WARNING: Do NOT start Win10 version of KI 1st!

In this evening’s stream it was mentioned that if you are 1 of the many people who will have KI both on the console and on the PC, that come S3, you’ll want to start up the console version 1st, so it can validate your saved data with the new update (and with the Win10 edition of the game).

If you start the Win10 edition of KI 1st, it will basically ask you to create new data. IF YOU DO THIS AND HAVE XB1 DATA, IT WILL ERASE YOUR DATA.

So, don’t do this unless you absolutely want to.

You have been warned. :wink:


But seriously, thanks for the warning.


You just saved millions of lives lol


Hopefully the game warns you of this. There are many people who don’t watch every stream nor do they hang out around here.


but they didnt say anything about those who only have the access to Windows 10 version and dont have XB1 data.

Yea they did say there are multiple warning screens so you know and realize what you’re doing before you continue.


How exactly does this work? Is there going to be an “upload to Windows 10” option (or vice versa) that can only be activated once? When should I turn my Xbox version on, before or after I download and start it up on the PC?

do they have to? you’ll be creating new save data anyway, so new players lose nothing.

I know people pretty well… A large number of people will still ■■■■■ this up then come here to yell.

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Hence why I made this thread - it’s 1 more thing for them to (hopefully) notice before they potentially lose everything.

Some people be like:
“Yeah, I don’t need to read this, legal mumbo-jumbo or whatever this is…”

Then they come here to complain and be like:
“It ain’t my fault! I did nothing wrong. Why you make such a bad game?”

This is my contingency for that… :wink:

If people click click click through the warnings on the PC version, they get kicked back to desktop.

It’s really hard to avoid the messaging.

I don’t doubt some will still mess it up.


Do they really? LOL! I suppose you of all people would know better than any of us. :stuck_out_tongue:

They’d be like:
“WTH!? Why can’t I start the game!?”

Then come on here and be like:
“Why your game be so broken, man…?”


Considering that there are people that still occasionally complain about losing all their unlocks when they prestige in Call of Duty (despite being 9 games in with that feature and the four or five warning messages that pop up before the game lets you do it) I’m pretty sure people will end up missing this.

Thanks for the forewarning.

Thanks for the heads up. Even if their will be a warning on screen it’s good to fill us in so that we inform others of this as well.

I have a decent gaming laptop. I keep forgetting I’m getting the Win10 version free. Can’t wait to try it out too. March 29th is gonna be all around so hype!!!

What constitutes all my data?

I’m curious, because I might actually want to do this, as long as I get to keep all the characters, including Shadow Jago. I would gladly wipe all my stats, items I bought with gold from the community fund, etc. and start with a clean slate in S3.

Thanks man:)

The oeuvre is seamless, the Xbox One saves your have save on the cloud.

Doo you need to enter Xbox One version first to update your save and make it compatible with S3.

The moment you shut it off, your save is synched, you’ll then be able to boot your pc version and keep your save.

Im waiting to hear all of the frustrated pc owners who couldnt get KI to run because they don’t have a spec required system to handle the game

and end up purchasing a shiny new xboxone!!!

Thanks for the heads up-