Video game shower thoughts

So, after playing through Doom for the first time last week, I was quoting the computer voice from in game and my fella made an observation that I felt could be incorporated into a good idea for a thread, video game musings and random shower thoughts dissecting the (often nonsense) logic behind gaming.

With that said, I’ll start with a couple of examples of what I’m talking about:-

The computer in Doom monitors demonic activity and states when demonic activity is “at unsafe levels.” My question would be, is there ever really such a thing as a “safe” level of demonic activity? (None isn’t really an option either as that would be “no demonic activity detected.”)

Another example from within the KI universe would be Mira’s vampiric biting and embrace. Vampires traditionally require the drinking of blood (usually human or animal, but I guess we can make an exception for the aliens/demonic entities) to sustain themselves, so what benefit could Mira possibly have from drinking from Fulgore, Kilgore, ARIA, Hisako and Spinal?

Anyways, any amusing responses to the examples posted and your own shower thoughts/random video game musings are very much appreciated, hope this turns out to be a bit of fun. :wink:


Yeah I have a bunch of those in the shower. Its a shame I don’t have a water proof notepad because I always forget the thought shortly afterwards.


Hmm, thread’s not doing well, but I had another thought during Dragon’s Dogma recently.

Mages will often yell “it hates fire!” while using their spells on the enemy which I feel begs the question, does any living creature (aside from maybe a fire elemental) actually enjoy being set on fire?


The Spirit Tree in AND from Ori and the Blind Forest is NOT omnipotent as well as omniscient, I supposed?

I know what Omnipotent means… but what is omniscient ?

Its going something to do with Sandwiches right ?

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All seeing but not a supreme being, hmm. :thinking:


I often have this silly thought when playing a single player game, that why should I put my protagonist through all these unpleasant events, if I just stood in place, nothing will happen. It’s a little narrative paradox.

Doesn’t Stanley’s Parable explore that paradox a bit with one of its endings?

Yes, the coward ending, though I can’t say I thought it particularly helped Stanley out much in his given situation, not that any of the endings really do as the game in it’s entirety is one giant, paradoxical shower thought.

Ah… like a really determined Stalker

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my shower thoughts with games on my mind often include ways for me to break opponent defense, think on a salty defeat and reflect what i couldve done better, and lastly when the hell is half life 3/new tool album/f-zero

So he was right, it is a grilled cheese?


I uh…yes?


So not everything, not all is perfect in the Forest of Nibel from Ori and the Blind Forest? (I would still go as well as even live there in a heartbeat and without a doubt too though)

Here’s something I don’t get about Dark Souls… if Hollowing turns you mindless and aggressive… then why does every single Hollow just stand there waiting for The Chosen Undead AND ONLY the Chosen Undead to walts by before they decide to attack. Why aren’t they attacking each other or anything else that moves ? Why are they sometimes arranged in Situations that would be considered an Ambush like in the Undead Parish Church upstairs with the Channeler or The Lower Undead Burg with the Rubbish or that passage next to the armored Boar.

Obviously the real reason is because it’s a game and there for they only attack the player but From Software on many other occasions likes to have the game’s design be consistent with the lore… so why didn’t they do this for the Hollows ?

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Heres a thought… How does a pool table know how to keep all the other balls execpt for the white one ?

Hmm, maybe they’re also secretly scared and going for strength in numbers?

That’s just some sort of actual magic, I think. :thinking:

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Why is it that in Monster Hunter World, you get more Monster parts from capturing rather than killing?
The obvious answer is to make spending resources on capturing worth it from a gameplay perspective, but theoretically it would make more sense to be able to utilize an animal’s entire body after it dies rather than taking some samples from a living specimen and letting them go back to living their lives in nature?

Another thing: Theoretically speaking of you really wanted you could make a whole team’s worth of outfits from the pelt of an Anjanath considering it’s the size of a double decker bus. Why do I need to hunt 4 of them to make an outfit from myself? Or why would I need to kill more than one for a weapon that’s just a single mandible attached to a handle?

And if large monsters have roars so loud they can physically topple you over, why are earplugs only available as part of certain armor sets instead of standard issue? I’d figure it would make meetings very awkward if everyone showed up with bleeding ears. Is that why out character doesn’t speak? Does someone give them ASL translations for every line? Does the entire population of hunters being deaf explain the goofy voice acting?

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Sounds like a Really Really Long Game… I aint playin that.

Poor monsters, slow, torturous animal testing. :confused: It almost almost makes my cyclops murders in Dragon’s Dogma seem kind and merciful by comparison.

Speaking of which, how is it that if you kill the lion first (the bottom part of the chimera) in DD, that it’s still able to ambulate and move around, I didn’t think the magical goat on its back was that powerful!

Yes, let’s go with that rather than “bad voice acting is bad!”