Video game shower thoughts

After the new Beavis and Butt-Head series reboot/reboot series, exactly why isn’t there an ALL-NEW Beavis and Butt-Head video game especially since I understand they are WAY overdue now for another new game of their own and overall starring these two lovable dumbasses :wink: :grin: :laughing: :joy:

Hmm not really a shower thought on video game logic, I get it though, you really like Beavis and Butthead, though I thought the reboot was a good few years back now so maybe the timing is a bit off?

Also I owned the game on the Megadrive which aside from being a tie in with the show, was pretty dreadful to say the least, I can’t say I relish the thought of being able to play them again when 17 year old me was less than entertained with the execution the first time around.

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Yeah I always found it funny and creepy seeing its Battered Head Flopping back and forth as I try to murder the Goat…

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It was always my personal belief that when you kill it, you don’t bring it back with you to the village so you can’t carry as much, whereas when you capture it, you bring it back and can get more from it as you wish. Just my input.


Some questions I’ve thought about while in the shower:

How would I make a new fighting game?

What would it’s story be like and how would it be told in a new and compelling way?

How would the characters battle one another and how would that feel different than what’s out there?

These are the kinds of things I’ve thought about when I’m too tired to actually think about the work day ahead lol.

Okay so… So the Dark Sign is the cause of undeadness… and only humans have the Dark Sign right ?

So do why the monsters and other non-human enemies respawn when you rest at a Bon Fire ? Even some objects or parts if the environment revert any changes when you rest at a Bon Fire ?


Why do so many Japanese game characters walk around with coats/jackets and no shirts? That just doesn’t seem comfortable, especially considering most of them are also covered in all sorts of spikes and rings and other metal doodads that I imagine would get cold or cause some pinching or chafing.


Ivy from Soul Calibur would like a word…that word is wedgie. :joy:


They Do ?

I haven’t noticed… Dante is they only one I know and that was just for DMC3 by… I don’t even know what the ■■■■ he was wearing in DMC4.

You are referring to her (default) outfit/attire, I presumed? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :laughing:

Yeah that seem uncomfortable as ■■■■. A testament to how skilled she is.

I guess it could very well stem from those outfits so ■■■■■■■ uncomfortable in real life, the only place they can seem comfortable is in art.

Sol from GG is another example. It may not be super prevalent, but its definitely sported across anime.


Ah… yes… I don’t watch alot of Anime but from the ones I do know I have seen some coat wearing dudes with no shirts…

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Considering it’s basically a collection of leather straps and rings that look chafy and uncomfortable as hell, yes.

Her leotard from SC1 at least looked less like it was cutting her in half length ways!

On the subject of uncomfortable that @Fwufikins stated, I was watching the fella play the Final Fantasy XV demo and couldn’t get it out of my head how uncomfortable Noctis must have been wandering around the desert in his rubber Wellington boots, I think we’re at least talking a pretty nasty athlete’s foot infection there.


That reminds me… you guys watch WWE ?

The Diva’s outfits seem to hold up reasonably well… atleast for getting tossed around, I don’t know how well they’d do in a Street Fight but I think Namco should look into that.

use chara custom creation. i plan on giving ivy a look thats crossed between a belmont and alucard since she has a whip/sword. pretty awesome they kept her look from older SC games tho, ill swap between the 2.

also if noctis came to texas in august he would be dead.


Speaking of Ivy, where’s @WandaMaximoff!

I didn’t want to make a whole new thread for this, so this one will do nicely:

You know about “word association,” right? If I say “X” you think “Y?” Well, whenever the word “phoenix” comes up in conversation, my mind instantly thinks of Thunder’s '95 classic Killer Instinct projectile, where he throws a firebird and screams "PHOENIX!!!"

(Not that phoenixes are a hot topic, but for instance, if I was to see an ad on Hulu for the University of PHOENIX!!!…) :laughing:

I can’t be the only one who has a silly videogame word association thing, right?



Since there are female Lin Kuei and overall female members of the Lin Kuei (with Frost being chief among them according to Sub-Zero), how come we don’t see ANY female Shirai Ryu and overall female members of the Shirai Ryu in the overall MK lore and universe? :confused:

prolly cuz theyre dead? lol idk