Any Warframe players here? i recently started playing with a few friends and I’m loving it


I had it and I consider to install it again. It’s well made and how a F2P working model should be.


I have it but hardly play it. @Wulfwoodsins has nearly, if not all achievements.

Personally, it’s a better game in every regard but visuals than Destiny… And if you’ve already played Destiny but not Warframe, you’ll find out that THAT is the game Bungie wanted to make.


I have it and hate it; I think the animations are terrible, the missions are boring, and the menus are absolutely confusing with way too much information overload.


I am a player of Warframe, I main Chroma and Rhino. I’ll defiantley get Atlas once he comes out >:D

I freakin love it this game! so fun that you’re free to color whatever costumes you want and any energy color you want. I haven’t many, if any other games that do it. It takes some getting use to at first, but with time it can go easy.

It’s best played with a freind though. So feel free to add me and hit me up when ya wanna play


Im currently building Nekros and Valkyr, im gonna get Chroma once i hit Rank 5, a friend of mine is helping me get Rhino Prime, is your GT the same as your username?


That’s correct :>


I’ll be sure to add you


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i play it alot, if im not on ki im on warframe, i have nekros, oberon, loki prime, frost prime, and rhino prime, its been a while bro hmu and ill help in any way i can


Currently building in my foundry


you will love nekros haven, but he is a tad squishy, but he is fun as hell…hes a mutherfunky necromancer, when hes maxed he can summon alot from the dead its pretty awsome, plus rhino recently got an armor buff ehich makes him more of a tank, i dont know anything of valkr though.


@JEFFRON27 hey man, im sure you know, but just to update you, Atlas is coming out TODAY on Xbox One!


I just got him moments ago =D


I got him Yesterday, hes super fun


http://www.gamespot.com/videos/warframe-wukong-profile-trailer/2300-6428294/ bruh Wukong warframe tomorrow


I played Warframe, and made a person with a Staff. :slight_smile:


So with the release of the new Warframe Inaros, i was able to turn him in my KI OC

He didnt make it into Killer Instinct, but he found his way into Warframe lol


Does anyone have it on steam here?


Plains of Eidolon just came out so I’m going to necro this. It’s a huge expanison. HUGE. It adds a whole new open world environment to the game. If you haven’t tried it out yet, try it. It’s amazing. Didn’t like the game a year or two ago? Give it another shot. It changed a lot over the years. It’s amazing. I’m going through the game again on Xbox.