I was going to actually make a thread about it soon after I made some concept art of my own to submit as a means of alternate suggestions to future content.

I’m not interested in Killer Instinct becoming this concept of a purely mythological “creature battle” and feel like there are some movie tropes and other concepts being overlooked for character inspirations. I have a LOT of free time coming up soon, and I intend to work on those concept pieces at that time.

I’m not one for wanting “reimagined” characters, or purely myth type creatures from some monster or trope encyclopedia.

So no, I’m with you in saying I wasn’t really satisfied with a lot of what they were offering, I just wasn’t satisfied in offering a critique though without some sort of suggestions or concepts to present to IG in substitute for the ones mentioned on the survey. Otherwise I’m not sure I could have made a very constructive criticism of the survey or made any kind of meaningful contribution without it sounding like me coming off as a salty hater.

Personally, I think the cast is at a good number, and if I had to call what their announcement for EVO was going to be, I’d say it would be the final character reveal of the season, along with an availability date. No doubt it will be hype as all the other characters for the season have been. He’ll probably have a prototype build in play at EVO for early access (not assuming it’s actually a he, more or less a placeholder pronoun), and @CStyles45 will probably do a reveal stream or gameplay demo of his potential.

With that said, while I don’t mind KI growing a little more, if season 4 DOES happen I hope it will be the last one. I think at that point, a sequel should probably be in consideration for the game, giving the timeframe for Scorpio to make more light of its true nature will come, and something more than added content will probably be appreciated. I don’t really want KI to grow ridiculously big like Street Fighter 4 did, as the humongous cast of characters the game possessed actually turned me away from it in the later stages of the game’s lifespan. Who really wants to learn half the characters of that nearly 50 character cast and all those potential matchup combinations? I think that’s kinda one of the bigger reasons I’ve loved Killer Instinct so long, is the simplicity of a smaller cast. 26 seems like a good number to end on for me, but if more is to come, let them be done right, and not for the sake of a cash grab.

Anyway, I hope to shed more light on that soon enough. But no you are NOT alone in your sentiments, and that’s not a bad thing.

Needed more rabbit.

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I feel more costumes are in order before characters.
There is a good chance those selections were feelers for upcoming costumes.

I’d go on a limb and say there is finally a discussion in ms offices on cosmetic content and this year will bring about character costume/ accessory development
Surely Max has influence as he seems to be keen on costumes and customization.

I didn’t even want shadow orchid but out of that list- I had to go with it, kinda wish they had provided a blank space for character choice

The “reimagined” section or whatever it was made me laugh out loud, NOBODY ever asked for TJ combo to be reworked into a damn Shark. People wanted a shark character on his own right, not a remodeled TJ. Nobody asked for “rushdown Glacius” either. All of those options seemed incredibly detached from the community.

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They may not have been asked for, but I’d sure love a rushdown Glacius…he was my main in KI2, and I loved his rushdown tactics in it. Albeit everybody in that game was rushdown, but still…

I only really played him in KI 1 but yeah that was a cool playstyle.

Yeah, the poll didn’t really show anything that I wanted, to be honest.

It’s a mixed bag for sure. Some of the ideas I liked (Joanna, archer) others I found pretty unnecessary (shark, wendigo). But at least we could enter our own suggestions. One of the things I wrote down was a voodoo priest. That would be sick.

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Honestly I liked the choices mostly, only exception being the Halo Brute.

I wrote in Buck from Halo…because I would honestly like to see some Spartans in KI, and because Nathan Filion. Honestly he’d have a lot more character than Chief would, plus his retro could represent Halo marines & ODSTs as well.

How does Lovecraft anything not excite you

I’ve never read an H.P. Lovecraft novel. Maybe my fault for not broadening my horizons with a little fantasy or culture, but fantasy fiction has never been exciting for me. I do like science fiction though, read some of the halo novels.

I haven’t read one either but I think their creatures are really cool, they are usually described as abominations that upon just looking at their figure could drive someone insane.

I am fine with tropes, there should at least be one with each season (or a new one or two if they are done with seasons and going into a full on sequel). It’s part of what draws people to Killer Instinct. But the ones I saw offered in the poll didn’t do anything for me. I’d much rather see a Frankenstein-like character because it just seems natural given the current character roster and I think the fact that Frankenstein is so widely known would make the character very appealing by default.

Lovecratian and wendigo just seemed like generic horror beasts that would be forgettable outside of the novelty of their horror designs. I also don’t think they would have much appeal to a lot of players outside of a small portion. This is why I’d like to see a fairy fighter too, it could be something that opens up a new player by it’s character design alone. And that’s important since it seems like Killer Instinct is always overlooked with each new season.

Lovecraft’s fiction isn’t fantasy.
It is Horror/Sci-Fi :slight_smile:

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Shows how little I know then, but I’m not big on horror stuff either.

Oh ok. I didn’t mean it as a slight against you, it’s just that because you mentioned Sci-Fi I thought you might like his stories. But if your not into horror then they may not be your cup of tea.

A bunch of the ideas were great. I didn’t know what Djinn was so I placed it low at the time. If they had just said Genie, I would have ranked it better.

My reaction

Shark, Wendigo, Lovecraftian. :grinning:

… “oh by the way we are only adding those things as reworks to existing characters” :flushed: :disappointed:

“And also updating existing characters like glacius, aganos, and cinder instead of making more unique characters from scratch” :persevere::cry::sob::tired_face::anguished::astonished::dizzy_face::skull::angel: