Very good Eyedol gameplay

Got to fight against Twagg online. If I’m not mistaken he is a dev for IG. Makes sense seeing as how Eyedol has only been out for a day and his Eyedol is crazy already. Good games. I did pretty good considering this was my first Eyedol fight.

First set

Second set

Eyedol looks awesome!


Yeah I fought him online. Had no clue Eyedol could even do half the stuff he was doing. Though I thought IG employees weren’t allowed to play when a character launched?

Tswagg is a tester for IG. I can’t see the videos but I don’t know who Twagg is…


Wait a minute…if eyedol punches himself after he wins a round he doesn’t lose health…but if he loses a round and then punches himself he starts the round off with reduced health.

So…is that intentiional or a bug? If it’s a bug…which ones the bug?

Everyone keeps calling him a “DEV”…lol. Tester folks…tester.

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Shhh… Don’t say that or they will nerf him… :wink:

Hey, I could have kept ARIA’s 1f DP but that got fixed. I look out for my girl. Through the good and bad.


It shows that @UATswagg mains Sadira.
Sir JumpALot

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Just a few seconds into the first match. Two words. ANTI AIR.


Wait, when do you punch yourself after losing a round? Aren’t inputs blocked for a while?

Look at the videos.

This is the best Eyedol I have seen after the first Killer Instinct. This inspired me to even want a Season 4 or more after this. When I saw how his moveset was altered a little bit, I thought about what if TJ Combo had a classic moveset with his KI1 outfit. Well if that ever happens. #ContinueKI #KIseason4

Speaking of punching yourself, I remember when I was fighting Gargos and I accidentally punched myself and lost a bar of my green health LOL!

Speaking of punching himself. He seems to inflict around 5–8 damage per punch. I think the max punches before switching is 4 so that is at least 20-32 damage you take from hitting yourself.

So the key to Eyedol is jump HP, ok got it!

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GGs man, just FYI my name is misspelled in the YouTube videos. Its Tswagg not Twagg lol

To be honest, I don’t think those videos are very impressive. I watched 3 of them and don’t think I saw him use the Mage form once, and everything else seemed like he was just going for the jump into recapture set up over and over. I don’t doubt he’s a great player, I just don’t think these videos really showcase Eyedol’s full potential. I’ll try to edit some gameplay videos from this past weekend. It didn’t take long before I felt comfortable with both his forms and was able to adapt to his changing on the fly.

yeeeeahh I saw that the other day lol sorry.

So… any more good Eyedol players out there? I have not been able to find any tournament footage of him am looking for high level Eyedol play.

I believe you can find high level Eyedol gameplay in Bass channel, look into this thread:

It’s a direct link into one of the sets. Look for Frank the Human

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