I wish I could play this game… but I get motion sickness…


Its Those ■■■■ Archwing Missions.

Anyway… Recently picked Warframe Last Week… I got no Twitch Prime so ive been playing this thing running around looking like a Filthy Peasant… the fact That I chose Mag doesn’t Help Either.

Hopefully that will all Change in 72 Hours because I got Nova slowly Forging in My Foundry and a Kubrow in my Incubator.

Man The Community is super Amazing, if it wasn’t for them I would have stopped playing This games ages ago because Warframe get pretty frustrating more often than its suppose to.


1 year later. XD

I’ve never played an Archwing mission though, so I wouldn’t know. Haven’t touched the game for ages.


Oh wow… really ?
If regular Bullet Jumping makes you alil Sick then Archwing Missions will Trigger a massive Seizure. They EXTREMELY Disorientating.

I try not to focus on them unless They Make Me…

I just completed Jupiter so I have to wait 5 hours before I can do Europa… because I screwed up.

■■■■… I reached a Point where I can’t Solo Missions anymore… not only That. Randomly Assembled Squads aren’t going To cut it eithet… You need to form a network of reliable players with different gear and skills…

LoL… I’m shocked Warframe has gotten this popular because this sort of design dependency on this much coordination absolutely Kills other games.

Edit 2:
Wow its been a while… and yet I feel like I didn’t make that much progress.


ho ho ho, i have a tigris.

double barrel 12 gauge/you cant lock me in your cage!